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Top Gun (6/8) Movie CLIP – A Confidence Problem (1986) HD

Is that why you fly
the way you do? Trying to prove something? Yeah, your old man
did it right. What I’m about to tell you
is classified. It could end my career. We were in the worst dogfight
I ever dreamed of. Uh…Bogies like fireflies
all over the sky. His f-4 was hit, he was wounded,
but he could’ve made it back. He stayed in it, Saved three planes
before he bought it. How come I never heard
that before? Now, that’s not something The state department
tells dependents When the battle occurred
over the wrong line… On some map. So you were there? I was there. What’s on your mind? My options, sir. (sighs) Simple. First, you’ve acquired enough
points to show up tomorrow And graduate
with your top gun class. Or you can quit. There’d be no disgrace. That spin was hell.
It would’ve shook me up. So you think I should quit? I didn’t say that. The simple fact is,
you feel responsible for goose, And you have
a confidence problem. Now, I’m not gonna sit here And blow sunshine
up your ass, lieutenant. A good pilot is compelled to
always evaluate what’s happened. So he can apply
what he’s learned. Up there, we gotta push it. That’s our job. It’s your option,
lieutenant, all yours. Sorry to bother you
on a Sunday, sir, But thank you very much
for your time. No problem. Good luck.

100 thoughts on “Top Gun (6/8) Movie CLIP – A Confidence Problem (1986) HD

  1. Tom skerrit is my great great uncle but I've never met him and probably won't ever be able to even know I live in Washington too

  2. "A good pilot is compelled to always evaluate what's happened, so he can apply what he's learned. Up there we gonna push it, that's our job." Kinda sum up how i deal with my daily life as a human being

  3. F-14 The greatest fighter ever made. I am saying that based on what it accomplished in its 40 years in Kosovo, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan. The only fighter where over 90% adversaries chickened out and ran as soon as an F-14 engaged it.

  4. Un buen piloto siempre debe estar obligado a evaluar lo que sucedió. Para aplicar lo que aprendió. Arriba debemos esforzarnos. Es nuestro trabajo!

  5. That's what I love about true military leaders. No milleianal bs, just life is tough, deal with problems so you can apply what you learn!

  6. Dismantling of the communist Chinese and North Korean air defenses on the western coast of the United States begins with miniature air launched decoy’s (MALDS), launched as the first wave of the attack. Eagle Strike:

  7. Yeah your old man did it right … his F-4 was hit, he was wounded, he stayed in it … saved 3 planes before he bought it. My God this defines courage and truly defines America… make no mistake We run to the fire my friends. That is what makes us Americans. Thank you so much to our armed forces that sacrifice so much to give us what we have. God Bless!

  8. Ahhhhh, the days when all the women wanted Cruise. Fast forward to 2018 now he's just strange & short. Funny how time changes things.

  9. First of Tom Cruise is smart he should finish what he should finish and forget about his friend death it is ok to die. It godliness

  10. Probably a dumb question, if one is hit when flying such a craft, are they considered wounded even if the pilot inside isn’t bleeding?

  11. Tom cruise kept the jacket after the film left it in a locker was stolen in 86 wish they had used the original jacket in top gun 2

  12. I’m here because an old friend of my dad just told me Viper reminded him of my dad, who died 39 years ago next month. My dad must have been a great guy. I didn’t get to know him well enough, but at least this clip let’s me get a sense of him.

  13. Does anyone know where I can find this soundrack starting at 1:10 ?? It's blowing my mind…
    "Up there we gotta push it, it's our job…"

  14. Before Broke Back mountain came out, Top Gun was the gayest movie of all time. Even Perez Hilton thinks it's extremely gay.

  15. That jacket though. The original was stolen from a locker room at a gym in West LA. I'm pretty sure "The Cockpit" reproduced the G1 for Top Gun 2. They told me that they contributed to that movie but didn't tell me which jackets were theirs.

  16. Two amazing actors. One of the greatest movies ever. The cinematography, the music, & story combine to make something more than an action flick.

    Saw this as a kid, in the hospital ironically. Seen it 30x since then. Wish I could get a Blu-ray but they are charging so much for them now that the sequel is officially announced.

  17. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Commander Mike Metcalf, codenamed "Viper." You will not find a better fighter pilot anywhere in the world.

  18. I think I heard the Chinese did not like the fact that the Taiwanese flag is on Cruise's jacket, it will be removed in Top Gun 2.

  19. Quando l'ex fidanzato di Giusy Olivieri diceva nel 2002 top gun top gun e una volta toccandosi il pettorale mi disse se vuoi ho una prima aveva già capito tutto

  20. When Viper turned his back to camera and mentioned top secret and I could lose my job, I could tell it was recorded later and not part of the original scene.

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