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@TorontoPolice Gun & Gang Task Force Arrest Four Persons on 165 Gun and Drug Charges

Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu: Good morning. Today at Toronto Police Headquarters Inspector
Peter Moreira from the Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force will update the public and
the media on a guns and drugs seizure. Inspector? Inspector Peter Moreira: Good morning and
thank you all for attending I’m here this morning to inform the public
of an investigation undertaken by the Toronto Police Service that led to the arrest of four
individuals and led to the seizure of significant quantities of illicit drugs, along with firearms
and associated ammunition. In late 2016, members of the Integrated Gun
and Gang Task Force commenced an investigation into persons suspected of possessing illicit
firearms. As the investigation progressed it became
clear that the subjects were also involved in illicit narcotic sales. Over the course of several weeks the Gun and
Gang investigators collected evidence on the suspects. The investigation culminated in the execution
of Criminal Code Controlled Drugs and Substances Act search warrants. These warrants were executed during the evening
hours of this past Sunday, January 15th. As a result of these warrants the items you
see before you today were located and seized. All five addresses were residential properties
located within the city of Toronto. Specifically these items from these search
warrants are as follows : A semi-automatic Glock 23 handgun, capable of firing 40 calibre
ammunition. A semi-automatic Glock 17 handgun capable
of firing 9mm ammunition. Semi-automatic Cobra Enterprise 380 calibre
handgun. An Anderson AM15M4 semi-automatic rifle, capable
of firing 223 rounds. A Tikka T3 bolt action rifle that fires 308
ammunition. A Robinson Arms XCRL semi-automatic rifle,
capable of firing 223 ammunition. And a Dagger SAP6 pump action shotgun capable
of firing 12 gauge ammunition. In terms of the ammunition seized, there was
135 rounds of 40 caliber, 99 rounds of 45 caliber, 12 rounds of 9mm, 17 rounds of 380
and 105 rounds of 223 ammunition seized. that’s a total of 368 rounds of ammunition
that was seized. Also seized were four suspected prohibited
over capacity firearms magazines. In terms of the drugs that were seized, there
was over a kilogram of powder cocaine, along with used kilogram sized stamped concrete
packages indicative of high level trafficking. there was 15 grams of crack cocaine, 86 grams
of heroin, 196 grams of MDMA also known as ecstasy, 20 grams of Oxycodone and 234 grams
of marijuana. The total estimated value of this seized drugs
is close to $100,00.00. With the seized cocaine, the powder cocaine
representing the majority of this total. More than half. Also seized, and part of our ongoing investigation
was over $46,000.00 in Canadian currency. As a result of the investigation, the following
individuals were arrested and charged: Kiarash Parzham, 24 years of Toronto. Natasha Gorgan, 23 years, of Toronto. Javid Samuel, 33 years, of Toronto and Trae
Greaves, 21years, of Richmond Hill. Parzham, Gorgan and Samuel face multiple weapons
and drug related charges, while Greaves faces drug related charges only. A complete list of the charges has or will
shortly be provided to all of you. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding
work done by members of the Gun and Gang Task Force street level enforcement teams throughout
this investigation. While you can see the gun and drug seizure
is particularly substantial, it represents just one example of the type of work these
officers perform. Normally unheralded and generally unreported
on a daily basis. Their efforts as evidenced by the display
of the firearms here and the ammunition, the drugs is having a direct impact on community
safety in our city. I will now entertain some questions, but as
you can appreciate this is now a matter before the courts so there may be some issues that
I just can’t get into. Reporter: (Inaudible) shootings or violent
crimes in general like that… (Inaudible)
Inspector Peter Moreira: This was information that we received, that we were working on
specifically related to the possession of the firearms. As the investigation is progressing right
now, we haven’t linked these directly to any shooting, but like all crime guns that
we seize, there will be forensic testing that will be conducted to determine what, if any
other offenses that these items might have been involved in. Reporter: Do you have a general sense of what
these four were really up to? What were they doing? Inspector Peter Moreira: There was narcotics
sales primarily. And we’re alleging that the firearms were
part of that business. Reporter: Were they selling the guns too? Inspector Peter Moreira: Well, that still
forms part of our investigation and it continues. But there was clearly the trafficking of narcotics
and the possession of firearms which is a dangerous mix. Reporter: Were they known to police? Inspector Peter Moreira: Two of the parties
were known to police, yes. Reporter: (Inaudible)
Inspector Peter Moreira: No, it was three males and one female. Reporter: can you speak about any possible
gang involvement? What gang they might have been involved in? Inspector Peter Moreira: Well the investigations
continuing into that matter. There’s nothing at this point that is apparent
that this was to further any gang activity. But clearly there are many associations that
are present in the drug trade and so we’re still exploring that. We’re working with our partners in different
areas to determine that very point. Reporter: And one was from Richmond Hill,
is that part of the area where you’re looking for more associates or anybody else that might
be involved? Inspector Peter Moreira: Crime in today’s
day in age is borderless. We work with people all over Canada and internationally
as a matter of routine. Reporter: As for the seizures, the residences,
whereabouts were they? Inspector Peter Moreira: Predominantly in
the downtown core. There was one in the Allen and Sheppard Rd
area. Reporter: How big of a bust would you characterize
this as being? Inspector Peter Moreira: Well anytime you
have this quantity of drugs and these kind of firearms it’s significant. Even the removal of one gun is significant
to public safety. You know, you add to that three hundred and
sixty eight rounds of ammunition. One can only imagine what havoc that could
wreak throughout the city. Reporter: As far as you’re concerned are there
other suspects you’re looking for connected to this or is this pretty much done? Inspector Peter Moreira: the investigation
is continuing. Reporter: (Inaudible)
Inspector Peter Moreira: There could be, yes. Reporter: Inspector, the quality of the types
of guns that you’ve seized here. These look specific to like the sort of guns
