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Troy PAR rifle problems PAR 223 PAR 308

Oops! That should be 300 Blackout!

26 thoughts on “Troy PAR rifle problems PAR 223 PAR 308

  1. Hello steve, and first of all thank you for your review.As a new shooter I recently purschased this rifle in a hurry mainly because of the restrictive laws in force in europe making life hard on semi auto rifle owners. This gun has had a lot of problems and is deliverded at an insanely slow pace to customers in my country. I have been waiting for mine for two month now, and not a word from Troy Industries eventhough I have sent emails and comments on FB. I am almost tempted to get a refund and cancel my order, and get a bolt action rifle like the ruger precision rifle…what is your opinion on that. Is the wait worth it?

  2. How would I be able to get ahold of you to buy one of your new slide release buttons when possible if possible?

  3. Interesting. American here, I may purchase one of these in the future. I hadn't heard about these defects. Thanks for putting this up.

  4. We're still waiting for more of the parts to finish refitting our remaining guns and will be able to send them out once we have enough for our back-orders etc. Our PAR223 rifles have still given no problems but they're getting the replacement parts too. The guns are great fun and accurate and only let down by one small badly designed part. I'll advise on here and the web page when more replacement parts are available, and price.

  5. I was hoping Troy would be a "stand up" kind of USA company of yesteryear. I WAS interested in their rifle line. Thx 4 the info.

  6. Did you ever send the rifle back to Troy for repair? That's typical of how things go if you have a problem with a firearm in the US. It might be harder to do from the UK. But they won't arbitrarily re-cast parts unless there is a huge response from the owners of the firearm. And even then, they'll tell u to send the rifle back and they'll fix it.

  7. WoW… so for those who don't understand 'proper' English from this fine gentlemen he said "[email protected] Troy PAR & THEIR WHOLE COMPANY I'LL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!!!!!!" lol….got it!?!?

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  9. I'm having a chambering issue with mine .308 I have to be really forceful to get it to chamber and it seems to gouge the round quite a bit. Also. I haven't fired a single round from this rifle. I was wondering what you would suggest. as far as sending it back to Troy or having a local gun Smith take a look I appreciate any input you could give. Thanks..

  10. I contacted Troy before buying one of these in March of 2018 and they assured me that this defect has been fixed. Now that I have their guarantee that it's fixed, I am going to buy one the steel replacement parts 🙂 I do like the rifle though for it's political value and it's fun to shoot. Thanks for the detailed information.

  11. I like your scientific method used when you dropped the two parts on the floor and listened for the sound difference. Is that a proper English test? A new rifle that requires fixing or upgrading is a bad product. Don't fix new rifles, replace them. Make the manufacturer fix the mistakes…you're the consumer. Demand a rifle that works or get a refund.

  12. Thanks for the video!! But even with the replacement parts, if they are so bad about customer service then I don't want any part of them. You did us all a great service. Rich

  13. Thinking about buying a Troy PAR in 223. You mentioned you didn't have problems with the 223. Is this still the case? Great video thanks.

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