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@TorontoPolice Gun & Gang Task Force – Three Arrested & Nine Firearms Seized | Insp. Peter Moreira

Inspector Peter Morerira: Good afternoon and
thank you for attending 8 days ago I was here to inform the public of a seizure of 7 firearms
and numerous runs of ammunition and a large quantity of illegal drugs and money 4 individuals
were arrested and charged in that investigation purpose of today’s news conference is to further
advise the members of the public and the media that an investigation undertaken by the Toronto
Police Service that resulted in the seizure of the items you see before you today. In
the fall of 2016 the integrated gun and gang task force for street level enforcement team
along with members at 54 division major crime unit commenced an investigation into an individual
who was believed to be in possession of illegal firearms. As the investigation progressed
it became evident that the suspect was involved in firearms trafficking. This information
was subsequently relayed to the members of gun and gang task force firearm enforcement
unit as part of its mandate the firearms enforcement unit is responsible for investigations into
illicit gun sales. Acting on the information provided the firearms and investigation unit
sorry the firearm and enforcement unit continued their investigation on Tuesday night January
24 this commenated arrest of 3 individuals in the execution of 5 search warrants 3 at
dwellings and 2 vehicles. The seizure of the following items: there were 9 firearms including
a PX4 storm barretta semi automatic handgun capable of firing 40 calibre ammunition. A
desert eagle semi automatic handgun capable of firing 9mm ammunition. A glock 27 semi
automatic handgun capable of firing 40 calibre ammunition. A glock 23 semi automatic handgun
capable of firing 40 calibre ammunition a Hopkins in allen dictator revolver this is
antique firearm but because of the prohibition by one of the 4 prohibitions the accused we
feel it meets the definition of a firearm so a charge was laid in relation to that firearm.
a glock 26 semi automatic handgun capable of firing 9mm ammunition a glock 30 semi automatic
handgun capable of firing 45 calibre ammunition and air type carobined rifle capable of firing
223 calibre ammunition its the 1 with the red paint. An air type carbined rifle is capable
of firing 223 calibre ammunition the 2 rifles have no manufacture recorded on the firearm.
In addition there was 9 over capacity magazines capable of firing or holding various calibres
of ammunition for the glock handguns. And 14 additional magazines of various calibres.
In total 42 rounds of ammunition of various calibres types were seized. As a result of
the investigation the following individuals were arrested and charged junior Richardson
30 years of Toronto. Catherine Concepcion 36 years of Toronto they face a number of
firearms related offenses the press release will be available to the members of the media
with a complete list of charges. Also during the course of the evening a 3rd individual
was taken into custody its allaged she was in possession of at least 7 grams of cocaine
Everton Curling 52 years has been charged with drug related offense. He was not charged
with any firearm related offenses. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work done
by the members of the gun and gang task force in 54 division major crime unit. This is yet
another example the type of work these officers do on a daily basis. The efforts continue
have a direct impact on disrupting violent criminal activity in this city. combined with
these seizures I reported last week in the past 9 days the gun and gang task force represented
by the street level enforcement team and firearms enforcement unit have removed 18 illicit firearms
and 100’s of rounds of ammunition from the hands of alleged criminals operating in our
city. I’m greatly appreciated of the hard work and the commitment of public safety also
worth noting one of the accused parties Junior Richardson was also wanted by the Peel Regional
Police for an outstanding warrant outstanding since Sept 2014 for assault with a weapon,
kidnapping with intent to confine forcible confinement, robbery, personation of a police
officer. I will take some questions now. Reporter: when you say there is no manufacturers
on those weapons what does that mean? Moreira: its a hybrid they’re hybrid types
of guns made up of a number of different firearm parts and assembled together if you were to
manufacture a home made firearm for instance you would need to register that and get a
firearm identification number. Reporter: So this is homemade essentially?
Morerira: uh I’m not suggesting its homemade but I’m suggesting its a hybrid gun made up
of number of parts part of the investigation is to determinate um who and how it was manufactured?
Reporter: why would you do hybrid parts? to hide the gun or harder to trace?
Moreira: well there’s no firearm identification number on it so it does it makes it harder
not possible though. Reporter: you said 3 homes and 2 cars?
Moreira: 3 dwellings and 2 cars and yah. Reporter: one man and one woman were are facing
charges Moreira: Yes
Reporter: was the 3rd home nothing was founded or
Moreira: ah I would were not breaking it down that far the investigation is still continuing
so unfortunately I can not speak to that? Reporter: any indication where the weapons
are from? are they Canadian domestic or states? Moreira: ahh the tracing is happening as we
speak and there are officers there who are diligently working to determine where these
firearms originated from and more importantly how did they get in the hands of who we allege
they were in possession of. Reporter: How important is it to get those
18 firearms off the streets within the past 9 days.
