100 thoughts on “Trump Wants More Guns In Schools

  1. i Suppose there is strongest Gun Lobby in US. Even, If president himself whether Democrat or Republic think to implement Gun-Free Policy, it not possible in US.

  2. Gun regulation and the controversy around it aside…

    Trump does know that these kids going to shoot up a school don’t particularly plan to leave alive right?

  3. Armed teachers would decrease so many school shootings. Imagine if someone tried shooting up a police station. Not gonna happen because those people armed. It might as well be suicide for someone to try to shoot up a police station. Same way if teachers were armed.

  4. i am a lawbiding gun owner. guess what, i dont go shooting people. 2nd amendment shall not be infridged. i would love any of you try to take my guns.

  5. I hate Trump, especially 'cause I'm half-Mexican but if Americans can't repeal the second amendment, what else can they do, hope they don't get shot again? Just make sure all the staff has the safety on all the time!

  6. All these "Cowards" running through Schools and shooting numerous People. What is going on in Trumps Head? A Coward is sitting in his Home holding his Guns pretending to live in the greatest Country in the World instead of really making it the greatest Country by standing up and change everything that has led to him sitting in his Home holding his Guns.

  7. armed teachers is a big start. I cant believe so many people are against this. Could u imagine the tragedies that would of been avoided if even a single decent person had a weapon to put down the scumbag killing the kids?

  8. Don't worry, Trump reassured us all. Bullets will be flying everywhere.
    What's next? Bullet resistant vests for everyone?

  9. I don't have a TV so when I was studying the candidates I listen to several of his rallies. I couldn't believe that people were cheering for this idiot who was just making up statistics as he went along! All lies of course. And I thought, "surely they'll look his stats up and know he's lying?" But no in the next rally he'd make up even MORE stats that were lies and he'd still be cheered! Willingly ignorant. Someone anyone could look up in a couple of minutes on the Internet. Then I realized he is illiterate. The highest job in the land and the man doesn't read and has to have an aide tweet for him. And it never stops. And the one person he worships is himself! How is that possible? Trump is in his own fantasy land where he loves to create chaos. A bigot on so many levels who thinks he's above the law. How many people refuse to work for him because this administration is going to be the one remembered as being full of traitors to America. 🙁 Songs

  10. Anyone has ideas how to stop it?
    I should rephrase the question. Does anyone have ideas on why not to reelect Donald Trump?

  11. I feel so much safer now. As Donald said, you come into our schools, you will be dead. Lovely.

    That surely reassures the kids that schools are safe.

  12. He needs a cheat sheet because he is a cheater and a liar. Maybe he uses his cheat sheets for when he is playing golf too.

  13. I swear he talks banning guns. But he still has armed body guards. Bull s##t. We the normal people without the money to afford a armed bodyguard. Gun laws only take guns out of the haends. As you can see the Chicago gun laws are against the contituion and the state's lost the civil war soo states cannot make laws to undermine the constitutional rights of citizens. Surly people didn't thing the civil war was only about slavery. That kind of history taught is foolish.

  14. Teachers having concealed sidearms will not deter those shooters. 95% of those shooters WANT to die. You have concealed firearms, you're creating karma. You're creating karma when you seek further confrontation.

  15. Trump best President in America history, I would love for Stephen Colbert, to meet me in a secluded place somewhere, I would beat the crap out of this punk, and make him eat dog crap on national TV

  16. anyone who reads a little history knows every time a country that confiscated guns, a genocide followed usually in the millions being murdered. And any fool who has a little common sense knows criminals would never turn in their guns, so you end up with a population where only the government and the criminals have guns. So do some homework and will realize all these school shootings are government sponsored with the goal of gun confiscation. If your government is involved with these shootings, you really want to be left defenseless? When in history did 'trust your government' lead to a free society?

  17. Ya arm teachers. What could go wrong? Hell give them an RPG. That way they could blow up your kids for looking at them sideways.

  18. "People buy into my agenda" was a good answer. Unfortunately it wasn't the answer to the question he had been asked.
    People need to stop dicking around with political doublespeak. Ask them a question, if they don't answer it…ask it again, and just keep asking the same question until they eventually run out of BS answers (a long time), and are forced, kicking and screaming, to answer the question.
    Media, do the same thing. If you get a BS answer to a question that was not asked, ask YOUR question over and over. Eventually politicians will learn.

  19. Suicidal mass shooters can complete there mission. Without anyone else being killed. If the targets are armed, trained, and prepaired…

  20. Did it ever occur to you moron that if the " sicko " knew that the teachers were armed this is precisely what would appeal to said " sicko " why because said " sicko " is by definition sick.

