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Top 5 Weirdest Guns

– [Voiceover] Hey guys,
it’s Alex C. with TFBTV and the topic of today’s
video is going to be the top five weirdest guns
currently on the market. That means these guns currently have to be offered by the manufacturer
for sale, so the weird guns of the past
unfortunately aren’t gonna be on E and that
Forgotten Weapons channel. Anyways guys, we’re gonna start the video off with a Boberg XR9 pistol. This is an XR9-S, now
it’s notable that these are kind of bullpup
pistols but if you look at the magazine, there’s actually no follower and you load
the rounds in backwards. I’ve talked about this a little bit before but if we take a closer
look at that magazine, it is actually kind of strange. You feed the bullets
in nose first and yeah, that’s just, I’ve never seen
a firearm like that before. I know of no other firearm
that actually does that. And then there’s a
switch, like there is on a belt fed machine gun that
actually pulls the round out backwards, tilts it
up and into the chamber. So if you take the Boberg apart, you can actually see kind of how it works. It actually, there’s a
dissasembly switch like there is on a Sig pistol, not
really a strange feature, but you can see the switch right there, it’s kind of a brass color. Very cool mechanism actually, very interesting how these
work, I would say if you have a chance to fondle one, go ahead and ask the guy behind the gun
counter to grab one up. If anything it will
satisfy your inner German with the weird engineering
that went into this thing. You can see there’s even
a weird locking block. It’s a rotating barrel pistol like a PX4 or an All-American, and it’s just a strange gun but very, very cool. They actually shoot very well, they have a stout double action trigger, but all in all, not too bad, no worse than a J-Frame revolver’s trigger. So yeah, if you get a
chance to, try to get behind one of these, they are a lot of fun. Anyways, second weirdest gun, we’ve talked about this a little bit
before, this is a Calico. The Calicos are famous for that weird magazine that sits atop the gun that is a helical magazine like a soviet Bizon sub machine gun. And realistically, they’re
not very well-designed. They’re roller-delayed
blowback like an MP5 but the sights are located
on the magazine themselves. They’re also quite heavy, you can see loaded they weight eight
pounds, two ounces. And then the weight is nearly cut in half once you take the magazine off. Of course the magazines
do hold 100 rounds, they’re giant helical concoction things, you can see the rear sight located about midway on the 100 round
and then towards the rear of the 50 round magazine. They’re ridiculous, I
can’t imagine actually carrying around four or
five of these in a pouch. I really don’t know what
Calico’s solution is as far as they would deploy
with law enforcement, but to load them you do actually have to load ammunition and then wind the 100 round magazine 23 times. And with each rotation
it gets more difficult so once you get past about 15, it gets absolutely ridiculously impossible and it’s like a workout for your forearm. And of course you see rounds pop out of the magazine there because I guess there was a little bit too much tension. But to store them you actually press this button which is a little
clutch that releases the pressure and tension and that way you can throw them in the
safe and forget about them. But these guns do shoot, I’ve never gotten through a whole magazine. What they do actually do best, what you can see here is jam, which is unfortunate because they are kind of cool. So next up’s kind of a broad category, I’ve just chosel Kel-Tec PLR-16. But you know, any of these rifles that are scaled down to be a pistol
to get around basically the rifle law in the United
States is kind of strange. However, the PLR-16 is just an example of one of the weirder
ones, it’s an all polymer construction for the most part, you know, minus certain operating parts and whatnot. You know, Kel-Tec’s
famous for these weird, strange unconventional designs and this pistol is no exception. I will say it’s very light
and very nifty and George Kellgren can really make
some interesting guns. It’s kind of funny,
they came with a little dainty 10 round magazine
but this hand guard didn’t actually come with it, you have to purchase it separately, so I guess the only way to prevent your hand from being burned is with
a giant asbestos glove. They have a threaded barrel for suppressor or flash hider and all that kind of stuff. Also kind of interesting here, you can see the cam pin actually doesn’t have anything that covers it, it just kind of protrudes a little bit
from the gun’s receiver. And of course, I’m not exactly sure what the big Picatinny rail
on top is for, but it is the PLR-16 which I believe stands for pistol long range, so why
not scope it if you’re gonna go all the way
with something like this. Anyways, next up is what I would consider my favorite and best gun on the list and that’s going to be the FN FS2000. Now make all the jokes you want about how it looks like a fish
or a yacht or whatever, but these things are a tremendous amount of fun and they are an extremely well made and well designed gun. They actually look a
lot bulkier in pictures than they are, but we’ll get
to that in just a second. The one thing I really,
really don’t like about this gun is the way you
check the chamber is by lifting what’s called the toilet bowl, or toilet seat, excuse
me, and then you can actually see if there’s a
round in the chamber or not or clear an obstruction that way. Other than that, things
are very ambidextrous. You’ve got your selector here which is actuated by the pointer
finger of your dominant hand, and of course it ejects
shells out the front, whereas the Aug or a
Tavor will actually just send shells in your face if
it’s configured for a left or right handed user, or
opposite whatever you are. While this giant shroud
kind of looks strange, you can actually remove
this and then remove the factory optic if you want to. Underneath it there’s
a Picatinny rail so you can mount whatever you’d like if you just want iron sights or if you
want Acog, what have you, then you can absolutely do that. There’s also an adjustable
gas regulator here, another well thought out feature, a lot like the SCARS, I think it’s
actually just the SCARS. But the FS2000 shoots
like a dream, they look a little goofy but they definitely are weird in more ways than one. All right, so lastly we
have a gun that everyone kind of looks at and makes a joke, either about RoboCop or asks me, “Why would you buy such a
ridiculously obnoxious pistol?” And I generally reply with,
“Well, I wanted to and “this America and I can
buy whatever I want.” It’s absolutely as big as a Desert Eagle, which is hilarious. Here I’ve laid a Browning
Hi-Power over it, which is a full size serviced handgun and you can see the Mark 23
is just ridiculously huge. I mean, like I said,
it’s Desert Eagle size however it is .45 ACP it holds 12 rounds. It is more practical, it was developed as an offensive hand gun at the request of the United States Government. HK did not come up with the term offensive hand gun despite funny stuff on the internet you’ve read. But the United States Government put out the offensive hand gun
request, Colt and HK came forward, HK won the contract, and then the Mark 23 was born and then it trickled into civilian hands as well as the Mark 23 instead of the NK 23. And you know of course the
Knight’s Armament Company produces a suppressor for this pistol. You can buy those as well if you want to properly outfit your Mark 23 and pretend you’re Solid Snake on the weekend or whatever. But realistically these pistols shoot fantastically, they are big and heavy and they don’t have much recoil. Obviously as a part of
the weight and all that but they really are
just fantastic, I really love this handgun, it’s one
of my favorites of all time. I wouldn’t do anything
with it aside from just use it as a range toy, but
it is a terrific handgun. Anyways guys, thanks for
watching this list on TFBTV. We really appreciate your
continued viewership. If you want, check us out on Patreon. Another big next of Ventura Munitions. We hope to see you next time. (gun firing)

