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TRICK SHOT | Shooting Upside Down With Pinky! – Have You Tried This??

hey this is Kirsten Joy Weiss and
I’m so glad you’re here with me today I just got the stainless steel version of
the scorpion in it’s really heavy but I thought why break it in the conventional
way when we can do it the unconventional way let’s give it a shot okay I got one
of my favorite targets downrange which is an egg it’s reactive it’s
biodegradable and it’s just pure fun so let’s do this
as always I am attempting this for the first time on camera with you so I
haven’t even ever shot a pistol upside down with my pinky so I’ll figure it out
right now oh this is this is weird I don’t know what to do with my
hands oh I haven’t even sited this in oh there goes my hearing always wear ear
pro sometimes the best of us forgets here we go ah I don’t know
this is so awkward I feel like I’m a first time shooter well I am with this I don’t even know where this is sited in
because I did not site it in its so awkward oh come on give me a break it didn’t
break it safety on oh I call that being gypped
I’m gonna put it back up and hopefully it will actually break open all I can
say is that we got gypped so see if we can finish it off just above it yeah gosh I love eggs
safety on wow that is so fun it’s obliterated it is interesting
because with the stainless steel or any heavy gun like that
heavy pistol balance is really important so this is actually balanced well for
shooting upside down which you know for shooting right-side up that as well but
pretty fun you know what I’m really curious let’s just go take a look anyway oh I do not think Humpty Dumpty is
having a good day today anyway thanks so much for joining
and if you want to try this yourself go ahead but I can’t recommend it you have
to do it at your own risk because I don’t know your skill level and so you
know if you think that you can handle this that’s on you
but what’s fun is that it kind of brings you back to being a new shooter
especially if you shot awhile it’s very awkward the first time and using your
pinkie kind of hones a new trigger set because you’re so used to using your
trigger finger and you’re already have good habits bad habits whatever but
using your pinkie you have to really think and focus and it brings you back
to the beginning and back to those basic fundamentals so I hope you had a great
time with me thank you so much for joining me aim true and happy shooting
if you’re not already subscribed remember to subscribe I’ve got egg goo
all over me i dont want to get egg on my gun

100 thoughts on “TRICK SHOT | Shooting Upside Down With Pinky! – Have You Tried This??

  1. Try shooting with chopsticks………If ANYONE could, it’d be the female John Wick ; ) Great egg blasting by the way!

  2. I noticed that as you start to aim, your hands shake a little but before you pull the trigger they steady and don't move at all. You transition to no movement so quickly! I wish my hands would obey my brain and hold a gun that way! Great video as always. Thanks!

  3. no i havent tried…..but i surely enjoyed your videos…..such a professional and entertaining…..thank you Kirsten to making non shooters enjoy this.

  4. Please review the Lifecard by Trailblazer Firearms! I enjoyed your review of the Taurus Curve, even though I'm definitely not a Taurus fan, I thought the review well balanced and thought out without bias.

  5. No I haven't tried this nor would I want to try it. Glad that you did it. With a heavier caliber, the recoil might swing the weapon down and injure me.

  6. Great video Kirsten, as always. How about doing a quick video on takedown & cleaning of your AR15? Not super fun like your other videos, but very useful.

  7. if you wanna make an omelette you gotta crack some eggs!!!! -also you owe me money cuz when i shot the pistol upside instead of coming back up and whacking me in the face it went straight down and whacked me in tenders. J/K. >8P

  8. I saw a commit that you glasses slip. One way to fix this is to run hot water on the bows till soft and mold them to fit better. Lucky it was only a 22 when you forgot your ears. Hearing loss sucks !

  9. Hey Kristen just found your YouTube channel.Im 46 and I just bought my first gun yesterday.The only guns I've ever fired was a b b gun,pellet gun,.22 and a shot gun and that was years ago.i skipped the training wheels and went straight to the Smith and wesson m and p .45.a couple of friends are taking me to the range tomorrow.must admit a little nervous but at same time really excited.maybe after a few times going to the range I will try this.thanx for the idea….lol

  10. You know holding a gun normally would be pretty comfortable but I can't imagine that recoils going to be too kind to your pinky finger well at least you're not holding your crotch while you're shooting sideways why you're slightly leaning back

  11. Cute and dangerous great combinations I love the fact you're promoting women and Firearms most excellent

  12. well now, that was cute and looked like it was fun albeit challenging. i only wonder what good shooting upside down would ever do. guess for comedic effect.

  13. I thought about trying it with my Glock, but then I saw where the slide would hit, and I decided I like my wrists just they way they are.

  14. Thoroughly enjoy your channel. Learning much in a short time. Pity the weather here is so cold. Not conducive to good shooting. Do you have a video on how to to stand still, proper posture when shooting offhand, etc.? Would like to see more black powder shooting but that's my passion.

  15. You are absolutely adorable! God created a Masterpiece when he made you. I love shooting too, and we call that "Scrambling our eggs" at the range, although I have never tried to shoot my pistols upside down.

  16. Love to see KJW playing a Roger Moore style spy heroine. Those old movies are "slick" but a twist of feminine flavor and her humor would bring it forward.

  17. Hey Kristen good shooting on that egg I haven’t received any videos from you in a while have you not posted anything or his YouTube taking your stuff down ! 👍🔫😎🇺🇸

  18. Back when I was a kid, I decided that the way to hold toy guns was to twist my arm around so that the side of my hand with my pinky was facing upward and the side with my thumb was facing down and I held the gun upright and pulled the trigger with my pinky. I'm really not sure why I thought that was the way to do it; now whenever I try it's just really awkward and uncomfortable, but back when I was a kid I decided that was the way to hold toy guns for some reason, and nobody could convince me otherwise.

    This video reminds me of that.

  19. My attention always on her smile, don't know why 🤔, but you must try curve the bullet…. Love your video

  20. Looks like some others have mentioned the character Death the Kid as using the same style. He is a character in an anime series called Soul Eater and he shoots 2 pistols upside down like you did in this video. It's a fun series if you decide to check it out. Congrats on making the shot!

  21. "Lets give it a shot"? Nice pun, hun, having fun with a gun under the sun, I gotta run, love you a ton!

  22. Massad Ayoob advises to try shooting with your nondominate hand,especially when teaching a new shooter to appreciate how strange it is to hold a handgun.
    He even teaches at least one class a year & qualifies left handed.

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