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TRAILBLAZER – Doom Mod All Weapons Showcase & Explanation

Trailblazer Doom Mod All Weapons Showcase, together with explanation of their tinkering upgrades & blueprints you will encounter during the playthrough Mod – Trailblazer 1.4c / WADs – CHECK DESCRIPTION / Addons – CrosshairHP, LevelInfo, Bolognese, Flashlight Trailblazer is a Doom mod where your character is slightly overpowered in terms of speed, weaponry and of course Possibility to craft various stuff like M2 Brownings, Spikebombs, Firecrackers, Automatic Shotguns, Uranium Shells, Armors and even a jar of Whiskey One of the most funny weapons to use is your starting Machetterang, you can throw it at your enemies and it will return to you, really strong choice After upgrading, it gains a possibility to damage the targets in line, imagine being surrounded by multiple Pinkies and using Machetterang You will also surely like a Skullthrottle Minigun, a very difficult weapon to control with its huge recoil, it eats your ammo in a very fast rate It fires tons of lead at a very large area and it can stunlock such enemies like Archvile or Cyberdemon without problems Its upgrades are quite mandatory (M2 Browning that becomes Primary Fire), with such firepower you only need to worry about ammo The slot for explosive weapons (5) carries a Magnun Revolver – might be strange, but this 6-8 cylinder weapon is loaded with explosive bullets You might unload them in a rapid manner using an alternate fire or score precise shots from a distance with your primary fire With a blueprint upgrade, you do not have to worry about reloading while using an alternate rapid fire mode If you really appreciate my content and videos, please leave a like and subscribe to it (REMEMBER ABOUT BELL!)

5 thoughts on “TRAILBLAZER – Doom Mod All Weapons Showcase & Explanation

  1. 00:00 – Macheterang

    00:36 – Sidekick Pistol

    01:09 – Colts

    02:21 – Sawed-Off Shotguns

    03:09 – Chrome & Automatic Shotgun


    05:01 – Uzi

    05:50 – Magnum Revolver

    07:03 – Automatic Grenade Launcher

    08:09 – Skullthrottle Minigun & M2 Browning

    09:11 – Spikebombs

    09:56 – NUTCRACKER

  2. I'm still waiting on that new version of TB to come out. I want to play with the new stuff PillowBlaster is tinkering with. My slaughter maps are just sitting in my folder collecting dust lol

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