100 thoughts on “Trump Almost Started a War with Iran: A Closer Look

  1. Rump won't say what he'll do about Iran because clearly, he has no idea himself. "The agreement that was signed was a disaster." What would one call pulling out of the agreement, given what just happened?

  2. He loves being called, Sir,, by life long military leaders. He's such a fucking dumb sob. It's pitiful having such a dumb ass running the country. Knows nothing about everything but acts like he's the opposite. If it weren't so serious,, it'd be like a Seinfeld episode, where Kramer is trump.

  3. As stupid as Trump is, "cocked and loaded" is a perfectly acceptable phrase. At least it make sense where the more popular "locked and loaded" does not.

  4. "Subject to my approval." "The generals said 'Sir' to me." Trump can't complete a sentence without saying either "I'm wonderful," "I'm in charge of the entire universe," or both. One of the great sorrows of his life is that he can't just be a Putin- or Kim Jong Un-style dictator. So far. You couldn't possibly have dreamed up a worse person to be president: amoral/immoral, ignorant, racist, sexist, narcissistic, and volatile.

  5. Seth Meyers is not as funny as he thinks. Its not great comedy to be last on the rank making fun of someone who's already been the brunt of so many so called comedians' jokes. You'll find out means he's nor prepared to discuss his game plans with you ..fool !!

  6. A loaded gun with ammunition or a round in the chamber of the weapon that is "cocked" and hammer "locked" (if single action) or ready to be fired by simply pulling the trigger— SO his use of the phrase Cocked and Loaded is more accurate in the circumstance than Locked and Loaded' whos the fool now ?…

  7. Here we go again, the establishment making these hacks disguise under the name of "comedy" to divide America.

  8. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/chicago-weekend-shootings-sunday-killed-wounded-512025142.html

  9. As for the casualty count thing, was Trump doing that scene from the American President when Micheal Douglas has to deal with the fact that his missle strike killed a janitor in the building the missile hit?

  10. If you pause at 5:26 Seth's body with arms crossed lines up nicely with the trump head graphic. Looks like he has even tinier hands than usual

  11. Actually he just kept us out of a war you bug eyed creepy Satanic degenerate hack, want to focus on who really wants this war….might want to go talk to your fellow"Tribe" Myers you marxists jew parasite coward freak.Dont you got some dat drinking with Lada gaglles to do while she takes your balls and paints your nails…leftists coward.

  12. Whatever stupid crap going on right now in this country, run by a 'F*cking moron' and his gang of thieves rapists and third-class idiots, will be looked upon one day as the government of crack-heads, liars and shop-lifters. GOP get your meal ticket out of that freaking office before he turns the entire country to greedy morons as himself.

  13. … & despite the fact that U.S. law gives all power to stop any & all government-issued agendas, you all just sit back & hope the morons in charge won't start an actual war. That is your strategy?

  14. Another segment of unfunny lies as hollywood douchebags cry endlessy about trump and the low iq npc crowd obeys their applause commands

  15. It's obvious he made it up about the last minute information about the strike. He made it up to sound like that scene in the movie The American President, where the president doesn't want to do the strike because it will kill innocent people (and he says "this is the least presidential thing you will see me do")

  16. Shut up and applaud the guy for not inflating the number of casualties he implies he saved by not attacking every time he’s on air.


  18. Where were the Obama Jokes Seth?
    8 years? No jokes?
    I see, I guess it was difficult to tell Obama jokes when he was “cocked and loaded” in your mouth.

  19. He sure has the religious people behind him. Maybe another crusade in mind? What a low IQ numbskull. Get him and his flat earthers out asap.

  20. How exactly did he take us to the brink of war? By pulling out of the Iran deal? That doesn't justify military force against us. Iran attacked a ship/drone of ours. Another president may have already responded with military force. Trump didn't. Obviously, he is not looking to go to war with Iran.

  21. After Trump leaves the office Republicans will vote for Kim Kardashian for president. They seem to adore the reality TV stars.

  22. “I want to call it a goose. Shoot down the goose, papa.” The whole drone dialogue is comic genius.

  23. BERNIE SHOULD MOVE TO RUSSIA . He loves it there . That's where he spent his honeymoon. He's such a typical socialist liberal democrat.

  24. I am actually missing a president that has marginally controversial policy .

    The Clown show, I am tired of. He is not doing anything for the Amrican people. He is taking care of number one. The average American is still fighting to have a decent paying job. Not caring about the stock market. That does real good when it has companines that get rid of employees and fully automates its business.

  25. The president plagiarized this from the Michael Douglas movie "The American President." If you don't believe me (and you shouldn't trust online comments,) I dare you to look it up.

