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Welcome to our continuing coverage of SHOT Show 2017. That’s right. The Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas Nevada with almost 65,000 people in attendance and thousands upon thousands of brand-new products. We’re going to cover it throughout the week with regular updates, so stay tuned. Hi. This is Joel Persinger. I’m the GunGuy. Thank you very much for watching my videos. I really, deeply appreciate it. I’m still at SHOT Show and I’m having a great time. Although, I gotta tell you… at this point my feet are killing me. I don’t know about you. Yep. Standing for three or four days. Ya know, it gets you. But you’ve got nice spongy carpet, so I’m grateful. I’m here at Traditions. Their name fits what they make. They make traditional kinds or firearm. If you’ve watched my channel at all, you know that I have a deep affinity for single-shot rifles. Because I’ve done a lot of YouTube videos on them. One of the reasons I like them so much is they force you to really improve your marksmanship skills and there’s other reasons I’ll talk about in a minute. But Allison’s got some products here that Traditions makes that i’m finding very fascinating. She’s gonna tell us a little bit about ’em. Absolutely. Joel, thanks for your time today. The first thing we gonna talk about today is our new Outfitter G2. It is a break action single-shot cartridge right rifle. The reason for this gun is that it fits certain regulation: straight Wall cartridge caliber in certain states that makes it available to be used during gun season. The guns going to be available in a 35 Whelen, 35 Remington, 44 mag. Also it’s going to be available in 45-70, 243 and several other calibers. It’s lightweight. It’s got a 22 inch barrel. Chromoly steel. It’s also got a CeraKote finish on it, which makes it more protected again whether and any sort of corrosion. Breaks just like our standard muzzle loaders do. It’s just a neat little gun. What I liked about it a lot was the fact that I just can’t get over the weight. Yeah. Because of the fluted barrel and the chromoly steel it’s really, really light. Absolutely. And then with the price point it’s outstanding for the combo becomes it comes with the scope. This is your scope. Correct. Yeah. That’s a Traditions Brand scope and the nice thing about the Outfitter G2 is it’s going to be available Scoped or non-scoped and then MSRP on it ranges from low $400s up to high $500 depending on camo and caliber. And that’s MSRP so they might able to find a sales on it somewhere. Absolutely. Head to a local dealer and you will get a better price. We’re the manufacturer, so we sell at full retail price. Now I mentioned a minute ago that I really like single-shot rifles. Part of that is my dad gave me a single-shot Ithaca 22 as a kid and I hunted with it as a child. So I had to learn to make every shot count. I’m a big proponent of these for hunting, although I’ve hunted with other rifles and so on, but hunting should be hunting not just killing. Yep. I like the fact that a single shot rifle requires you to have some marksmanship skills and tracking skills… The skill of hunting gets raised a little bit when you place a limitation on yourself. Absolutely. These things would be incredibly accurate. Now this is chambered it looks like in 44 mag. Yeah. Which is really common. Absolutely. We have have… like I said, it’s going to be available in several calibers. For the SHOT Show here today we have in 357 and 44 Magnum just for display. They’ll all look very similar, but there will be other caliber options. I gotta be honest with you. I really like 357.. I was telling her few minutes ago, my dad was a Columbia County sheriff’s deputy in Columbia County Oregon and he used to hunt deer with a 357. The the 357 Magnum and the 44 Magnum really benefit from the extra length of the barrel and the powder burn. Yeah. They just rocket out of the end of the barrel of a rifle instead of a handgun. It’s kind of an amazing difference in velocity and energy when they hit. They work really well for deer and medium-sized game. Both of them do. Absolutely fantastic. Should I hang it back up here? Absolutely. Then you’ve got something really cool in the middle. I said to you the other day that I had never shot a black powder rifle until about three weeks ago. Now you’re hooked. I’m completely… I’m completely and utterly hooked at this point. That’s what happens. So what do you have for me for black powder rifles. Absolutely. Traditions is known for our muzzle loaders. The Outfitter G2 is new for 17 and it’s just another extension that were trying to bring to the market. But our main businesses is our muzzle loaders. The Strikerfire has been in our line for a few years now and it’s been one of our best selling guns is extremely popular thanks to the technology and a lot of the features on it. So for 17 we have previous… let me back up… previously we’ve had a 28 and 30 inch model. Extremely accurate 28-inch guns are pretty much our industry average. 