37 thoughts on “Transformers: Top 10 Sharpshooters/Gun Users (Movie Rankings) 2019

  1. im still mad it took until tf 4 to see lockdown transform into a actual gun..woulda love to see megatron transform into gun form…god i remeber jumpin for joy seeing that was so epic and the turret it looked like was elite

  2. A gun is nothing with out the right gun slinger, but what are your favorite gun base weopons? Mine are
    10: shockwaves cannon
    9: decepticon trooper blaster aka dreads blasters
    8: ratchets weapon
    7: sidswipe dule wielding hand guns
    6: barricade rist mini gun
    5: Megatron dotm fusion cannon
    4: Mixmaster cannon form
    3: soundwaves blaster
    2: Optimus prime shild cannon
    1: bumblebee AOE blaster

  3. I’m happy that you are the one that’s keeping the transformers content relevant keep up the good work👍

  4. I will love to see more different characters in the big screen with high skill with shape shooters such as crosshair, hound ,drift and much more.Now we are seen much with optimist and bullbee

  5. Optimus did his upside down version of his iconic Jump when he attacked Megatron and Starscream in ROTF. You can see his leg bent and arm out. And great video. I wished we seen more Hound + Crosshairs moments. Those two would wreck the battlefield together.

  6. Im glad you put hound on the list l like him in tf4 but tf5 he was annoying asf tho and he can never be better than ironhide

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