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According to latest report published by the
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), America spent the most of any nation
when it comes to military hardware. US dominate the space and on a grand scale,
U.S. military spending easily dwarfed the rest of the world. Total US military expenditure
of $611 billion is over one-third of world military expenditure. This is nearly 3 times
the level of China’s spending, which is ranked second. With strong funding in research and development,
US has been able to invent cutting edge weapons and produce them in numbers. So, when it comes to lethal weapons, the U.S.
MILITARY has no shortage. But in case of any eventuality US may bring the big guys to the
table and we can actually call these doomsday weapons. In this video, Defense Updates list top 5
most powerful weapons of US that are currently in service. The B-1 Lancer is a supersonic variable-sweep
wing, heavy bomber used by the United States Air Force (USAF). It is commonly called the
“Bone”. It is one of three strategic bombers in the
USAF fleet as of 2017, the other two being the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, and the B-52
Stratofortress. B1B has an excellent range of Range: 5,900
mi or 9,400 km. It has a very good service ceiling of 60,000
ft and coupled with stealth characteristic, B1B is elusive target for even modern air
defenses. It has a massive payload of 125,000 lb (56,700
kg) internal and external ordnance combined. This enables it to carry huge amounts of bombs.
For example: 144 GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb GPS guided
bombs or 24 AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) or
24 AGM-158 Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) Importantly these can be configured to carry
nukes as well. The Nimitz-class super carriers are a class
of 10 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in service with the United States Navy. Nimitz-class
displaces about 100000 tones and spans 333 meters long.
To give viewer a perspective, these are almost 3-football field long. It is capable of carrying more that 60 fighter
jets. So a single Nimitz class has an air wing more powerful then entire air force of
most countries. Being nuclear powered Nimitz-class has unlimited
range, and hence is capable of projecting power far beyond US coastlines. The Nimitz strike fighters are primarily F18
Hornets, and F18 Super Hornets. These are twin-engine carrier-capable 4th generation
multirole fighter aircrafts designed for land and air attacks. Being very versatile, these
can be used to carryout multitude of missions. It coming days these will be also deploy F35
5th generation fighters, will make it even more lethal. The B-2 Spirit was developed to take over
the United States Air Force’s (USAF) vital penetration missions, able to travel deep
into enemy territory to deploy their ordnance, which could include nuclear weapons.
Stealth capability provides greater freedom of action as the bomber can evade enemy air
defenses. The U.S. Air Force reports B2’s range as
approximately 6,900 miles or 11,000 km. It has an excellent payload too.
B2 has 2 internal bays for ordnance and payload with maximum estimated limit of 50,000 lb
(23,000 kg). It can carry 16 B61 or B83 nuclear bombs on
Rotary Launcher Assembly . The B61 is a variable yield, kiloton-range
weapon. Tactical versions can be set to 0.3, 1.5, 5, 10, 45, 60, 80, or 170 kiloton explosive
yield and the strategic version has a yield 340 kilotons. The B83 thermonuclear weapon is a variable-yield
gravity bomb. It is the most powerful free-fall nuclear
weapon in the United States arsenal with a maximum yield of 1.2 megatons of TNT. MINUTEMAN III ICBM is one component of the
U.S. nuclear triad—the other two parts of the triad being the Trident submarine-launched
ballistic missile (SLBM), and nuclear weapons carried by long-range strategic bombers. For the knowledge of viewers, the Minuteman
III was the world’s first MIRV Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles, and Minuteman series of
missile are the only land based ICBM in United States arsenal. It has an approximate range of 8100 miles
(13000 km) and a speed of more than 15000 miles (24000 km) per hour. Minuteman III can carry a maximum of 3 warheads
with a cumulative weight of 1150 kg. So a single missile can target 3 independent locations. These are kept in hardened silos and dispersed
strategically across the vast American landmass, making it very hard from enemies to locate. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear-powered
submarines that is considered to be one of the most lethal platforms in the world. The
U S navy has 18 Ohio-class submarines: 14 ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) and 4
that were later converted to guided missile submarines (SSGN). The Ohio-class submarines are the largest
submarines ever built for the US Navy having a displacement of 16764 tons and unlimited
range. The 14 Ballistic Missile Submarines of Ohio
class together carry approximately 50% of the total US active inventory of strategic
thermonuclear warheads. Each of these submarines carries 24 Trident
2 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles. Trident 2 has a range of 11000 km and has a excellent
accuracy of 90 meters. Each of these missiles has 12 MIRV (Multiple
Independent Reentry Vehicle) nuclear warheads, and each of these warheads have explosive
power equivalent of 300 to 475 kilo tons of TNT. Viewers can get an idea of the power from
the fact that Little Boy used on Hiroshima had a yield of 15 kilotons of TNT. These submarines prowl silently in vast oceans,
invisible to enemy and can strike at moments notice. Practically immune to detection combined with
massive destructive power, makes Ohio class Ballistic Missile Submarines the most potent
assets of US Forces.