30 inche is a fantastic length. You get increased velocity and better down range accuracy. But we’re seeing a need for people like myself who are smaller framed… also those who may be hunting in more woods type situations where they don’t necessarily need that longer distance and I increased accuracy because they’re not shooting it at 250 + yards. Right. It’s more like 75 probably. Absolutely. Also, just those who are looking for a more maneuverable Gun. Those who are going on long hunts. It’s actually… so this gun… let me back up again… it’s called the Strikerfire Backcountry. So it’s meant for those who are going on long hunts in the backcountry. So, it has a 26 inch barrel instead of 28 and 30 inch. So again, just a little more maneuverable… another option for those out there like myself were who are smaller framed or just someone who wants some more maneuverable firearms. It still got the chromoly steel barrels… and it’s fluted. I don’t know if you can see it in the camera, but it’s fluted which lightens the weight of the gun and lightens the weight of the barrel quite a bit. Yep. It’s got the nitride finish which we introduced last year. So both the inside and outside of the barrel are coded. This is going to help be more protective against corrosion and weather. You’re not going to get that fouling ring that you might see after shooting several times. So it’s going to be a lot easier to clean and it’s not gonna rust or pit as quickly if at all. The best part about this gun to me is the trigger. so the Strikerfire system here allows us to put a better trigger on the gun. It called our TAC2 trigger. It is a two-stage competition style trigger and set at 2 pound. You pull it back to a certain point that you can you feel it. You just stop a little bit and then you press it and it breaks clean. So, it’s almost like a set trigger. Because you have the first trigger that sets it and the second was just like nothing. Yeah. You could definitely say that. Everyone who picked up this gun though and either uses the trigger or dry fires it here at the show just says, “wow that trigger is fantastic.” I haven’t tried yet, but I will. You are more than welcome to and the Strikerfire system as well. If you push the button forward you can cock the gun. So it’s a lot easier… I’m not saying… I guess I shouldn’t say it’s easier than pulling a hammer back but it can be quicker. Then to de-cock the gun you simply press the silver reset button here or you can break open the gun and automatically de-cocks. That is really user-friendly. Absolutely. That’s very ergonomic. This gun has the… I’ve never seen that design before. Is that exclusive to you? We do have a patent on this gun. That’s a very neat design. I’m sorry, you were going to tell me about the… Actually, I was just going to keep continuing with the accelerator breach plug. it’s really a… removable breach plugs are a standard in the industry at this point for muzzleloaders but our accelerator breech plug… what makes it different is that it is a one piece stainless steel breech plug. So the nice part about it you can use loose for pelletized powder. Some other breach plugs you have to swap out an insert to use the different types of powder, but this one you don’t. it’s all in one and you can use either type of powder. This is really a great education for me, because I’m just now learning. I’m almost 60. You would think I’d have learned something about muzzle loaders and black powder guns at this point, but now i’m just kind of getting into it. I think it’s fantastic. Absolutely/ More and more people are getting into muzzleloading. It is so much fun. I love to shoot muzzle loaders. I love two hunt with muzzle loaders. It’s a one shot challenge and I think it’s awesome that you’re getting into it. Thank you very much, Alison, for that. I appreciate it. What great guns you guys make. Now, do you have a website that I can put a link in the bottom of the description of the video? Absolutely. You can go to and check out our full product line. We’ll be updating all the new 2017s as soon as we get back from SHOT Show here. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Oh my goodness. And you can find them on GunGuyTV obviously. How about that. Thank you Alison so very much. I appreciate your time. Thank you Joel. We appeciate it. Great guns. I’ll put those links in the description for you, so it’ll be easier to find and you don’t have to hunt for them. No pun intended. Keep watching. We have some more updates coming from SHOT Show 2017 here in Las Vegas. Thank you very much for watching. Have a wonderful week and whatever you do be safe.

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