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Trijicon AccuPower Riflescope Series – Product in Action –

Welcome to another episode of the OpticsPlanet
Product in Action series. My name is Matt and today we’re talking about
the Trijicon AccuPower Scope Line. The AccuPower has four different models. They have a 1-4, a 2.5-10, a 3-9, and a 4-16. The objective size do go from 24 on that
1-4 up to 56 on the 2.5-10. The 3-9 is the only model that is a one inch
tube, all the rest are 30 millimeter tubes. They have 11 intensity settings for the brightness
and that brightness will last you up to 31 hours on the max setting. The AccuPower series uses a CR2032 battery
that will give you up to 31 hours of illumination on the brightest setting. We chose mount our AccuPower scopes today
in the Warne ramp mount because they come in an one inch and 30 millimeter configuration
and I really like these bright anodized colors they have. We have the blue and the red here but they
also offer a od green and a bright zombie green, so whatever color you’re looking at
to match your rifle, they got you covered. They also have these nice 45 offset rails,
one on each side, so you can mount accessories, such as a light, a laser, and if you don’t
like them they are entirely removable so you don’t have to use them if you’re not looking
to. Lets go ahead and take these out to the range
and see how they perform. As you can see, the AccuPower series offers
a great value at an excellent price point. So whether you’re looking at three gun set
up scope or you’re looking for a designated marksman riflescope, whatever your application
may be, the AccuPower series is definitely a scope that you should check out. Thanks for watching our video. My name is Matt and once again this has been
the OpticsPlanet Product in Action series. If you want to see more of our episodes, make
sure you click our link below.

4 thoughts on “Trijicon AccuPower Riflescope Series – Product in Action –

  1. I'm trying to decide between this scope and the Tang 4 4×16. Its primary use is for hunting. And will be on a bolt action.

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