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North Korea had more harsh words for the US
on Wednesday, strongly condemning US-South Korean joint military exercises and criticizing
President Donald Trump’s “weird” and “ego-driven” social media posts just hours after Trump
claimed the rogue nation’s leader is “starting to respect us.” Washington and Pyongyang have traded heated
rhetoric and dueling threats in recent months, and latest verbal volley published by the
state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) was, in some ways, a predictable response
to the joint US-South Korean military exercises from a North Korean regime that views such
activities as practice for an eventual invasion. There have been innumerable debates on television,
print media and social media about the weapons possessed by North Korea and some them have
grossly overstated their effectiveness. Keeping that in view in this video, Defense
Updates looks at top 5 weapons of North Korea and how they are actually obsolete? So, lets get started. North Korea bomber fleet consists of the Il-28
and its Chinese copy, the Harbin H-5. It has about 82 of these. These have been developed in late1940s. North Korea originally received 24 Ilyushin
Il-28 Beagles in 1960, and after that delivery of the Chinese H-5 copy continued. These are capable of carrying up to 3,000
kilograms (6,600 lb) of bombs, including conventional, biological, chemical or nuclear and has a
range is about 2,400 km (1,500 mi). So these are capable of hitting targets in
most of Japan and all of South Korea but these have many grave disadvantages. A low maximum speed of 900 km/hrs. (560 mph)
and a fairly low ceiling of about 13,000 m (43,000 ft.), renders the aircraft very vulnerable
even to older types of SAMs and jet fighters. These will be easy targets for modern American
fighter jets. North Korea has a mix of old Soviet era Surface-to-Air
missiles (SAMs), which includes the S-75, S-125, S-200 and Kvadrat. All these systems are outdated and represent
technology that is 2 to 3 generation older. Also, these may not be in good working condition. Even when working, are likely to be only nuisance
instead of being a solid challenge to American air force. In addition to them, since early the 2010s
North Korea has deployed an indigenous SAM system, which is called KN-06 by South Korea
and the U.S. The KN-06 is a long-range SAM that bears some
resemblance to the Russian S-300 and Chinese FT-2000, and has a max range of 150 km. The system is equipped with a Flap Lid type
phased array radar, which is expected to be ineffective against stealthy aircrafts, like
F22 Raptor, F 35 Lightning 2 or B2 Spirit and will be taken out in the initial offensive. The North Korean military is in possession
of a fleet of about 70 submarines, comprised of approximately 20 Romeo class submarines
(1,800 tons), 40 Sang-O class submarines (300 tons) and 10 Yono class submarines (130 tons). Thought the quantity is impressive, the quality
is not. All of these submarines uses diesel-electric
propulsion and were designed in the 50’s or 60’s. They don’t have Air Independent Propulsion
(AIP), to augment their underwater endurance and hence have to surface frequently, making
them easy targets. Also, these can operate mainly within the
50 km exclusion zone of North Korea, enabling easier detection as the search envelop is
small. Tanks play one of the most vital roles in
any ground offensive or defensive maneuvers. The Pokpung-ho is a North Korean main battle
tank (MBT) developed in the 1990s. It is a locally designed and contains elements
or incorporates technology found in the T-62, T-72, Type 88 and Ch’onma-ho MBTs. The Pokpung-ho I, the initial variant had
the 115mm gun; however, later version Pokpung-ho II is armed with 125mm smoothbore gun, which
fires Armor-piercing rounds produced in North Korea. But this tank has many shortfalls, here are
some: 1. The tank does not have the capability to fire
anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) from its main gun. 2. The night sighting system is most likely the
same as present in obsolete T-62. 3. The chassis is basically a heavily modified
version of T-62, and is mated with a relatively underpowered 1000 HP engine. The max speed is around 55 kph, which is considerably
low compared to many tanks of modern era. 4. At 44.3 tons, it is significantly thinly protected
than most modern main battle tanks, which weigh upwards of 60 tons. 5. Though the tank has some Explosive Reactive
Armor plates and Composite Armor plate here and there, but these are afterthoughts and,
are likely to way less effective than modern tanks. Air supremacy is one of the most important
factors in modern day conflicts. North Korea has a fleet of different kinds
of fighters, which even includes Chinese derivatives of very old fighters like Mig 17 and Mig 19. The MiG-29 is the Korean People’s Army Air
Force’s (KPAF) most modern fighter and it operates approximately 40 of these. Though the Mig 29 is a capable fighter but
North Korea has been isolated for long with very little access to spare parts and other
maintenance infrastructure. Even for many developed countries, the actual
availability of fighter fleet tends to be about 70% of total strength, the situation
for North Korea is expected to be even worse. Also we must have to note that fighter jets
are platforms and their effectiveness depends largely on the weapons they carry. With little to no access to foreign air-to-air
missiles, because of sanction and no in-house designs; the Mig 29 is equipped with old weapons
technology. The resource crises have also meant that the
Average Flying Hour (AFH) for North Korean pilots is very low. AFH per pilot for the KPAF are said to be
only 15 or 25 hours each year, in comparison, most NATO fighter pilots fly at least 150
hours a year. The very low AFH will ultimately result in
lesser prowess in combat skills and North Korean pilots will be found wanting when faced
with a well-trained adversary like the US air force.


