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Trump Admin Sparks Controversy As New Rules Officially Ban Firearm Bump Stocks

And finally tonight, some good news, shortly
before the end of the year, the Trump administration finalized some rules that officially banned
the sale, use and ownership of bump stocks for firearms. These deadly devices are used to basically
turn semiautomatic rifles into automatic rifles by using the guns own force to re-cock and
fire more rounds. The bump stock was used in the deadly Las
Vegas mass shooting in 2017, and it allowed the shooter to kill and injure even more people
than would have been possible using the regular firearms. This is a huge positive move, but it’s also
already sparked lawsuits from pro gun groups who claim that it’s some sort of liberal effort
to take away their second amendment rights. Regardless of your opinion on Trump, you have
to give the man credit where credit is due and banning these deadly devices was something
that past presidents never had the courage to accomplish, Democrat and Republican, but
finally it’s been done.

51 thoughts on “Trump Admin Sparks Controversy As New Rules Officially Ban Firearm Bump Stocks

  1. I'm surprised the Orange Mussolini is usually influenced by the last person he talked to. I guess the NRA hasn't got him yet.

  2. And it will be overturned. There are several other modifiers that can accelerate fire rate. The bump stock is not mechanical and the BATF&E even acknowledge this in 10' and 12'. It's only an accessory.

  3. Bump stock are useless as hell, and every person who knows a little bit about shooting will tell you that semi auto is way more efficient than full auto anyways… who even thinks that a gun becomes deadlier if its full auto?

  4. This is the biggest "no duh" move. These things should have been illegal. It's only because of poorly written laws that they were legal in the first place.

  5. Socialist-demoKKKrat Governor Gavin Newsom wants $260 million to extend Medicaid to more illegal immigrants in California. #bankrupt

  6. I dunno about the dig against past presidents there at the end there in regards to bump stocks. The whole thing about bump stocks didn't even really come into the limelight until the Las Vegas shooting. Heck, I doubt that anyone that isn't a gun nut even knew such things existed. This is the least of the least measures in implementing any form of gun control, and the NRA (and gun manufacturers) didn't even care much because bump stocks aren't a big profit item.
    Now sure, past presidents and past congresses are still deplorable in their complete lack of action regarding gun violence since Columbine. But we've had to average a mass shooting or school shooting per day before we even got this weakest of the weak rules, and effectively the only reason we even got this is because fully automatic weapons were already illegal to own and these bump stocks were basically a full auto conversion kit.

  7. This will hurt Trump in 2020 because most of his supporters are gun nuts and may think twice before voting for him. I foresee a divide in the Republican party, Trump Supporters vs other Republicans. Much like the divide in the left, Progressive vs Neoliberal.

  8. The Vegas shooter would have killed more people if he didn’t use the bump stocks. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.

  9. A bumpstock uses recoil or "kick" to let the weapon "bounce" back and forth to repeatedly cycle they trigger!! Don't tell anyone but you can do the same thing without one!!! (Search you tube if you doubt me!!) But here is my question, would the average person be more deadly with a steady platform or a bouncing one?

  10. Trump Facts:

    -whines about truthful media coverage about himself like a snowflake

    -is a habitual liar

    -believes Russia and Saudia Arabia over his own Intel agencies

    -pays of porn stars and playmates

    -cheats on all his wives

    -calls Mexicans rapist

    -says skin heads & Nazis are gd ppl

    -blames everyone for his mistakes

    -800k Americans are w/o a paycheck. These are families without a paycheck folks. 

    A barrier/wall/or fence will not stop terrorist as 9/11 showed when they bought tickets.

  11. Huey voice so ignorant, the people still think that trump is paying all this money to keep a couple mexicans out?🤦‍♀️ the wall is to keep us locked in. It's gonna get closer and closer to a dictatorship with each president. The people ain't even noticed it yet.

  12. Know who the anti-gun peole are in your AO. Put them on the list. Never take them off. Organize as militia for mutual defense.  Set up a 5/10 program in your AO. War is coming. They want to "try" and take the guns. Good. We need this to start and then we all know who needs to be done. Take note of the mouth piece in this video. Remember the vast data base that is social media. Who, what where when. The secret police are the minority as are the anti gun creatures. The data base is vast and easily hard copied for field use. They want to send secret police to your house. They will have the favor returned, in spades. Buy more ammo. Mark Koernke  Liberty1775

  13. what I don't understand is why do the lawful gun owners are always the one that have to suffer when somebody illegally do some shit well, let's be real now it was only used in one shooting and a lot of people didn't even know what a bump stock was until that shooting. so I give up no credit to Trump you Russian pigs stopped treading on my amendment rights.

  14. It doesn’t matter what kind of gun or rifle it is when a person wants to do something stupid he will with what ever he carries come on people

  15. This law is completely impossible to enforce unless the feds go door to door looking for them, and even then you can easily make your own bump fire devices or use your finger. This is a real nothing burger in the gun control debate.

  16. Trump should pass more gun legislation because its not controversial for him to do it. Since Obama got out of office, the sale of AR-15's are way down because no one expects a GOP administration to pass any restrictions.

  17. Yes they only make the firearm deadly just like cars make people drive drunk and utensils make people fat lol stupid libtards.

  18. Heck, who can afford to fire off all those rounds on the range? I certainly can't, lol. It's too bad that one nut job can get everybody else denied the right to the firearm of his choice. I'm happy with my Ruger 10/22 and I have a Coach gun for heavier work but now the state of California is talking about forcing us to turn semi-autos into single action guns. They must be high on something if they think they can force me to do that. I will not comply! I was just at a gun show in California yesterday and you could buy anything you wanted. I don't know if they had bump stocks since I wasn't looking for that and probably wouldn't recognize if i was. They had some pretty exotic hardware there. If you wanted to go full on militia that was the place, uniforms, body armor, beef jerky, lol. You name it, they probably had it. Place was packed with Second Amendment Patriots! #BDS

  19. I have noticed only the news reported by progressive organizations are the only ones who give props to opposing political news and individuals when they do end up doing something positive for the country, whereas both the mainstream media and FOX ignore or completely admonish the progressive views as nonsense and pipedreams. No wonder all of the platform issues progressives want are so popular and people are fleeing cable news like roaches when the lights come on. It's a wonderful thing seeing the nation awaken from a neoliberal/supposed conservative nightmare brought upon by the current incumbants of both parties who are neither republican or democrat only whores for their owners making donations to their political campaigns.

  20. It's actually the Federal governments job to stop local governments from restricting people of Constitutional rights, where is Trump on this? Oh wait, he was busy banning 'Bump Stocks' and making an owner of such device a criminal as of March 21st if they do not turn them in. Yes, the same Trump who stated he would ban whatever he wanted and worry about legalities later, all with a cheering Diane Feinstein to his left.

  21. You know, when a Democrat tries to do something, the nation attacks them and they are unable to pass any reforms. When a Republican does it, no one cares. If we're lucky, Trump just might initiate effective gun-control without even noticing.

    Maybe we've been looking at this the wrong angle. Instead of trying to impeach him outright, maybe we can manipulate him into doing what we want the same way Fox and Friends and corporations do, maybe with Reverse Psychology. He's dumb enough to fall for it, after-all.

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