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Travel Tips: Traveling with Firearms

Securing your air travel is one of TSA’s top
goals. That’s why important to always check for prohibited items before flying, especially
firearms. Every year TSA detects thousands of firearms and rounds of ammunition in carry-on
bags. To avoid travel delays for you and other passengers, costly fines and law enforcement
action, pack all unloaded firearm and firearm parts in a locked hard sided container as
checked baggage. Also, notify the airline during the ticket counter check in process
that your baggage contains a properly secured firearm. Firearm magazines and ammunition
clips whether loaded or empty must be securely boxed or
included in a hard sided case with the firearm. Be sure to use all available lock tabs when
securing your firearm. BB guns, Airsoft, pellet guns
and starter pistols are not permitted in carry-on bags,
but can be packed in chekced baggage. For more information

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