  1. It's going to be sad to lose those classic weapons. North Korea should be an amusement park we will send the Scientologist there to run it we could call Batshit Crazy Land.

  2. if american infantry againt with north korean infantry only with rifle without any air support or others technology… i believe,american troops will run shit in their pant..LOL

  3. How come there's no black burnt folks, himbeewee or Africans. No bloods or crisp either. Do you agree that Kim Jun Un is racist?

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  5. It sounds like the North Koreans would be sitting ducks in a war, and don't have a chance of survival in either a air, ground, or sea situation.

  6. These dumb bastards are still living in a outdated era. War with is insanity but they will seek it ether way better to kill them now than later.

  7. With the weapons that North Kora has we would have to use bows and arrows against them to make the war even. but we do not believe in fair fighting so their chances to survive is extremely limited. But our arrows would be nuclear tipped. from deflated uranium  this would make it a fair fight don't you think.

  8. Had to give this a thumbs down. A lot of things wrong in this video. Too many assumptions and guesses. Why stretch the shittiness of already aged weapons? This is the same arrogant uninformed mindset that has led to the current situation. Why was the Antonov 2 biplane not included?

  9. 1.Most nato tanks dont fire atgm's. Its an eastern block thing.
    2.Weight has nothing to do with armor. Look at T-64 vs M-60. T-64 has 2x the armor. The low weight is more a biproduct of eastern tankbuilding philosophy. Capable Russian tanks dont weigh that much more.
    3.For such a light tank 1000hp is all it needs.
    Their tanks are most likelly inferior to most nato tanks, but should get at least their nose bleeding…

  10. Americans are so adorable. They keep forgetting that North Korea doesn't need better arsenals because they're only (tiny) enemy is right across the border.

  11. Dont forget that Kim Jong Un is a living god with one fingersnip he
    could generate giant tsunamis against the American coast or generating
    earthquakes in the San Francisco erea etc etc…oh dont forget the
    Yellowstone Nationalpark he could generate a giant eruption :-)))

  12. whats funny is an old outdated SAM shot down the F117 stealth fighter in 1999 over Serbia. so maybe the secret is to deploy old SAMs lol

  13. LOL – YOU forgot to mention the ARMY, one North is equal to 20 SOUTH, LOL – half-hour, you know what is 30 minutes, yes 30 minutes, North will swallow SOUTH, your gernals shiver when they hear 30 minutes, they know what will hit them, further you want to target lousy bomber at 13K ALT, in fact they want you to shoot down, then see APPOCALYPSE, blow the SEOUL and your bases itself. LOL, north has nothing to lose, they sleep like babies where your NUT STrumph is s…….4 in the morning and shivering whole world, idiots, you dreamers are lame duck in front of them, just STOP your night mare of war mongering to this innocent world surrounded, this night mare will become cause and responsible to blame all on US the destructor to whole world for damages. Leave people alone go back and LIVE and let LIVE.

