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Top 5 Survival W.E.A.P.O.N.S

Today we are going to take a look at the Top 5 Survival Weapons that you can use in any emergence situation. Let’s start with #5: The Sling. The sling is an ancient weapon, which has historically been used for hunting game and in combat. The sling is swung in an arc, and the tip released at a precise moment. The sling acts like an extension of the arm, thus, allowing the stones to be thrown much further than by hand. The great thing about slings is that they are easy to make from natural materials. The big disadvantage is that the sling is very difficult to shoot with, and needs months to years of practice. The untrained survivor should choose another weapon. #4: The Bola Also known as “Boleadoras,” a Bola is a throwing weapon made from weights and interconnected cords. They were used by cowboys in Argentina to capture animals by entangling their legs. The Inuit have used Bolas to hunt birds. The Incas used them in battle. Similar to the Sling, it takes a lot of practice to shoot the Bola well. Besides entangling the legs of the animals, the weights can inflict severe injuries when thrown with force. #3: The Throwing Stick The Throwing Stick, or Throwing Club, was one of the first weapons used by early humans around the world. When thrown, the stick rotates rapidly, hitting the target with one of the ends, maiming or killing it. The big disadvantage of the Throwing Stick is the limited range, so you need to get really close to your prey. The Throwing Stick is an underestimated survival weapon. A lot of untrained survivors would be surprised how well they would hit a target. “May the force be with me.” #2: The Spear Thrower (The Atlatl) The Spear Thrower, or Atlatl, is a tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity in dart throwing The throwing dart needs to be a strait, long, flexible shaft, which is rather hard to find in nature, and therefore needs to be bent over a fire. After fire-hardening the tip, and attaching feathers for stability, the dart is ready to roll. The Atlatl acts like a lever and an extension of the thrower’s arm, allowing to accelerate the dart up to 150 kilometers per hour. The long range and precision that comes with the Spear Thrower are a big plus; However, it takes some weeks of practice to turn the Atlatl into an effective hunting weapon. #1: The Bow and Arrow A “Bow” is a flexible arc which shoots aerodynamic projectiles called “Arrows.” It is the most advanced primitive weapon, which has been used by Homo sapiens since the Stone Age. The Bow and Arrow takes some days to weeks of practice to be able to hit an animal at a further distance, and is a good choice for the untrained survivor; However, it is pretty difficult to quickly craft a Bow from natural materials. It takes hours to days to make a proper Bow, sometimes a Bundle Bow is a better choice. Also, Arrow shafts and proper string is needed, which takes a lot of time in production as well. The Bow and Arrow is known for its high precision and power at longer distances, and it’s the only one of these five weapons that has advanced to modern times and is still used by thousands of hunters all over the world to hunt small game or big game. This makes the Bow and Arrow the #1 survival weapon.

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  3. I want to try and make most of these. Ive made the bow and the bola and spear/alatl look really interesting as well. Cool video

  4. I don't have any of the weapons you mentioned, but do know how to use a bow and arrow since I spent two years in Thailand, and plenty of time in the Philippines and learned how to use the bow there and also the blow gun. I purchased and brought back a bow from the Philippines, and also a blow gun from there. I purchased a bow in Thailand along with some arrows, but ended up leaving that bow behind when I left.

  5. Lilly You Totally missed the basic Spear, it should have come right after the throwing stick. One other notable basic weapon is just the good old Rock a well thrown rock can stun or even kill.. Thanks it was a good video 🙂

  6. A shotgun of some sort should have definitely been on the list. You can hunt almost any animal with a shotgun since there are so many types of rounds available.

  7. when you put a long stick to your sling, the sling gets much more power and is much easier to use. here a video about the staff sling.

  8. I went with my family once to a old historical building site that was open to the public, called wells house. There they had an archery station. So I tried it and the man who was over it said I was a natural. I had never done it before. So I would recommend trying out new things, who know what you hidden talent is.

  9. I have both the Bow and Arrow and the Atlatl I gotten really good at archery its gonna be deflected for the Atlatl since I don't have a large land I can used

  10. If you vill survive in north Sweden you need 3 things, 1: a real good knife like Mora2000 like I have. 2 A Axe to defend to big animals like bears and wolfs. 3 Food and water. The Mora 2000 is a good knife to defend to animals to the sharp point. I have 2 type of axes and 2 type of knifes when I am in the forrest. Swedens predators are many.

  11. The dog saved my life. And I will always think at her when I am in the forrest , Have become more like a bear, But whith Mora 2000 knife and axe.

  12. Top 1 Survival weapon is the knife. It can be used from very short distance, even being attacked by a bear. Or can be used for hunting at mid range, thrown to a vivid target. It can be attached on the end of a stick to make a spear of it. Using a knife you can build up a shelter and lots of other uses. The sling is not actually a survival weapon.
    What about axe?
    Think better.

  13. You are using the "boleaderas" in the wrong way, holding them by the meadle of the strings.
    That's why they do not spread correctly.
    You must hold one stone in your hand while spinnig the other two over your head and only then let them fly.
    Try and you will see the difference in power, reach and accuracy.
    Here in Brazil they are still used in the south, near the borders of Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

  14. Nice, i liked how you showed very primitive type for weapons that many have long forgotten about; outside of firearms, i like the bows the best, the longbow, crossbow are my two favorites, i've never really liked the compound bows only because if they break when your out in the woods or forests, it become very hard to fix them, course i'd also include knives, tamhawks, & sticks (clubs) in the weapons category. I was wondering why it was against the law to bow hunt in Austria?? Sincerely Ken

  15. My number 2 would be a catapult, slingshot, or would that be cheating because of the rubber. All your choices could be made in the wild with the right knowledge.

  16. I agree with the bow that's it. By the time your proficient at the other weapons someone has already killed you or you have starved to death.

  17. May I suggest looking up. Throwing stick. It actually had nothing to do with your arm it’s from your hips and shoulder that makings it a power

  18. A good machette and knife are first weapons to consider for survival. I have an ontario 18 inch blade machette and a gerber strongarm knife. Think they will be very useful if the SHTF. And they are useful for general work outdoors too

  19. I would choose a rifle because i know how to make them(not modern ones,but flintlocks and wheellocks) and also i know making saltpeter from animal dung,mix it with charcoal(sulfur is optional)and BAM! you got yourself gunpowder,for bullets,i could use very smooth pebbles as shot,and it takes little training to shoot,and because of its strength,it can kill even big animals like bears or wolves,for smaller game like rabbits and pheasants you will need a bit more training

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