100 thoughts on “Traditional Longrifle Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2019 – Western Pennsylvania Frontier

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  2. Nice gun very nice gun but make sure when using a ramrod to use your finger tips

    If not the gun could go off and blow of your hand

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  4. Perhaps your best production , very well done and plus professional…
    You're definitely in the top ten of the hunt video producers..
    Especially pleasing is the absence of sponsorship interruptions….. let's hope we can continue to enjoy your presentations uncluttered ..thanks

  5. I was wanting to go hunting in traditional attire, with a muzzle loader. Glad to know that I am not the only one with this idea.

  6. Good rifle, nice outfit. But why hunt animals for fun, I'm no vegetarian but killing for fun is really not good

  7. This is a good video. If you check out the national muzzleloader rifle association. There are ton of things very interesting. They also put out a magazine called muzzle blast can't wait for my next issue.

  8. Do you still wanna called yourself a hunter after missing a deer so close to you….? Also your target was a complete mess….you hit a branch.

  9. What was with that fake deer scene where he was pretending to almost shoot in the beginning it was so clearly fake you fucking nerd.

  10. Anti-Hunters are trying to shut this video down by disliking it! Like this video and subscribe to help support deer hunting and this channel!

  11. Well done Sir! Get that longrifle sighted in. I know it's accurate. Even the patch can affect accuracy. Keep up the good work.

  12. Dumb and its not accurate i love to hunt also tho u just need to use a different weapon for respect of the deer imagine if u was that far off u could mess up and shoot it in the jaw or the foot and just hurt the deer plus you cant reload that weapon is not fast enough to get a second shot

  13. You make some really awesome videos and I hope you keep making them! I only wish I was there too! 😃👍👍👏👏👏🇺🇸

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  16. Damn all these triggered people who hate on him who cant even understand what he’s saying 😂 10k dislikes for a guy walking in the woods with a gun. People need to get out more

  17. I'm over here in NEPA, some good look land you're on there. Good luck this season. While I'm not in traditional garb, I'll be out with my Hawken starting this weekend.

  18. Great video as always! I’d love to get as immersed as you are. Took a doe s with my GPR over the weekend, missed one earlier the same day! I enjoy hunting with a flintlock more than anything else.

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