  1. i disagree with the f35 part. i dont know what all im aloud to say but a few of my friends was ordered to the f35… they old had their orders changed to the fa18… something i hope stays around and i hope the f35 goes away.

  2. Let's be real the usa is the most powerful government to ever be assembled in history with an unlimited budget The limits to what they can Achieve technologically is far superior to any other country it's that simple why would they show a top secret weapons that cost billions to make? All these other leaders of countries talk all this shit but won't dare cross that line cuz we all know what happens then.. USA!!!

  3. Great video! I'm a big fan of your page. I'm a former US Army Infantryman(11B). It would be a honor if you can do a video on us. Thanks and keep it up!

  4. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Who gives a shit what haters think of the almighty powerful USA. I'm not american but i live here, such great country. USA is under gods power and will bring peace to the world as the sole superpower. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 god blessed America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. A Rouge Nuclear U.S. Navy Sub sounds Absolutely terrifying, I bet the entire crew has go to through a rigorous psychology test before they can even be considered for the job.

  6. 1 second ago
    I love the U.S. armed forces, and our great allies as well…(we are so lucky)…So many men and women serving to protect us all. They are dedicated, skilled, and always ready, every second of every day…

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  7. Your warhead counts are off on what the ICBMs currently carry as apposed to they can carry. MM 3 = 1 warhead, Trident 3 D3 = 8. Reduction do to arms treaties. Doesn't make them any less deadly. Hell for example going to a single warhead increased the MM3s range and speed.


  9. The Yanks are over the moon. They finally have their war. Russia outsmarted them. Iran outsmarted them. At last they can start a war with N.Korea. Think of what can follow now. Economic collapse can be hidden. Capital controls can be put in place. The new SDR based currency can be implemented. Wow. I bet their jewish central banker friends must be frothing at the mouth.

  10. We need to upgrade our ICBMs. I'm not sure what China has because they don't flaunt they're shit but I know Russia laugh when looking at our Minuteman ICBMs and laugh. Their Satan 2s have the options of 10, 15, or 24 MIRV warheads depending on the size and type, they stole our technology of multiple re-entry vehicles and vastly improved it while we sit content with what we have. The other two branches of our nuclear triad our amazing but our land based ICBMs need to be replaced by something much better.

  11. 40 thousand iraqi National Guard killed in two weeks Bush announced we won the war
    8 trillion dollars and rising
    8 trillion divided by 40 thousand
    200 million dollars per kill
    bullet $1.00
    $199,999,999.00 profit
    diplomacy $0 profit
    value of humanity $0
    now let's go to WAR

  12. Check your facts. 1. The Nimitz carriers don't have unlimited range. They need to be replenished with food & supplies, and the ships need periodical maintenance. There are also limits to days crew can remain at sea unless under alert or war conditions. 2. The Russians (and probably the Chinese) can detect the B2 bomber using a combination of low frequency xband and other current generation radars. The B2 can also carry the B61 mod 12 GPS guided weapon. 3. The Trident II SLBM missile is limited to carrying 8 MIRV's under the Start 1 treaty. A simple check of Wikipedia can confirm that.

  13. There's no point!, If we let North korea attack us first then the U.S defend failed. We're done, we can't get a revenge…. Please don't hate on me if wrong.

  14. Anyone else just imagine a crazy seeing a low flying b2 bomber and calling it a ufo? Because that looks extra terrestrial.

  15. How many wars are not forgotten wars to America after the second world war? Kim Jong Nn is disgusting but he learned it from the biggest war maker in the present world.

  16. You idiot Russia has Satan II nuke which can destroy half of United States. You idiot do not upload such rotten video again. American phobile!!

  17. is this why there is high crime rate and unemployment in the country because all dollars are spent on many weapons which are redundant?

  18. And these are only the weapons the public knows about. Government secret technology is usually 30-50 years ahead of the public. Do not fuck with the USA!

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  20. However, the grandest, most potentially destructive weapon the US has is sitting in the Oval Office this very moment. God bless you Trump! Greetings from your friends in Australia.

