3 thoughts on “top guns best 9mm pistols in the world top 10 best guns

  1. i watched your vid…
    i have to say that your top two pistols have rear sights on them that break very easily and the only pistol here that was actually combat proven is the Beretta at number 6..
    when i say combat proven im talking mass issue.

    also you dont even address the spacial characteristics of the guns… just saying i would ov had the beretta at number one.

  2. Seriously skewed numbers and Pistols, I don't know how you come up with the List to begin with because it's all a matter of preference anyway. I wouldn't put too much consideration into the actual 1 through 10 numbers just the pistols themselves.

  3. You did manage to fit in a CZ 75 so that's to your credit! I would have said the CZ 75B but whatevs. The Glock 19 should be a little higher on the list as well as Sig226

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