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Weirdest Guns

  1. Calico J
    Calico jamming is not as much as a problem once you finnd ammo the individual calico "likes" i found federal 9mm works best in mine

  2. I think the idea behind the Calico wasn’t actually to carry additional magazines, but to be a police weapon that was pick up and go with enough ammo to hold the officer over in an engagement

  3. I own a M100-S. I completely enjoy the way it shoots and the way it feels. There's something to be said, about having 100 rounds of 22 long rifle at your fingertip. Squirrels and rabbits beware!

  4. I love the Mark 23, but I wish they’d redesign the magazine for more rounds….other than that, I think people misunderstand the gun. It’s not a bloody Glock, it’s not an edc, you don’t tuck it under your belt and walk around for 8 hours. It’s a tool meant to serve as your main combat implement, which is why, unlike many handguns chambered in .45, when you point a 23 at something, you can unload the entire magazine without much change to point of impact. To anyone who has fired a pistol chambered in .45 that’s practically a fucking miracle, it’s witchcraft.

  5. Except, the Tavor doesn't actually eject rounds into your face. Like many firearms, they come with a deflector on the back of the ejection port. This prevents the casing from hitting you in the face when firing it left handed. And in the newer Tavor rifles, both the charging handle and ejection port can be switched from side to side as needed (takes about 20 seconds for each one to be changed and no tools are needed).

  6. Interesting that you put the MK23 in this as weird? I have one with accompanying suppressor. Take it pig hunting and use extra hot hand loads ++P with no fear that my pistol won’t handle the stress, great trigger and 100yds capability with right ammunition . Maybe reference the Wikipedia description with the stress test results. Should maybe had honorable mention on your most reliable top five even though very limited #s out there.

  7. Mark 23 is my very favorite handgun. 1 inch or smaller groups at 30 yards every time. Not one misfire. Easy to use.

  8. Really the mk23 isn't a weird at all it had a 12 rounds of 45 acp… how is it the weird at all… its probably the most indestructible pistol ever made

  9. #5 Intrestering.
    #4 looks pretty cool.
    #3 Not a fan of these.
    #2 looks like something out of Halo.
    #1 looks like a pretty basic .45 handgun.

  10. You didn’t explain why you didn’t like the “toilet seat view port” on the FN. You said “other than that things are fairly ambidextrous”, how is it not ambidextrous?

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