100 thoughts on “TOP GUN 2: MAVERICK Trailer (2020) Tom Cruise Movie

  1. It's too bad they already gave into China and removed the Japanese and Tawain flags from the back of Mavericks jacket. The Irony is its supposed to be an All American movie and its already given into communist China'a demands…instantly lmao 👍

  2. What kind of goldfish bowl lid did they make for him in these shots?? Its no right and looks very very odd! . TG 1 lid was cool Af.

  3. It seems to me that the movie would be like karate kid where a woman version of Mav character would be introduced.

  4. My comment about the chi ESE character patch on the jacket was deleted twice! Means I'm right with what j saw!!!

  5. The Taiwan flag made the jacket an authentic classic, instead they kowtowed to Chinazi & turned it into a bad China Made fake. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Cruise is such a weirdo these days. If even half the Scientology stories are true this guy is a psychopath. Grew up watching his movies, but now I'll skip over anything he puts out

  7. Tom cruise ya esta viejo para esta pelicula volver a revivir top gun ojala no sea otro film churro de Hollywood como lo fue la nueva version de Independence day

  8. Everyone saying Cruise looks the same is on drugs. Look at the original Top Gun. He looks like a damn teenager. He looks great for his age for sure but sorry he does not look 20 anymore

  9. Let me guess, in the end he will bomb the shit out of some poor Kurds while blowing up Syrian plans over Syrian airspace and all the Americans will applaud because murder and breaking international law is a great thing.

  10. They would never let them fly combat missions! He’s got too much experience to have him just killed on a mission, he should be running operations. he’s too old and there’s no way he’s still a captain this whole time!

  11. Where's "Viper"? "You took it! And broke a major rule of engagement!! Then you broke another one, with that circus stunt fly-by."

  12. Tom Cruise was a superstar in the 80s.
    Tom Cruise was a superstar in the 90s.
    Tom Cruise was a superstar in the 00s.
    Tom Cruise is a superstar in the 10s.

  13. WAIT WAIT WAIT…MR CRUISE …. Mach 3 in a FA18….. how did you pull that off …. did you nose dive level off and put on full afterburner …. COZ THAZ BALZY BORDERING SUICIDAL

  14. Can't wait. But I have to say the F-18 is nowhere near as majestic as the F-14. One of the most beautiful airplanes ever made.

  15. главное чтоб том выдержал нагрузки на съемках в таком то возрасте)

  16. I'm saying Maverick gets killed in this one.  Somehow ends up in combat, gets hit, and saves some of his wingmen before he dies…. just like his dad.  Can't get promoted, won't retire… I mean how else is he going to go out unless he just stays in until he hits the mandatory retirement age?  Hollywood will make Mav go out in a blaze of glory.  I'm thinking the F-14 at the end has something to do with his "farewell".  Just my thoughts.

  17. Best sunsets ever: on the weather deck of a cruiser in the task force watching carrier landings and take offs at sunset. CWO4 (Cryptology) USN, Ret, 73-95

  18. I understand this is meant to be entertainment via military porn, but things like an O-6 still flying as just one of the boys destroys any immersion.

  19. It is impossible to beat the opening scene of the original,

    but I hope they try.

    Best opening scene to any movie ever.

  20. wow the first one was that good and you that looser Tom Cruise in I hoped at the end of the original iceman would gutshot tom cruise left him to die on the flight deck

  21. The real top guns were the Germans in World War II, not the Americans.
    Should I name Erich Hartmann, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Hans-Joachim Marseille, and many other German aces?

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