  26. I think the people behind Trump started ditching him because he is unhinged and there is no way to control him. Probably he is not going to sit for another term.

  27. I haven't seen any other President do anything to avoid or make peace talks with these nuclear driven countries. Why don't we have Bernie Sanders talk to 5 year olds again about cocaine. Bernie will not be a good president

  28. Oh dear. The Pentagon has already war gamed an Iran attack a hundred different ways. The US loses every way. And Iran knows it. Trump as always is talking through his anus.

  29. 10 minutes before the strike, the president had the thought "I wonder how many people I'm killing?" Why isn't that the first line of the page you sign to launch the strike? I mean, Trump doesn't read, but come on. They made allowances for that.. Big font, bullet points. He knows his numbers and probably the word casualty. Why wasn't he informed of that way before then? Or am I overthinking it, and he made up the exchange with the general?

  30. Trump finally tells a truth! This just showed up At the real Donald Trump twitter account. “Our company has grown, since Trump has taken control of the White House & the Presidency, in the sense that we have better opportunities now to do what we’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, and that is to create manufacturing jobs. I believe that President Trump has…..
    6:44 AM · Jul 10, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

  31. Retaliating for a drone shot down ? Gotta wonder what would happen to the guy hitting a drone flying over his back yard BBQ.

  32. Also he stops and says "great people these Generals" only after they called him "Sir" a few times. He likes them when they show him appreciation/attention.

  33. 24,000 likes including mine and 1.5 thousand unlikes………..hmmmmm …………I guess you pissed off 1500 Repulsivicans. Gee….I'm heart broken…………………….NOT!!!! 🙂

  34. In any work situation, anyone acting so incompetent and idiotic will be fired in 2 days. Give it to Americans to bring special Olympics to White House as leadership.

  35. This …"SETH -HOREMONE" has got such a smart mouth .
    Someones gonna shut it up sooner than later …I hope.
    Laugh all U want…
    4 more yrs of TRUMP!!! And many more we hope.

  36. Trump knows that if US Bomb Iran, Iran will retaliate not on US targets but on TRUMP assets overseas. That is what he is afraid off. That is his bottom-line. He is self serving to the core, he cares more about his money than anything else. His soft spot is his business and his money. take that away and he is totally NOTHING.

  37. Seth it's you and people like you ( you all look alike ) that are tearing this country apart. So, go home to your boy friend and bend over you POS.

  38. Give trump McDonald’s and be delivered by Uber lmao pathetic person not against his racist it’s about a human being

  39. There aren’t many things I enjoy more than watching Seth make fun of Trump. It’s just so good and makes me so happy. 😊

  40. the whole world is making fun of him and how does he feel about this? has he ever had a moment of shaming himself? anyway, he is the president of the great united states on this planet and hope he knows about it.

  41. He sure likes calling himself sir. Omg. Seth's questions reminds me of the narrator on As The Stomach Turns skit on Carol Burnett.

  42. Mexico Iran north Korea China all gonna be on our ass in a trump ww3 Europe gonna be neutral an sip tea Russia gonna be like us in begging of ww2

  43. It’s 5wks later and It seems the latest Trump rape is no longer being looked into. His good friend Jeffery Epstein killed himself in jail, I only hope they continue to look into his crimes and all the people that made it possible/supported the decades of child rape.

  44. You guys are arguing about the phrase "cocked and loaded" while US almost went to war with Iran?! It's literary a nightmare for me and the people of Iran(I live in Iran!) I just wish it all ends soon. Seriously, I'm still a teen I don't wanna die!

  45. Oh man your next president will have their work cut out for them, it wont be long until you find out just how much the Donald screwed up. I hope your next leader doesnt run your nation through Twitter,

  46. Why people keep supporting this bozo? 2 1/2 and nothing is been done. Is like we didn't have a government. In fact last time we have a president was when N. Korea released the American prisoners. The only good thing he did. Please next year, vote for anyone who isn't a moron.

    The politicians promised to give us universal healthcare for the last 45 years of my existence. Don't believe in their promises. Believe In Your guts. Besides the promise of a nice beautiful wall, he also promise to fight the federal reserve, no news on that. Wonder why?

  47. Trump chose and organised NOTHING! He's just a distraction and does NOT control anything! Wake up America! He called off NO strike! The military who really rule the world make such choices.

  48. For all the ppl who call Trump a fascist, HERE is one solid example of why that’s a fair thing to call him, having no plan and relying only on rhetoric is a fascistic trait, Mussolini was the same way.

  49. Duck is a real clown🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣congrats Republicans 👏👏👏

  50. Almost starting a war over a single unmanned drone?… one of the dumbest things Trump could of done.

    While simultaneously, not starting a war over a single unmanned drone… the smartest thing Trump has done to date.

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