  21. Related or Not?
    Hey, mental patients aren't Socrates, and neither are regular people. Maybe, starting with a simple list of things that might cause reality issues? Hilarious. This is what it's like in the "institutions" axioms and paradoxes aside:
    1. Beatles, "Revolver".
    2. Other things my brain consumes.
    3. Fast food
    4. Showering and shaving (due to essential oils and reality stinks)
    6. Those lights at the fair at night.
    7. Here we'll divide the list into the 5 senses, and other transcendent items…

  22. I am from Pittsburgh and when the Tree of Life massacre happened at the synagogue last October, the first thing the shooter did was to shoot the armed security guard..and this guy wasn't really remotely smart. This idea is the most horrible one I've heard. Putting guns in schools? My kids are grown, but if I knew the teachers or anyone in the school was armed in the school, I would pull my kids out of that school. Home school or cyber schools offer an alternative. Arm the teachers???? Seriously? Make them become skilled and certified at marksmanship? There are school teacher strikes all over the country for lack of respectable pay and benefits–as it is. This is a stupid, idiotic, and very dangerous idea. And, imagine, the little kids response when first grade teacher, Mrs. AndyGriffith takes out her AK27 from her big purse and starts firing…are you kidding me? Teachers who are Marines, really? This is the Twilight zone, right? After Tree of Life massacre, with shooter charging, yelling, "All Jews must die" Trump issued Pittsburgh, the Jewish community he started to blame the victims, the city, the temples. He demanded, the synagogues should have had armed guards. That's one reason our mayor and every single official in Pittsburgh didn't even meet him at the airport when he came after Pgh told him not to come NOW, not until after the families have buried their dead and sat shiva…respecting traditions and under such horrible circumstances. He didn't listen, he came anyway and made a big fucking mess in an area and at a time when the whole city was in shock and people's emotions were raw. Streets were blocked off blocks in all directions and he comes in with a whole other blockade and intrudes on a city's sorrow. The practice of sitting shiva had to be explained to him. I never saw anything so insensitive in my life.

  23. Im just going to state something here, where i live in polk county florida there hasn't been a mass shooting in ages, all because the people here have concealed carry and know what they are doing, if someone went to a mall and open fired they would get maybe 2 or 3 rounds out before everyone else pulled out their guns and started shooting back, all of you sound silly and uneducated mr trump is actually correct, i know from experience.

  24. Minutes from a local gov't. meeting somewhere I forget, reprinted in "Harper's," one interesting suggestion was made: Put A BUCKET OF ROCKS in each classroom- because the rocks won't ricochet! (The excerpt ended with this comment: "It sounds like you've really thought this through..")

  25. I swear I saw some seriously outlandish parody program last year or even further back, that's entire purpose & manner of discussing guns in schools to demonstrate the absurdity of how easily these types of new "programs" could be put in place at anytime with the current state of weapons laws in the US.
    It proved some scary shit then but it was a political & social commentary comedy meant to be taken to the extreme…Now it suddenly doesn't seem so extreme and that is f*cking terrifying.

    Hey kids! Say hello to the Puppy Pistol & Uzi-Corn for girls! The Kinder-Guardians Program!
    –Sasha Baron Cohen 'Who Is America'.

  26. My family and myself, we've been very happy that our past neighborhoods were safe to walk about and schools were safe to go to. But when it comes to 'firearms' I think same as my dad "any type of weapon should be in the hands of a) police officer b) army officer c) fed official. People with years of experience and lifelong clear-headed (logical) aptitude to actually protect and serve. Also able to pass a background check.

    My grandpa (may he rest in peace) years ago he found someone walking around his home late at night. He asked nana and me to stay in the car. He went to the trunk and prepped his arrow set. He walked into the house and shot at the intruder (who got arrested and sent to the hospital and went to jail). After that night he sued the intruder for breaking a bunch of things inside the house. Gosh! The robber did survive and went to prison. That was the only time anyone ever messed with grandpa.
    "De oppresso liber, sir" 🙋‍♀️

  27. so the logic is to make a bigger profit from the school shootings by BUYING MORE GUNS and give them to teachers.

  28. Trump wants every frigging thing in the world starting with real hair. For his entire cowardly career he has put himself at the top of his chicken shit list of his priorities. Unfortunately the rest of the world lives in a reality that is so far from his thinking. He has lost all credibility. If this jag off had any idea of reality or military training he would think immediately of the sniper that might be targeting his gigantic orange head. When Our President Kennedy was murdered by a single gunman far from his position, it ment that future presidents need to guard themselves.
    Kennedy was loved by 90% of Americans. What if trump was dispised by 90 %. I think he is just stupid enough to get his head 223d into history, and leave Americans with nothing but a sense of great joy. Does anyone tell the twerp not to go to these places that asked to keep the hell away from them while they grieve. Or are his people standing by with the mops and lots of those disposable paper towels. Like the one. he thinks he saved Puerto Rico with. I got drafted and served with Pvt. Carrero in the Army. Carrero is a proud Puerto Rican. He wanted badly to become a sniper. Im gonna call that man and see how he's doing these days. A flabby assed old man should try to keep an eye on his lying, cowardly 6. Its a terribly nasty world out there. Dont want to see even the biggest looser of all time turn into huge orange blur on a Zapruder film.
    6 is your magic number old man. Better learn to turn that head 360 degrees. Or better still, abdicate before the blur.

