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Top Gun (5/8) Movie CLIP – Maverick vs. Viper (1986) HD

Goose, there’s viper.
3 o’clock, low.Stay with hollywood, mav.
We’re his cover. Don’t you leave me, maverick. Hollywood,You’re looking good.I’m going after viper. (rollicking action theme
playing) Goddamn you, maverick. Mav, don’t leave him. Goose, hollywood’s okay.
I want viper. Stand by. Viper’s coming down. Holy shit, we’re head-to-head. I can’t believe
we’re doing this. (grunts) Whoo! Rock ‘n’ roll. Here’s our chance.
It’s a big one, goose. (whispers):
Come on, goddamn it. Come on, mav, keep coming. Okay. Sidewinder missile
selected. Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
(targeting system beeping) Come around, come around.
That’s it, that’s it. Jesus, this guy’s good. Goose, where’s he going? Come on, come on, come on,
keep coming.Keep coming!Come on, baby. Damn, this kid’s good. He’s too close for missiles,
goose, I’m switching to guns. Come on, come on, come on. Stick with me, Stick with me. (targeting system toning)
what–? Hold it. Goose, check our tail. Goose:
Shit. There’s jester.Bingo, maverick’s dead.
You’re out of there, kid. Shit. The defense department
regrets to inform you That your sons are dead
because they were stupid.

100 thoughts on “Top Gun (5/8) Movie CLIP – Maverick vs. Viper (1986) HD

    Across the arid Arizona wasteland roars the Reaper, riding out for bloody revenge against the undercover cop who put him in prison. En route, he grabs the cop's girl friend and soon after, brutal sex and graphic biker violence ensues.


  2. Viper preyed on all of Maverick's weaknesses, while testing Maverick's skill as a pilot. He knew Maverick was a cowboy, and needed to teach Maverick a lesson about teamwork. Viper understands the Skyhawk's maneuverability, so he bounces all over the place. He never moves in a straight line, and by constantly turning and changing his position, the radar can't acquire a lock. By Viper constantly shifting his position, Maverick has to make adjustments in a much heavier plane to try to keep the A-4 in sight and give it time to get a tone. All the while, Viper knows that Jester got Iceman, and he is waiting for Jester to come behind Maverick and take him out for abandoning a teammate for the sake of trying to be a hot shot. Musashi once said, "know your man, know his sword." Viper knows the F-14's strengths and weaknessness, and knew the overall mentality of the pilot in it. Those things also contributed to Maverick losing.

  3. I want to watch that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is bullshit, if maverick let viper come around he could of gotten into a offensive position on both of them. Mav did the right thing leaving hollywood clearly in an offensive position to take care of a threat.

  5. i will never forgive the ass the sold or came up with the IDEA..of STEALING the tomcats..fucking motors!!! F-22 F-35…NEVER GO TO AN air show again!!!

  6. – Lieutenant Mitchell… Top Gun rules exist for your safety and that of your team. They are not flexible, nor am l. Either obey them,
    or you are history. Is that clear?
    – Yes, sir!
    – Dismissed.

  7. The one thing I dont understand is this: At no point did Hollywood say, "Im hit" or "Jester got me" or nothing. Its like he just disappeared. What happened to Hollywood? haha.

  8. I would have loved to see maverick and viper in a full one on one dogfight. Jester ' s radar lock on maverick blew any expectations of that away.

  9. I'm a commercial pilot for Emirates airlines. I once buzzed the tower at LAX during peak time in an airbus a380 with five hundred people on board. I was told to go home and take the rest of the day off. and come back the next day after thinking what I had done.

  10. My honest confession. I grew up playing After Burner on my SEGA Master System and in the local arcades. That video game led me to watch Top Gun, since the game and the movie both involved the use of the F-14 Tomcat.

  11. This was the reason that Maverick got sent to Top Gun; to straighten him out as well make him a better pilot. It worked as well because after every flight, each pilot would have performance evaluated by the other pilots as well as the instructors.

  12. "Damn this kid's good." Seems the big guy himself was pretty impressed with Maverick despite doing what you're NOT supposed to do.

  13. This dogfight is way to short, should be much longer. Btw where is the RWR warning in the A-4? You'll get a signal when someone try to lock you up right?

  14. Teachers are Top Guns for a reason and students are students for reason. One learns from his mistakes and this mistake Maverick will not to do again. Ok yes he will leave his wingman one more time but come back.

  15. Every kid who played After Burner Arcade after watching this movie back in the day thought they were Maverick. I know I did.

  16. I really feel like being around for these movies when they were in the theaters man and the music of the time must have been epic. All 80s tom cruise movies are great

  17. "Hollywood" switches aircraft type??? From one second to the next, 0:08. Must admit I have not seen this before.

  18. A 4 años de la guerra de las Malvinas ponen un a4 skyhawk en la película top gun siendo los argentinos con sus pilotos combatiendo con una potencia mundial poniéndola en jaque y cambiando a nivel mundial los protocolos navales de defensa

  19. Wow just realized this soundtrack inspired multiple video game soundtracks the music in this clip sounds like the sega genesis video game desert strike,jungle strike

  20. Wasn't Maverick's back wide open for Viper to pick off if he'd stuck with Hollywood, instead of going for Viper when he'd caught sight of him? I mean, Viper and Jester clearly didn't follow the doctrine of covering each other's backs. Yeah they're the ones teaching the lesson, but i don't think it's poor teamwork to keep an enemy Ace busy who could have otherwise picked you off when you were both focusing on a single target.

  21. The only thing i hate is when they look around and touch the glass. Real fighter jet pilots don't do that, they turn there head and look but always have there hands on the stick or throttle

  22. When I was younger, it always amazed me to see the A-4 Skyhawk outperform the much more contemporary F-14 in this scene. I guess it really comes down to who's in the cockpit flying the bird, not the actual plane itself.

  23. They couldn't just let it DIE. How could they even do this with Val Kilmer still alive the way he is? Horrible.

  24. "Defense department regrets to inform you that your son's are dead because they were stupid… Great Balls of Fire." lol

  25. Bingo Mavericks dead. Your outta there kid. -Micheal Ironside
    He went Sam Fisher in the sky like a boss in the end

  26. They should've made a prequel focusing on the characters Viper and Jester when they were younger I'm pretty sure they saw serious action when they used those Douglas A-4 Skyhawks in there time.

  27. That strategy Viper and Jester used is almost the same as the one that the Israeli Air Force used in Operation Rimon 20 when Israel went up against the Soviet Air Force during the War of Attrition.

  28. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Commander Mike Metcalf, codenamed "Viper." You will not find a better fighter pilot anywhere in the world.

  29. The idea was to teach a lesson in teamwork, they knew Maverick was not listening so they decided to up the ante. 2 aircraft in 2 different directions to see what would happen. Maverick took the bait, went after Viper who goaded him to keep on chasing whilst Jester got into position to take him down. This was a completely different approach to how other instructors had dealt with him; told him off but never demonstrated why being such a loose cannon was so dangerous.

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