you’ll want if you’re running a street gang or you’re enforcing something for doing it. Have you found or going to be looking into
if there’s a commonality into how they were able to shop for and acquire these types of
weapons. I mean this looks different than the odd time
you see an old handgun or and old farm rifle or something like that. Inspector Peter Moreira: These firearms like
every firearm that we seize as an organization is carefully researched. And we attempt to track all of our firearms
to determine the very points – to see where gaps exist, where people intent on carrying
these firearms obtain them in the first place. All of those things still form part of our
ongoing investigation. Reporter: And does it appear to you that for
the most part these guns were acquired to protect and deal with their drug trade as
opposed to them trafficking and selling them around the city at this point. Inspector Peter Moreira: That’s hard for me
to say definitively. Certainly that forms part of our investigation. The only thing I can tell you is that there
was drugs and guns found together. Reporter: Pretty common? Inspector Peter Moreira: Unfortunately becoming
increasingly more common. Reporter: How long would you say this group
was operating? Inspector Peter Moreira: Well, our investigation
commenced in late 2016. So I don’t really know the answer to that
question at this point. That does form part of our investigation in
determining who else is associated and how long they’ve been conducting this kind of
operation. Reporter: Any idea if those guns were stolen
or where the guns came from? Inspector Peter Moreira: That forms part of
our ongoing investigation. We’re certainly looking into that. I can tell you that we have some initial reports
that at least one of them was a stolen firearm. Reporter: What started the investigation into
the guns themselves, not the drugs? Was it – did somebody see the guns? How did you come to know about the guns? Inspector Peter Moreira: I can’t get into
that at this point. Reporter: How did you come to know about any
of this? Is there something that you can reveal to
us as what led you to start following and investigating this ring? Inspector Peter Moreira: No I can’t, I can’t
comment on that. I’m sorry. Reporter: With the rifles, is there something
unusual about them using rifles as well? What’s with the rifles? Inspector Peter Moreira: I don’t know. The higher the capacity and caliber the firearm
– one can only guess at why they chose these guns. Perhaps it’s the availability. But that all forms part of our investigation
at this point to determine what attracted these individuals to these particular firearms. Reporter: Doesn’t it seem odd though to have
a rifle with such a large scope on it? That’s not a close range type weapon? Inspector Peter Moreira: Yeah, again that
forms part of our investigation. These are dangerous, dangerous firearms and
coupled with the ammunition it’s obviously concerning. But this is the type of work that our men
and women go out there and are engaged in every single day, to determine. And when I talk about unheralded and under
reported that is absolutely true. The men and women of the Gun and Gang Task
Force are seizing firearms almost on a daily basis and they seize a lot of firearms. Certainly not seven at one time, but it’s
not unusual to find two guns or three guns in any on investigation. Reporter: Would you say that allegedly these
would be mid-level drug traffickers? Inspector Peter Moreira: That’s forms part
of our investigation to determine exactly where they fit in into the hierarchy of drug
trafficking throughout the city. Reporter: Inspector, in terms of all these
guns you’ve seized here. We just went through a record number of shootings,
shooting victims. Its going up. It’s great you got these guns. Did you seize more guns last year than you
have in a long time and what’s the outlook going to be coming up? I mean you’ve got all kinds of pressures on
the police department and yet you’re seeing a rise in shootings and guns? I think the people of Toronto and the GTA
are happy that you got these off but they need to be assured that you’re going to work
to get more of these guns off the street. Inspector Peter Moreira: Well, that is the
commitment of every police officer in this city. I can tell you that there’s a coordinated
effort. It’s not just blind luck. The information is received, it’s worked on
and evidence is collected and when we meet a threshold we go out and we execute search
warrants and we seize as many as we can. While I appreciate that shootings are increasing,
our job squarely, our job in the Gun and Gang Task Force is squarely centered on preventing
these things from happening in the first place by engaging these type of activities and removing
three hundred and sixty eight rounds of ammunition from the street and the firearms that are
capable of firing them. That is countless shootings that we have prevented
and I can remind everyone here and having worked in Homicide Squad I realize that lives
change on both sides of that trigger. We’re saving people from themselves really
in many cases and certainly the people who would be the intended victims of this. Reporter: The warrant says they were carried
out? Were they uneventful (Inaudible)
Inspector Peter Moreira: No, they were executed with very little issues. And our officers are experienced enough in
executing warrants and its carefully planned out sequence of events that happen and it’s
done to minimize any danger to anyone involved including the police officers and the suspects
that we’re after. Reporter: Were they all found at separate
locations/ Inspector Peter Moreira: They were found at
two different locations, yes. Reporter: Inspector, a question I have for
you here. You have all these punks, these gangs picking
up these high powered weapons and guns. I know something about shooting guns, I know
police officers know something about shooting guns. Where are – are these guys going off and training? Where are they going off to learn to shoot
these things? or is that something that you can’t really speak about? Inspector Peter Moreira: Well, I don’t know
the answer to that question. This group in particular, the investigation
continues and perhaps we’re going to learn that. Its obviously concerning. Reporter: But more than likely they didn’t
even know how to use these guns? Inspector Peter Moreira: I wouldn’t begin
to answer that question. I don’t know the answer to that question. Reporter: Sir, can you say and spell your
name? Inspector Peter Moreira: Sure, its inspector
Peter P-E-T-E-R Moreira M-O-R-E-I-R-A. Reporter: Can you say anything about the accused? Inspector Peter Moreira: That still forms
part of our investigation and in terms of the people that we’ve arrested, yes. Thank you. Constable Sidhu: That concludes today’s conference. Thank you

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