Moreira: um every firearm illicit firearm in the city is important um the officers work
diligently each and every day and I I mean we don’t hold news conferences for every firearm
we seized but I can tell you that the officers are out there each and every day working extremely
hard to try to conclude these investigations and we have mnay of these types of investigations
underway right now and this puts really puts the onus on everyone uh including those who
know where firearms are stored illicit firearms in this city to pick up the phone and call
um if you have any concern for your safety own safety and safety of your family and safety
of your community you will call us. Reporter: Is 18 a lot? it was 18 in the past
week is that a normal week or higher than average?
Moreira: um certainly the number of firearms were seizing at one time especially in the
close time frame is notable but like I said we are seizing firearms quite regularly and
the officers are certaintly are are we surprised when we see this type of this type of cash
of weapons in any one place. Reporter: Congratulations to your team on
getting these weapons off the road and again for doing it for all those people who don’t get to stand up thank them for us these homemade guns that you are talking about does this perhaps indicate we have an issue with the firearms parts being smuggled into the country and being assembled here and somebody doing that and in terms of that you are looking at the location of them I know we have discussions in the past about people who have had permits people who acquire firearms inquiring 20 of them and selling them off does that tie into any of this Moreira: That forms part of our investigation to try to determine that I can you tell at this point that we have not found any uh acquisition license for any of the people the 2 people that we charged with firearm related offence. and in terms of the first part of your question um the firearms parts you don’t need a license necessarily to buy them. and so that is something we are working on very hard with our partners in particular our federal partners to try to address. Reporter: (inaudible) Reporter: possibly legislation you may need what are the challenges there or are things going well? Moreira: were definitely talking Reporter: are there any outstanding warrants at this point? from last week to yesterday (inaudible) Moriera: um this investigation continues as does the previous one I reported on we continue to follow up every single lead arrests do not conclude our investigation and we will continue to be diligent in pursuit of illicit firearms in this city. Rporter: what’s the most I know its concerning in any weapons seized but is there anything here that stands out worry some something that is new uh the police have something to worry about? Moreira: I would suggest that if you were standing on the wrong end of that any of these firearms would be very concerning I don’t break it down to that minutia I can tell you that each firearm is in the hands of the wrong person um can cause significant damage and death and so we have a group of dedicated officers that this is what they do this is their job day in and day out and they are very good at it. Reporter: For this many guns to come by is it possibly (inaudible) what was the purpose of this having all these guns? Moreira: That forms part of investigation we haven’t reached any conclusion. Reporter: In terms of the ammunition for these guns uh how are things going with that closing down where they are getting their ammunition is someone buying it from as you need a license to buy ammunition here do you not? Moreira:yes Reporter: well are we able to trace that and find out Moreira: that forms part of our investigation and were hours into obviously I don’t have the results of that as of yet. Reporter: Your pulling on to threads very well when you say that its great to see these guns off the street cause you can empty one of these guns and seconds if someone is shooting them? Moreira: yes absolutely, there they all cause a danger to the public safety and every firearm that we recover is we view it as a at least one life saved. Reporter: Any indication these have been used in other crimes any indication they have been use in prior crimes? Moreira: that is a good question and like every crime gun that we seize in this city and it is tested to determine exactly if they have been involved in any crime. Reporter: and nothing has shown up yet? Moriera: Those tests have no been done yet. Reporter: on those tests sorry has there been any of these guns have actually been fired yet? Moriera: uhm that all of those tests are still taking place are yet to take place. Reporter: was the man who was was known to Toronto Police just here or elsewhere Moriera: he was known to the Toronto Police he was known to police. yes Reporter: can you tell us more about the one of the suspects (inaudible) Moreira: that is a peel region matter I will defer you to peel regions for that I don’t have the the details and even if did i would not speak about it here. Reporter: Inspector how much work are you doing across other forces that due to is that something you do on a daily basis intelligence going back and forth (inaudible) Moreira: No crime is had no boundaries and we work closely with all of our partners all across the GTA and beyond provincially and nationally and internationally. Reporter: (inaudible) Moreira: that’s in evidence right now that does meet the definition of firearms so at the conclusion they’ll be a disposition by or be authorized by the courts for these firearms. Reporter: could it be the same (inaudible) Moreira: well yeah at this point its to early to say exactly. Jenifferjit Sidhu: Thank you that concludes today’s conference.

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