  14. As recent history has shown to kill many doesn't need the latest technology , many of these weapons and aircraft only need a cargo of explosives or nasty chemical or biological loads to cause hell and many death's or casualties

  15. If you are so smart as you pretend to be, North Korea wouldn’t be such a terrible threat to the United States, as your mainstream media tries to make us to believe everyday! … North Korea is nothing of what you think it is, mister! If it is so easy for the U.S., why has the U.S. not invaded North Korea so far?
    You are nothing but a strategist of chicken coop!

  16. all good points.. Will only say this in rebuttal. Even a obsolete weapons system can kill you. Granted.. After a few days just about ever major system NK has would be scrap…But that doesn't mean they would be beaten..Only troops on the ground or a surrender would do that.. You can't win a war without sending ground troops in..Not really.

  17. What if they have good war tactics. Isn't it likely that they could use guerrilla warfare with all the equipment they have? terrorist armies sometimes don't have good equipment but if they good tactics and funding they could win a war slowly but surely.

  18. North Korea will never attack the US directly, but, Kim's insistent provocation would be repeated again and again until the US troops withdraw from Korean Peninsula. North Korean sneaky harassment has a clear aim, that is, to drive away all the US army and invade South Korea. Probably, the US would never retreat, never abandon, but seems to be fairly fed up with Kim. Kim is waing for the US to give up.

  19. Trying to play devils advocate for a sec, is it possible that The reason their tanks are so light is because heavier vehiclew would damage their roads and bridges like with the Argentine TAM?

  20. The "Great Wall of China" proves that Imperial China invaded and raped its neighbors. 

    The Great Wall is not on "a" border, it's where the invasions started from.

    The fastest way to end the Korean war is to
    offer South Korea statehood! If South Korea agrees, then the more states that
    ratify the more pressure for Red China/NK to settle the war and reunify Korea.
    Otherwise South Korea (and the U.S.) is better off as a U.S. State.

    The same can be done for Taiwan if Red China becomes belligerent.

  21. It's really funny.
    Kim KNOWS he has no f*cking chance if a war broke out.
    Yet he continues to threaten everyone.

    He has balls, i give him that.

  22. @Defence update- dont know if you actually read your comments but hey – that icbm that korea is testing- they said its possible they can make it nuclear- well you ever think about this- instead of them detonating it on the ground – they do it in the sky- hear me out- it could cause an emp that could render the entire usa useless- causing mass panic and riots – the place would kill it self from inside- instead of the bomb killing a few mil people – everyone would just take them selves out – just a thought-

  23. The U.S. Air Force alone would obliterate the entire North Korean military in one fell swoop. These arrogant pyjacks still think they would win a war against the worlds' modern military and technology.

  24. DPRK has it's roots in the Cold War when they were supported by the Soviet Union. They hated us and it has been passed on down the generation and just ever so recently thing in the DPRK for the people are starting to shift against the regime.

  25. Why am I watching this?
    I was watching Taylor Swifts most recent music video a few minutes ago.
    Oh yeah I went on trending. And started watching stuff about how he's a nutter and all that. (Proper British thing to say but it's true)

  26. Imagine if someone was an undercover and shot the nuke to China and China just obliterates North Korea and the refugees will go to south

  27. Interesting video, but I figured it would have information on current offensive missile and nuclear weapons capabilities.