  21. Wrong again!!! All minuteman missiles are loaded with only ONE warhead as per relevant treaties. Also, all minuteman silos have been known for ever. You can't hide them!!!

  22. The U.S. may be vast, but the minuteman missiles are located in just a few states. Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado.

  23. (Sigh) I hardly care about the US… it's not all that and has problems like any other nation that is why I will move back to Ireland after I finish school this country is too hyped up and it makes me feel uncomfortable as people make fun of my culture and religion

  24. 2 weapons that should strike fear in the hearts of our enemies….rail guns and LASERS! Add to that drones that can carry nukes and there goes an enemy nation. Let's pray for peace, however….

  25. I'd be willing to say, when Reagan proposed the Star Wars defense, That it has ever since been secretly worked on and perfected. Straight out of a sci-fi movie, a satellite could shoot down any incoming missiles before the reached the USA. God bless America, and thank you to all the men and women who serve our country.Thanks, JohnG

  26. Compared to Russia's nuclear bombs, these aren't impressive, except maybe the payload on the submarines. Russia's Sarmat 2 missile can carry 10 to 15 WARHEADS, each with over a megaton yield. This really COULD take out Texas, and just a few more would take the continent. America has no defense against this, nor does it have any counter-attack for it, because nothing we have compares to that

  27. I spent the summer in Vegas. Saw daily F22s and F35s passing overhead from Nellis. I also saw quite a sharp rise in the number of B1s and B2s going on flights. These guys are definitely on guard, ready at the drop of a hat.

  28. The B-1B no longer carries nuclear weapons; its nuclear capability was disabled by 1995 with the removal of nuclear arming and fuzing hardware.Under provisions of the New START treaty with Russia, further conversion were performed. These included modification of aircraft hardpoints to prevent nuclear weapon pylons from being attached, removal of weapons bay wiring bundles for arming nuclear weapons, and destruction of nuclear weapon pylons. The conversion process was completed in 2011, and Russian officials inspect the aircraft every year to verify compliance.

  29. These are just the one's we know about. I'd wager that there are some that can be put in action if needed that are presently top secret.

  30. Each Ohio subs can drop 288 nukes !!! So, just one of those can doomed us all, send the whole planet into a nuclear winter and leave only a handful of bunker survivors."most of whom would die of some form of disease within a year of two" it's pure madness!

  31. Stupid Fools, still when are you going to start WW 3.?? We're eagerly waiting to die because of your Psychological, Chemical, Biological, Nuclear & Hydrogen Bombs explosions. Basterds, Still when are you going to start WW 3. Would you please be kind enough in order to start WW 3, Immediately.?? Hahaha.!! Bastards, we're not afread to die as much as you're afread to die.!! Bastards, In case if you're really & truly sons & daughters of your own mother's Married husbands.. start WW 3 Immediately.. or else accept that you're not sons & daughters of your mother's Married husbands & you're sons & daughters of an UNKNOWN fuckers of your mother.!

  32. As an American, my hope is that the fact that the arsenal exists should deter serious conflicts from happening in the first place. Speak softly, and carry a big stick. I do not agree, however, with our continuing meddling in other countries affairs. I believe that we ought to sit on our weapons, and quietly go about our own business.

  33. If we know about the crazy deadliness that was "Project Pluto" that the US made in the 60's, imagine what we have now that the public has no clue about.

  34. B1-b can NOT carry nukes.
    Airborne nuke bombs/missiles require electronics for positive control.
    This was removed to make room for modern, conventional equipment.

  35. It's amusing how this stuff is what ultimately comes out of a species that just wants to catch a buzz, get laid, have a half-decent building to hang in, and maybe play some music 🙂

  36. If those nuclear bombs sit in the silos for too many decades,will they become decay or rusty and not function properly? If so,it will jeopardize everyone…

  37. It's like America's healthcare, we spend the most yet get the least! We should have had lasers on our jets 10 years ago. America should have had 6th generations aircraft and hyper weapons 10 years ago!

  38. We have weapons
    But Russia deliberately said one of their bombs are a doomsday bomb and are only for the United states

    They said doomsday weapons on here when in fact it's just a doomsday military we are just strong in military might the ability to get anywhere in the matter of days not weeks undetected

  39. Please consistently use one unit of measurement. You bounce from kilometers to miles to nautical miles to miles per hour then to kilometers per hour in all your videos. Really irksome to me, but the videos are still wonderful. Thanks.

  40. I knew that us is ready now before Russia get ready we can go with our allies and take over Russia now before they get ready

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