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  1. I’m the same way. Not a fan of Scientology but a big Tom Cruise fan! He always delivers at the movies 🎥

  2. Ummm are we gonna collectively just ignore that he’s in an evil cult that destroys lives?….grace is conflicted, nostalgia is a B

  3. I think it looks awesome and if they develop the continuation of the story well it will be another winner like the 1986 film. 👍👍

  4. The opening reminded me of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." All it was missing was Rey trying to jump over the jet while it was flying low to the ground.

  5. I would have liked to see him in a prequel to Collateral, showing us jobs Vincent did prior to the LA fiasco.

  6. Not a fan of scientology either but what's the difference between a religion and a cult? One has more members than the other? the Catholic church had a gigantic scandal regarding pedophilia and rape. But no one questions Catholics about their faith. Scientology has done what that's worse?

  7. I don't want to see what I have seen in every movie this year and also with the upcoming 007 movie that the woman is superior to the man.

  8. F-14 Tom Cat spotted on the last scene! Best multipurpose interceptor fighter ever made! Its even faster than most today's modern jets!
    Though F-15 i it's a worthy successor!

  9. The only difference between Scientology and Christianity is numbers. If 50% of America were Scientologists it would be “normal.”

  10. Tom Cruise has changed. Used to be the 'cocky' Maverick. But I think his persona now is more "Jack Reacher" – who-gives-a-damn-character. Subdued, yet don't estimate me yet.

  11. I love this movie growing up I can't wait for this but it's a long wait hope Tom Cruise's space bus doesn't show up to fly him away until then😀

  12. He’s not flying the Super Hornet. There are even articles that only describe him flying “certain” planes. There is no way the NAVY lets him fly a government owned asset.

  13. There is no way the Navy will let Tom fly an F-18. However he could have been in a 2 seater or pfff! a radio controlled full size F-18. Because whats in front of the camera must be real otherwise Tom would not have done the movie.

  14. The only cheese from the original was all that love bullshit. Really all I remember was fighter jets, fast bikes, and getting bad guys…

  15. Love the trailer, loved your reaction! Waiting for you to do a shot-by-shot reaction. I'll help a small bit — the aircraft Cruise is in for the bulk of the trailer is the Navy's current fighter, the F18 (Hornet and Super Hornet). In the last shot, after the movie title splash screen, a lone aircraft flies off slightly to the left … that aircraft was an F14 Tomcat, the Navy's fighter 34 years ago when Cruise filmed Top Gun. The F14 was retired from service in 2006. So…

    …what was an F14 doing in what will be 2020 in this movie's timeline? I'm not suggesting scifi woo-woo stuff, just that the image of that lone F14 might, say again might, mean something. It could just be showing us what "Maverick" used to fly vs. what he's doing now — and confusing us by sticking it at the end of the trailer. Anyway, talk amongst yourselves.

  16. Thank goodness they kept Tom Cruise the same and didn't recast him as a black female which seems to be a Hollywood trend LOL.

  17. I wish people would stop banging on about Scientology whenever they talk about Tom Cruise. I couldn't give a damn about an actor's personal beliefs and there are way worse people in Hollywood than the Scientologists. Cruise is an amazing actor, artist and entertainer, this movie looks awesome and I suspect it will be a huge success.

  18. Tom isn't allowed to actually fly the aircraft…BUT…he and every actor shown in the cockpit was really in there (either training or radar intercept officer's RIO seat). No CGI. For realz.

  19. I'm surprised you didn't get the comparison to star wars' trailer – desert scene and how he pulls up in the area where "rey" would be standing. Like they were saying "we're going to blow away star wars at the box office". AND that was an f14 at the end GRACE! Get your shit together!

  20. "look at the patches" around 1:51 … Yeah right, Grace. With Taiwan and Japan missing from the original jacket who excatly gave Paramount the money for this?

  21. Why do people even bring up his SCIENTOLOGY stuff anymore.. he's never put it in his movies or tried to promote it during interviews… it's not part of his moviemaking or acting… sp why even mention it.

  22. Blue angels some outfit ………… but all no2 to the red arrows 👌🏻👌🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧
    Looking forward to this. Love that all the flight footage is really.
    Did Tom cruise not get too weird even for them idiots in Scientology ? I thought they’d binned him??

  23. If you believe in any kind of god or religion your in a fuckin cult . What difference does it make if he is a scientologist

  24. I live next to March AFB; it’s pretty awesome when you get to see them.

    Though there was recently a crash, but the pilot survived.

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