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Trump Attacks the GOP and Sides with Democrats on Gun Control: The Daily Show

President Trump
invited lawmakers back to his Apprentice set to discuss what can be done
to stop gun violence. Now, if people came in
expecting Trump to side with Republicans,
they were in for a big shock, because Trump is unpredictable. Just when you think
he’s gonna zig, he punches you in the nuts. President Trump
shocked lawmakers in a bipartisan meeting on
Wednesday, calling out the NRA, calling for comprehensive
gun control measures backed by Democrats. Lawmakers are confused after President Trump seemed to
buck his own party. Some of you people are petrified
of the NRA. You can’t be petrified. Yeah. Donald Trump attacked
his own party for being scared of the NRA. I did not see that coming. Like, that was the
craziest twist since the end of
Usual Suspects, you know? Yeah, like when we found out that Kevin Spacey molested
Keyser Söze. That was just mind blowing. And, and, uh, and if you thought
Trump was going rogue when he attacked Republicans
and the NRA, wait until you see him
supporting the Democrats. Mr. President, what do we do
about weapons of war easily accessible
on our streets? You go into a store,
and you can buy an AR-15. -You can.
-You can buy a TEC-9. I mean, you can buy
all these weapons. Joe and Pat, you’re gonna
have to discuss that. You’ll sit down
with Dianne and everybody else, and you’ll come up
with something, and I think it…
I-I really believe it has to be very strong. Did you see that? (cheering and applause) Did you see the joy
on Dianne Feinstein’s face when Trump tells
the conservatives to put her shit in the bill? Like, she looks happier
than Ted Cruz on Halloween. He’s like,
“Finally, my doorbell rang. Yeah!” All the Democrats… all the Democrats
in this meeting were giddy. Like, look at Amy Klobuchar
when Trump shut down the Republicans’
concealed carry idea. Like, all of a sudden
she’s Jim from The Office. Like, “Are you guys
seeing this?” (laughter) And this was…
this was pretty much how the whole discussion went. Trump supported
all of the Democrats’ gun control positions, right? Universal background checks, raising the minimum age
to buy rifles, banning all domestic abusers
from purchasing guns– Trump pushed all of their ideas. And it was so disorienting seeing a completely different
side of Donald Trump. Right, it’s like finding out
your grandma works part-time as a dominatrix, you know? Yeah, it’s like, “That’s right. They call me
the queen of nipple play!” And just like a dominatrix, President Trump
truly pushed the limits, because at one point
Mike Pence tries to step in and say, “Calm down, people. “There will be due process before anyone’s guns
are taken away.” And Trump was like, “Or…” But the focus is
to literally give families and give local law enforcement
additional tools if an individual is reported
to be a potential danger to themselves or others and allow due process
so no one’s rights are trampled. Or, Mike,
take the firearms first and then go to court,
because that’s another system. Because a lot of times
by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court, to get the due process
procedures. I like taking the guns early. You know, the police saw
that he was a problem. They didn’t take any guns away. Now, that could have been
policing. I think they should have
taken them away anyway, whether they had the right
or not. Okay, uh… my mind is going to explode. Donald Trump just said,
“(bleep) your rights. I’m taking your guns.” Isn’t that what he said
Hillary was gonna do? Yeah? Donald Trump flipped so much
in this meeting, I was waiting
for him to be like, “The reason I sound like Hillary “is because it’s actually me! It was me all along!” (cheering and applause) “Yeah! “It was just a wig
and Fruit Roll-Ups. “I can’t believe
you fell for it. Lock me up!” (laughter) Now, look, this is
an extreme position by Trump. It’s even more extreme than the Democrats
were asking for. And I guess yesterday
some people on the left got a glimpse of why
Trump’s people love him so much. He wants to take action, and he’s not gonna let
anything stop him. And people on the right
got a glimpse of why people are terrified
of Trump on the left. He wants to take action, and he’s not gonna let
anything stop him. And, like, we shouldn’t really
be surprised that Trump is flipping on guns because, in his heart, he’s never really been
a gun nut. My sons have been members
of the NRA for many, many years, and they’re incredible. They have so many rifles
and so many guns sometimes even I
get a little bit concerned. I said, “That’s a lot.” You see? You see that? That was…
that was the truth slipping out. You see that? Yeah.
Although, I mean, to be fair, I-I also wouldn’t want
my kids having guns if one of them was Eric.
I mean… Yeah, no, no, no, forget guns. That guy should go through
a background check before every smile.
Come on, now. But-but before you get
too excited, before you get too excited for
your new gun-grabber in chief, just remember what happened
with DACA not too long ago. Trump was at that same table agreeing with Democrats
on immigration, and then, two days later, Africans
were from shithole countries and the whole thing fell apart.
Yeah. So, basically, I wouldn’t
be shocked if, next week, when Trump is talking
about protecting schools, all of a sudden, he’s like,
“Look, why do we care “about these douchebag kids
anyway? “We need more kids from Norway,
folks. “More kids from…
I didn’t say ‘douchebag’– I said ‘douche house.'” But, at the end of the day, I-I
think this-this whole meeting just proved how simple the gun
issue really is at its core. ‘Cause every other issue–
health care, taxes, you know– Trump-Trump has no idea
what’s going on. But with school shootings,
he’s like, “Guys, I think I figured it out. “It might be the guns. “Guns make the bang-bang! -“Guns make the bang-bang!
-(cheering and applause) I got it!”

