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Training for Rio with Air Pistol shooter Felipe Wu [BRA]

Now, a little bit before the Olympic Games, the training is more intense, even though shooting is a lot about repetition. The closer we get, the more the athlete wants to be prepared. So there is a lot of training. We’re training 6 hours a day. My usual training day: I wake up and go to the centre. I train roughly 3 hours in the morning, then train 2 more hours in the afternoon and 1 hour in the gym to finish it off. And that’s the end of my day. I try to repeat the best way possible of the shooting movement. Because in Shooting, the most difficult part of is to be able to always do it exactly like before. So I try to perfect it so I can always do the same movement. So with every training session I reinforce, in my mind, the fact that I’m well prepared and ready for the Olympic Games Now my main focus is confidence. I have to train without thinking and just simply trust my technique, so I won’t have any doubts when in the competition. In the Shooting training, I shoot with a pistol, for 10m and 50m. With that, the shoulder and the forearm suffer the most. So at the end of training we are very tired. Even the weight training after is to avoid lesions. I shoot with just one part of the body, so the weight training helps to balance the body. The pistol I use weighs roughly 1.2 kilos, so the difficulty with Shooting is that because there is a lot of repetition we don’t need to have a lot of strength in the arm, but instead, a lot of resistance. The weight training is focused more in the resistance and not on strength to carry the gun. The most critical aspects about Shooting is a combination of things; the stability and the coordination of the moment. The movement of raising and lowering the weapon, pulling the trigger. The rhythm helps a lot with that. When we establish a rhythm in the competition and in training, things get more similar and the body coordinates better. Because I won a medal in the Youth Olympics in Singapore 2010, it gives me a certain confidence. If in that moment I was training, even though the level was different, I was able to generate the result in the competition and ended up winning a medal. This gives me hope, that now it could happen the same thing. I’m training a lot, I’m training well and I’m competing well. Everything counts. All the pains I have day-to-day, I want it to all be worth it in the end. I think that the spectators, the Brazilian population that are going to watch the Olympic Games can be sure that the athletes are going to be very motivated. To show the population that we trained a lot and are going to represent our country very well. And it’s going to be a big event. From what I can say about the Pistol Shooting, it’s well organised and the accommodation is great. So root for us please.

23 thoughts on “Training for Rio with Air Pistol shooter Felipe Wu [BRA]

  1. Ganhando ou não já venceu, tiro no Brasil dificultam tanto que só de participar em uma Olimpíadas já é vitoria, se ganhar uma medalha o mérito é todo do Wu, o governo só atrapalha.

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  3. Competiu muito bem Felipe, deu até gosto de te ver, na próxima olimpíada você será ouro. Tenho certeza que talento, perseverança e trabalho para isso não faltarão, tamo junto.

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