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TSA firearm guidelines

THINGS… YOU CAN’T TAKE ON A PLANE WHEN YOU FLY. WHILE IT SEEMS OBVIOUS… WEAPONS… LIKE GUNS… ARE ON THAT LIST. STILL… MANY GET CONFISCATED AT SECURITY CHECKPOINTS EACH YEAR… INCLUDING AT LEXINGTON’S BLUE GRASS AIRPORT. AS WKYT’s HILLARY THORNTON SHOWS US… THE TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION IS ENCOURAGING EVERYONE TO MAKE SURE THEY’RE AWARE OF THE RULES. Officials say it is a growing problem at airports throughout the country and here in lexington at bluegrass airport there has already been 3 firearms brought to the safety checkpoint this year…so that is why a tsa representative was on hand to offer tips for those who do wish to travel with their firearms. “Hard-sided case, firearm unloaded, if you do have amo it has to be in a case.” Those are some of the tips offered at todays demonstration and bluegrass airports safety checkpoint. Tsa representatives say last year was a record year with 2,213 fire arms at safety checkpoints throughout the country…9 of those were in lexington. Mark Howell: “WE DON’T WANT TO INFRINGE ON ANYONE’S RIGHTS TO TRAVEL WITH THEIR FIREARM BUT WHAT WE DO NOT WANT IS IT IN THE CABIN.” They say a majority of the time people say they simply did not know the firearm was in their bag….however that mistake makes you subject to a civil penalty and fine up to 7500 dollars. Mark Howell: “80 THAT WE FIND AT CHECKPOINTS ARE LOADED.” Preps for your firearm to travel should all be done before the safety check point…placing the unloaded firearm in a hard sided padded case, putting any ammunition in a separate box inside the case, declaring the firearm at your airlines ticket counter…placing that form in the case, locking it…and then checking it like any other piece of luggage.” Now those rules and procedures also apply if you are traveling with only ammunition. In Lexington, Hillary Thornton, WKYT. OFFICIALS SAY THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE IS GO OVER ALL THE GUIDELINES BEFORE YOUR TRIP. YOU CAN FIND A LINK TO THOSE ON WKYT DOT COM

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