100 thoughts on “Trump Attacks the GOP and Sides with Democrats on Gun Control: The Daily Show

  1. It is not so much that he is unpredictable; it is that he is completely bonkers. Please 5150 the President to the nearest locked mental ward and SOON!

  2. Oh you can buy these weapons blah blah blah. If you had the proper metal work machines and the know how. You could build your own fucking ar 15.
    Oh the at 15 is an asult weapon meant to kill people… stfu. All an AR 15 is, is a hunting rifle in a different form. One gun is made of metal and wood, the other metal and plastic. They both shoot .556 rounds.
    Democrats say oh weapons kill people, no. People kill people. Oh it's an asult weapon because it kills people. Well guess what, I guess you should start calling your hands asult hands, because you can kill people with those as well. Oh better start banning vehicles and start making people walk to work. Because guess what, you can do more mass murder with a fucking bus than you can an AR. What, some people got shot by an AR and everyone loses their shit. But yet the black community is killing themselves off every day of the week and we don't hear about that shit, but as soon as an AR is involved the liberals lose their fucking minds. Oh ban this ban that, do the rest of us law abiding citizens a favor and fuck of to California and stay there with the rest of the pussy faggots.

  3. Shit! I was boycotting you because of your stand on gun control Trevor. The only thing that was left about Trump that I found what? I don't know not horrible? Was his defense of the NRA and the 2nd Amendment. Dad gummit!

  4. O. M. STINKING G!!!! I am beside myself. Holy mother/father of the great green earth! We elected an utter moron. DANG I really want to drop an F bomb right now!!!!!

  5. I think he is doing everything he can do to NOT get elected again so he can go back to his sweet life with his beautiful wife.

  6. Has there ever been an episode of this show not about Trump? Just have sex with him and get over it.

  7. Watch former prosecutor Amy Klobuchar trying not to laugh at 3:00 as Trump talks about subverting due process.

  8. You DO, of course, realize that ALL these talking points, requests for a bill, etc. will ONLY be alive until Trump's NEXT meeting with NRA lobbyists and other consigliere-types. Then he will be asking for tougher background checks on protestors and Democrats…
    But he managed to reverse his position so far and so fast that you can see how the fascist mindset tries to function…

  9. Finally Trump does something right when he supports the democrats gun control bill. Good for him. I still hate him and think he is a terrible president, but good for him.

  10. well… so much guns you have in USA for "selfdefense" but always fucks you up some teenager with a .22 . How is that?

  11. Trump is a wannabe dictator, of course he wants to take your guns with no laws broken, no warrants, and no charge. He is for beating suspects in custody, and he pardoned Joe "Hitler" Arpaio. He considers the media his enemy. He thinks that not clapping at his speech is treason ffs.

  12. Finally sounding reasonable. Trump won't let those in power tell him what to do, including the NRA. Hopefully it lasts.

  13. Why should we listen to you? You come here from SA with your comedy, experience being black for the 1st time, and that hives you authority? You can pry my guns from my cold dead hands! You have no Idea about our history. If it wasn’t for guns, we might be speaking Japanese. You retarded buffoon!