  28. Would any air-to-air missile be worth using to shoot them down, Would they know what hit them.? Also using a torpedo on those subs would be a real waste of money. Maybe a M16 or M4 to punch some holes in the rusty bits. Those guys must be pros at keeping those subs floating , so I know the A10 with its GAU 8 could just rake the top with is 30mm. I would imagine if they didnt sink the crews would be plugging hundreds of small holes. Well small for a submarine anyway

  29. This video has no point. They would fight with ballistic missiles and artilery! Why is it important how high the il 28 can fly? Even if it could fly at 25 000m it wouldnt be safe from sams. How do you know how powerful engine that tank has? Who knows? I bet they didnt tell anyone. This is all just speculation. Btw no one knows what goes through the nk-china border, be it spare parts or weapons.

  30. obselete or not seems a bunch of people with ak's and rpg's give enough trouble. viet cong sure gave you a whooping with them

  31. 38 missing demo charges nuclear back pack gun type ignition. They range from 2.2 -7.2 KT.He has fired 5 four all tiny one failure.He has no hydrogen bomb.

  32. Well … ok the Beagles are rather old…. and the pictures he showed were obviously scrapped ones… BUT out dated aircraft can still be effective if you know how to use them and fly them to their capabilities .. Look at the A1 Skyraider used in Vietnam .. obsolete ..but it still had a use and was very effective . same with the Vulcan used in the Falkland conflict .. 1 single obsolete bomber managed to bomb the airfield at Stanley ..despite the Argies having Mirages and Daggers which would have easily shot it down.
    same with tanks .. hell – the odd T34 is still used along with T55's .

    Come to think of it most weapons are 'obsolete' / outdated – weapons development progress moves at a rapid rate, but service entry and replacement of older tech is slow. … The F15 / F16 for instance are not made anymore and they are 'outdated' ( 70's tech) compared to say the F22 .. but that does not mean that they ain't a damn good aircraft …just not state of the art anymore.
    You don't just scrap a 2002 Honda Civic for instance , when it's running fine, it suits your needs, and you like it, just for the sake of it , because there are younger models available – of course a 2002 Civic is nowhere near as modern as say a 2009 model.

    The MiG 21 – yes obsolete .. old .. but cheap enough to have quite a few in an airforce and sometimes numbers count

    Stuff goes into service and it's replacement is already been planned in some cases .. It just takes ages for it to finally arrive

  33. Advantage: Seoul is very close to the border.

    Disadvantage: North Korean land forces would have to squeeze through a narrow corridor to get there, and would be easy pickings for heavy bombers.

    It is not possible for North Korea to launch a surprise attack of any meaningful strength. We watch everything they do 24/7.

    Short Round's posturing is for the benefit of the North Korean people. His rule depends on having a boogieman to frighten people, and keeping them continuously terrified of an impending attack by that boogieman. But that inevitably means attracting the ire of said boogieman, who gets REALLY tired of the game after 50 or 60 years. It's a strategy that cannot continue forever, but cannot be stopped.

  34. Top 5 weapons of nk.
    2.bow and arrow
    3.pea shooter
    4.big stick
    5.and most dangerous….Kim Jung UN's fucking hair……

  35. Hmmm … all NK weapons are obsolete but in many conflicts the quality of weapons does not matter. Look at what happened to us in Vietnam we had all the best weapons and technology but we lost to a bunch of determined peasants.

  36. Who was the narrator? He was obviously reading translated material. Why didn't he clean it up? Much of what was stated is quite true. We don't know the effectiveness of these systems or how they will be used. With regard to the aircraft, it could be that they will be used in a kamikazie like fashion, where they are used to strafe or bomb targets of opportunity and either provide targets to use up limited numbers of expensive SAM missiles or crash themselves into high value targets like large office buildings, power plants, bridges, or military bases. In terms of tanks, it could be that the North Koreans are going to rely on quantity over quality and irregular or straight legged infantry forces to assist their tank-on-tank engagements by setting engine fires, damaging tank tracks, or using ATGMs or smaller anti-tank weapons like the RPG-29. We simply don't know how effective North Korean troops can or will be. It's possible that the North Korean Army will almost immediately fall apart once conflict begins, though this is not really very likely.

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