TREJO 2GT 22lr Pistols

Hey, everybody. Matt from Classic Firearms customer service
and I’m taking a break from answering all your emails to bring you a spotlight presentation
on one of our current products, so you’ll already find this up on the site. These are the Trejo .22 caliber semiautomatic
model 2 pistols. These all steel construction. They have 11 round magazines, each comes with
two, five inch extended barrel, and we have them in both threaded and a non-threaded variety. These are from Mexico and they have a really
interesting story behind them. The Armas Trejo Company started in 1948 and
built these .22 caliber pistols, but was really popular about them was that at the time these
were actually a select fire fully automatic machine pistol. Of course, at this point, we can’t get those. At the time, those were much less restricted
and they were legal in Mexico and the US. The company ended up shutting down in 1970
and so at that point, they closed because of the changes in firearms laws, but they
were able recently reopen in 2010 and were able to bring these fantastic pistols back
to you again. A couple of the features of the Model 2 is
that it’s got an adjustable rear sight, the extended five inch barrel, real crisp single
action trigger, so these look and function just like the 1911. It’s got a short recoil action and again the
11 round magazine. We actually exhibited these at our shot show
table and they were really popular once people got their hands on them. .22s, normally you would expect to be an inexpensive
firearm. These are not cheap, but once you have your
hands on them, you’ll see the quality, that solid steel construction, and you can just
feel the durability. Suppressors are very popular. I’d have them in the market nowadays, always
getting more and more popular. With the threaded version of this, we have
a mount ready version of this pistol that you can slap a can on. It comes with this nice thread protector. Just to demonstrate, since we don’t have suppressors
here, I have one of these muzzled devices. This is a competition style muzzle break. This comes in a standard half by 28 thread
pitch, so any AR 15 muzzle device will work. Just to give you a demonstration on how easily
that threads on. All right. You can see that threads on real nice and
easy. Of course, this wasn’t designed for this pistol,
but it can give you an idea of how well a can will go on there. Again, we just wanted to spotlight this product. We thought it was a really special product
that we wanted to bring your attention to. Again, people that shot just went all kind
of interest in it. You can find them on our website,,
and we appreciate your business. Thanks.

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