  14. I hate Trevor Noah. He’s not fucking funny. Bring Stewart back. And no this is to the left position.

  15. I thought Trevor is gonna praise Trump for a moment. He didn’t, that’s little bit disappointing as I thought this show was neutral rather than anti-republican

  16. You absolutely cannot buy a tec 9 in "a store" and it's a disgrace that she doesn't know that. Or that self defense saves lives.

  17. Somebody explain this: The Democrats controlled all of congress for two years under president Obama. TWO YEARS. For a time with a filibuster-proof senate. They did absolutely nothing on gun control, immigration, tax reform and many other issues candidate Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid all promised they would. Why does this never come up on this show?

    Please any Democrat/Liberal out there, explain this. Then explain how Democrats are so different from Republicans on gun control.

  18. so liberals hate trump and call him a Nazi but want him and his
    government to be the only armed ones in the country?????????? So
    liberals think its good that black slaves didnt have guns when they were
    being raped and lynched? so liberals think its good that jews were
    disarmed and didnt have guns during Nazi germany? etc etc etc etc. 2nd
    amendment exist for one reason and one reason alone!!! and thats not for
    [email protected]@@

  19. The synagogue of satan smiles and laughs when they gain even more control over the gentiles!
    All these politicians are on the same team, team Israel!!!!!

  20. If we are raising the minimum ownership age, then the draft age and enlistment age both need to match it!

    Trump/Liberal logic: "18 year olds shouldn't have guns!….. unless, of course, they're using them to protect Afghani poppy fields!"…..smh..

  21. Trump has slowly been stripping the rights of the people and handing them over to the government. Meanwhile slowly putting wallstreet in control of the government. I dont see why its so hard to connect the dots. He doesn't care about party lines he just cares about putting the rich and powerful in control. Of course he doesn't want us to have guns, that way we have no way of fighting back. This isn't American democracy anymore, its American oligarchy. When his presidency is up he will have succeeded at bringing some of the biggest names of wallstreet into the whitehouse. He isnt draining the swamp, he is flooding it. This is it folks the death of the greatest democracy in the history of the world…

  22. I like the stance he had on gun regulation. Right now, I'm thinking that this is what needed to be done since gangs were first an issue. A criminal or individual harboring ill intent will seek out a weapon (a gun) to inflict terror and harm. I'm going to reserve my full opinion and wait to see the action and implemention. Because that is what is needed. Judging based on action. Right now I have a judgement of Trump because of his actions and it is negative. If his actions change, if he is now acting professionally, he can change my opinion of him. I mean not only are there social aspects that concern me in America, but also the aspects of international diplomacy. If the view of our ties to other nations of the world is seeing the USA as a bully, such as financing oppression and human indecency, then I'm also concerned because of moral issues. My government represents me in my country and overseas as a world leader. Can I be happy of my government? I hope to be more proud.

  23. Of course Trump supports gun restriction his goals are to become a dictator and you fucking idiots on the right elected this idiot. Then again the idiots on the left nominated Clinton. Shits ridiculous.

  24. And then he changed his mind. It was like 10 minutes of lucidity, and then they put him back on his pain meds. He used to be very progressive less than 10 years ago, and I can only think that these rare sights of something different are who he truly is, outside of the dementia. What Trevor calls "Truth Trump".

  25. I dont care who passes a law try come take my shit lol the skinny black laughs at the constitution hop on nancys back ride over here and disarm me lol

  26. STILL WAITING ON AN EXPLANATION ON MY POST BELOW. TREVOR HOW ABOUT YOU? And would you be laughing so much if a Republican was laughing on an issue like gun control. You're such a hypocrite. Stick to comedy. You're at least decent at that.

  27. There's a pretty good chance Trump sided with the Dems cause he straight up forgot they were Democrats XD

  28. If someone is a danger to themselves or others they should be Baker acted. There is no need to take the guns away from the person when you take the person away from the guns.

  29. Notice all the cut scenes seconds before he answers. They have to twist all his words and cut his actual answers.

  30. not that surprised, he has one of the tallest shelters ive ever seen. only threat… guns. a few planes. eeric trump witha paper airplane……….

  31. Donald Clinton Trump should be his name now I'll never vote for him again nor will anybody in my family he just lost a lot of votes

  32. It's got everything to do with the cameras being on. He likes to try and please everyone and seem reasonable while his show is live but then things fall apart when the cameras are off.

  33. So whether Trump is for leftist ideas or not, Noah already has his racist bias. Fuck Trump and fuck Noah, these soulless creatures.

  34. What the second amendment is really about.

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