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TOP 7 Compact Handguns

Top 7 Compact Handguns Whats up Guys, mr top7’s here coming at you
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video and will cover even more weapons topics! With that said Let’s get started! You wanted it, you got it! We love to talk about weapons here – and although
we’ve covered some pretty wild and crazy LARGE weapons in the past, we haven’t forgotten
about our little friends – the handgun. Like ’em or hate ’em, it’s hard to deny that
these small firearms aren’t at least a LITTLE cool. There’s a million different kinds – seen and
used in everything from classic cop movies – to real life instances; but today, let’s
take a look at the top seven best compact handguns! Number seven – the Smith & Wesson M&P. Although it’s only been around since 2005,
the American-made Smith & Wesson M&P (or technically, Military and Police) has become an extremely
popular commercial handgun despite the fact that it’s marketed toward law enforcement
and protection agencies. This locked breech semi-automatic pistol is
Zytel polymer-framed (and reinforced with a stainless steel chassis), short recoil operated
and built to get shit DONE. Used all over the world, the M&P was initially
designed as a hybrid of the Smith & Wesson Sigma and the SW99 – despite the fact that
it actually shares no common parts with the Sigma. If you think this thing can stand up for itself,
wait until you see the rest! Number six – the HS2000. You may have heard this called by it’s more
common term – the XD X-treme Duty. However, the HS actually stands for Hrvatski
Samokres (which translates to Croatian Pistol). There’s a reason for that – this series of
semi-automatic pistols is made and manufactured in Karlovac, Croatia by the HS Produkt company. Although it’s marketed as the Springfield
Armory XD – that only denotes where it’s licensed and sold in the United States. Adopted by the Croatian military and police
– this locked breech, short recoil-operated, striker fired semi-automatic pistol is lightweight
and considered especially safe for the user to operate. With a huge variety of options and variations
– this one is a sure fire. Number five – the Ruger LCR. If you thought the M&P has only been around
for a short time, this compact revolver beats by being four years YOUNGER. Only around (and announced) since January
2009, this little guy actually stands for “Lightweight Compact Revolver” – backing up
its namesake’s claim by being 50% lighter than the stainless steel model SP101. With a polymer trigger housing a grip, monolithic
receiver and constant force trigger – it comes housed in aluminum alloy and matte black,
Hard Coat finished synthetic glass-filled polymer. The friction reducing cam is a unique addition
– as most double-action revolvers don’t feature this capability due to heavy trigger pull. Ruger continues to update this tiny little
badass. Number four – the SCCY CPX. We’re technically referring to two different
guns here, but let’s start where it all began. Manufactured by SCCY Industries, LLC in Daytona
Beach, Florida – The SCCY CPX-1 is a locked breech semiautomatic pistol, produced from
2005 to today. Chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum, it is hammer-fired
and polymer frame double action only – using an aluminum receiver set inside the polymer
grip housing and attached with steel pins – making it scary enough on its own. However, SCCY began to tinker with the design
and released the first variant, the SCCY CPX-2, which eliminates the external manual safety
found on its older brother (but requires about 9 pounds of pressure to stop from, you know,
accidental shots). Number three – the Taurus Millennium series. Moving into our top three – let’s look at
not just one, but an entire series of handguns. The Millennium Series features not only double-action
only but also single-action hammerless, striker-fired, short recoil operated pistols – all manufactured
by the Brazilian company Forjas Taurus S/A (Taurus Forge). In service since 2005, they were intended
to compete with the booming conceal-carry market – but also function as a backup weapon
for law enforcement and protection officers. With a caliber range of .32 ACP, .380 ACP,
9mm Parabellum and more – these short recoil, locked breech guns offer a wide variety of
magazine options and a slew of innovative security features. These things mean business. Number two – the Bersa Thunder 380. Made by Argentine firearms manufacturer Bersa,
S.A. and weighing only 20 ounces when unloaded, this lightweight and small semi-automatic
is chambered in the ever-popular .380 ACP caliber and able to literally slip into your
pocket. Boasting both single and double-action trigger
modes – the single mode only requires four pounds of pressure to shoot, meaning it’s
got some serious accuracy when used properly. Sharing some features with the compact Beretta
and the Walther PPK – it sells for half the price but doesn’t compromise on cool factor. It’s an extremely popular gun in South America
due to it being the most powerful cartridge allowed to be owned by civilians. Easy to maintain and small as hell, just like
we like it. Number one – the Glock. If there was ever a gun more ubiquitous than
the Glock, we don’t want to know it. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny this “plastic
gun” makes one hell of a bang. Designed and produced by the Austrian-based
Glock corporation., the Glock pistol is a series of “safe action” pistols – known for
their polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic designs and varieties. First brought to life in 1979, it was entered
into Austrian police and military service just three years later – coming out as top
dog after a series of safety and reliability tests showed just how killer this thing is. Now used by 65% of the US’ law enforcement
agencies – they’ve also been adopted by the police, security and the governmental agencies
of over 48 countries, with even further popularity among civilians, carriers, sportsmen & more. Thanks for watching InterestingTop7s! Which of these handguns was your favorite? Drop me a comment below! Also, make sure to click the subscribe button
below for new videos every week! This is MR Top7s and Ill see you in the next

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