  29. WHY ARE ASSAULT WEAPONS NOT BANNED? …..Stop giving guys like Rubio a,platform. He's an embarrassment to parts of his Lation/:Hispanic/ Chicano history.

  30. The person behind the gun is the real issue period guns dont fire on there own, evil breeds from mental illness..its one branch..another branch is communism, another is disease

  31. Am watching this a few days after El Paso and Dayton… nothing much changed since Feb 23, 2018

  32. Giving teachers guns??? My STEM teacher would have shot at least one of the kids in my class, considering he chucked a chair at them.

  33. All bullshit jokes aside when a president doesnt give a damn about kids american kids then us as a the peopme are the ones to blame for the graves those dead children have filled for not removing trump from office. What the hell cant we call a number and complain to the betrer business bureau. The feds hear the people cant they hurry up and stop this madness. This guy is trying to change 50 years of time proven policys during a 4 year term to set his name in stone.

  34. I clicked on this today thinking it was about the Dayton and El Paso shootings. Wow, goes to show how little this administration has done about protecting people from gun violence. Stephen could have taken a break and just rereleased this and no one would have noticed.

  35. Stephen, I love you man but you ought to try to buy a gun tomorrow and see how far you get there in New York. I dare you, see how "easy" it is.
    MUCH easier to buy an illegal gun than the lawful way.

  36. Imagine you are a teacher. There is a kid running around the playground hitting other children with a stick. Do you take the stick away, or give all the other kids sticks so they can "defend themselves."

  37. Oh bloody Hell, just give every person a gun and when the smoke clears who ever us left standing can start over.(This is said SARCASTICALLY)

  38. Did they not have a armed security guard turn and run leaving the unarmed teachers and children to fend for themselves

  39. So, your a kindergarten teacher,art teacher, gym teacher.. here's a gun …and I'll get a BONUS!!! $$$ solves everything.. scuz me while I puke!

  40. Why does trump always end up looking like a racist idiot everyday ? O would feel sorry for him if I didnt hate hom and the air he breathes

  41. There have been mass shootings in school or otherwise since this & there will be loads more in the future if guns are not regulated or removed completely from those that don't need them; this whole "right to bear arms" thing is outdated, also Americans need to wake up to the fact that it's not the Wild West anymore

  42. How about assigning the NRA members to patrol our schools. Put their asses on the line, and put to good use the weapons they so fiercely protect, win win for everyone.

  43. 9:40 your constituents have spoken. Why do you and the rest continue to support the lobbyists who are against the people who vote you in? Eventually the people will stop supporting you, you DO get that don't you??

  44. He's never had to the grief of losing a murdered child due to a school shooting. My brother lost his stepson in the Santa Fe school shooting Jared Conard Black. Seeing the toll it takes on your family living every day without their child. Trump your as dumb as the day is long. I would love to say what I really want but I have to be nice.

  45. You kidding me? Consider for a moment that teachers are, in FACT human too and just as prone to mental disease as people of other walks of life. AND… I recall having some teachers in middle school and high school who got SCARILY furious a few times at their misbehaving students. In those moments particularly, I don't think a teacher should be armed. My point is that ANYONE has the potential to commit gun crimes.
    The problem with guns is HOW EFFORTLESS they make killing. It is a tool which makes death-dealing more convenient and instant. Hassle-free homicide. Just one little finger twitch, and boom, _____-icide complete (fill in the blank with your favorite kind of murder).

  46. Take away all the guns like hittler did in ww2. Nothing bad can ever happen if innocent people have the right to defend them selfs. Am i right ?

  47. I think the only people who can even try to justify giving teachers guns, or putting guns in schools on armed guards, are those who are obsessed with guns at the expense of their grasp on reality. They can't put themselves in the shoes of anyone but their own and other obsessed people. If you want to protect people, you don't give guns to people who have to focus on other things than ensuring their guns don't fall into the hands of other people with sticky fingers: kids. They've never turned around to deal with one student only to have another sneak around them to erase things off the whiteboard. Teachers aren't all-seeing. Kids aren't always perfectly well behaved, especially not in schools serving many disadvantaged families. But this should be obvious to a society that respects education and supports its teachers, and it should be obvious to a society that doesn't vilify the poor and minorities, and it should be obvious to a society that has empathy. Ours, obviously, doesn't meet any of those criteria.

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