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Top 5 Most Reliable Guns | TFBTV

– [Voiceover] Hey guys,
it’s Alex C. With TFBTV, and today I’m going
with a topic that I get asked all the time in YouTube comments, and that is, “What are
the most reliable guns?” This is a tricky one, because if we’re talking about absolute
Hell and back reliability, then less and less
moving parts are better, basically, the list would be dominated by single shot rifles like
the Rolling Block or Ruger #1s, so I’m going
to try and pick one firearm from each
category, that is to say, one handgun, one bolt action, one shotgun, one submachine gun, and
one self-loading rifle. So on with the list. For the handgun I’m going with the Glock. No surprise here, really,
while I’m not a Glock guy, this isn’t because I
dislike them, rather I just find them boring, shooting a Glock is like driving a Toyota Camry. Both serve their purpose
extremely well and won’t let you down, but
I wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a Camry for
recreational purposes. It’s an appliance or tool
to me, like a Glock pistol. Glocks are simple and easy to use, they’re affordable, no frills pistols that require very little
instruction to operate, and while shooting any
handgun is easy to learn, yet impossible to master, I do recommend that many people who ask what to get for a first firearm send
their money to Glock Inc. Reliability’s very good,
and while early 40s and 10mm guns did have a tendency to, well, there’s no sugar
coating it, explode, they have fixed that issue. The 9mm pistols have a great record, and don’t just take my word for it, check out any of the
numerous Glock torture tests all around the web. While Glocks aren’t superguns, and I have seen them malfunction, most of the malfs I’ve seen were the result
of the owner modding them, or bad ammunition that would
not function in any pistol. So these things aren’t
necessarily the most accurate pistols, the most comfortable, or the best for your specific need, but they sure do run. Next we have the subgun, the Uzi. The Uzi is incredibly simple, and has one moving part, the bolt. Uziel Gal’s creation is one of history’s most enduring subguns, and at least some version has been in production since 1950. While the Uzi is not my favorite SMG, the most accurate, or
the bestselling today, all titles belonging to the MP5, it is the most reliable one I’ve encountered in all my years of handling, shooting, and owning countless SMGs
and pistol caliber carbines. Uzi receivers with
millions of rounds through them are not uncommon, and the only part that has ever given me trouble
has been the top cover. The covers themselves
can bend up over time, and that may cause the
gun to have runaways. I have countless thousands
of rounds through Uzis, and I’ve seen two main
types of malfunctions. Light ammunition that short strokes them, as they really like hot
ammo like the Israelis use, and an interesting one where a reload that may well have destroyed a lesser gun bowed up the top cover
and out the extractor. The fix, and I’m dead serious, was bending the top
cover back with a hammer, and bending the extractor
back to shape on a table. The gun ran perfectly
for the rest of the day. While the MP5’s a beast, and I would say definitely a better gun, it is complex, and there are a lot of moving parts. You have the bolt head, carrier, rollers, hammer, locking piece,
firing pin, et cetera, all reciprocating, while the Uzi jovially laughs at the complexity of its Teutonic competitor as its
singular moving component goes back and forth. The other main issue
with the Uzi is that it’s an open bolt firearm;
while this isn’t a big deal for a civilian shooter
taking one to an MG shoot, in the harsh environment
of Sinai, sand, dirt, and debris getting in
the action is a problem. However, most Uzi operators
carry the weapon on safe with the bolt closed. Or sometimes in a purpose-built
Samsonite briefcase. For the bolt action, the obvious answer is the Mauser 98, the most
produced and copied gun in all of history. While many mistakenly
believe this accolade belongs to the Kalashnikov family, of which about 100 million
guns have been made, 100 million 98s alone have been made. If we include the Mauser
family, it dwarfs the AK, and if we include variants and copies, Mauser production numbers tower over a Kalashnikov production. The Mauser 98 was so
influential and credible that it not only influenced warfare, but the company that made
the rifle was so influential that it was used
internationally to implement German ideology around the world. The entirety of South
America, China, and much of Europe was influenced by
the Germans, because whoever arms a nation’s military
back in those days had an incredible amount
of political influence. Imagine that for a second. A rifle was so brilliant
that it allowed the nation where the factory was located to have political power. For a rifle to accomplish this, it has to not just be good, it has to be the best. The Mauser 98 is the result of its inventor’s life experiences. Paul Mauser spent most
of his life trying to design a better and better rifle, and the smokeless era led to the 89, 91, 93, 94, and eventually the 98,
which was his masterpiece. The 98 features every little improvement Mauser could think of,
a flush-fit five round strip clip fed magazine, front lock in with a large receiver ring, cock unopened, brilliant leverage provided by an easy to operate bolt handle, an optimally angled receiver bridge to provide perfect camming action for optimal primary extraction, controlled feed with a large
claw extractor, and much more. But the 98 action is about
as flawless as you can get when it comes to small arms design. As a testament to its
quality, look at the nations that adopted it, or the
countries like the USA, Japan, or England who
copied its elements in their own designs, or you can simply go to your local sporting goods store and see guns like the Remington 700, Ruger M77, or Kimber 8400s that are often cheapened copies of an action developed
in the late 19th century. Or you could simply buy a new
Mauser from Mauser themselves, as they are still in production. Reliability is and was the
key to the gun’s success. Next up we have the shotgun. This is a simple Remington
870, configured with a short barrel and a longer
magazine to it than usual. Really, this is a cop
out, because I could put a Mossberg offering here, as
they are just as reliable, but the 870 is what is more
familiar to me personally. I prefer the safety on the
870, and the release lever, but it’s simply a matter of choice. The 870’s been in continuous
production since 1951, and is an extremely
popular gun for military and law enforcement. But it’s hugely popular for hunters and sportsmen the world over. I’ve taken 870s hunting and
clay busting numerous times, and one has yet to let me
down or fail in any way. They work brilliantly,
and 10 million made is a testament to that. What more can you really
say about this gun? I’m sure most of our
viewers either own one or have at least shot one, and your firsthand experience is better
than what some esoteric Internet gun douche has to say. Last category we have is the self loader. Yeah, this is going to be a divisive one, because every self important
gun guy has himself planted firmly in one of
the many camps out there, because, you know, it would be too hard to just get along and enjoy other rifles, but no, we have to
align ourselves with one rifle or another, because… I don’t know, really. It’s like the people who argue which video game console is the
best, but with a slightly older bunch of people
and many more options. That said, the correct
answer is the Galil, and if you disagree, you’re
wrong and you should feel bad. But really, the Galil is an
improvement of the AK platform, and we all know how capable the AK is. They run in heat, they run in cold, they run in sand, they run in snow. The damn things just work when you want them to, and that’s that. So why the Galil? Well, the receivers are
heavy duty milled steel as opposed to the stamped receiver AKMs. The bolt and carrier are
of exceptional quality, and the IEF soldiers I talked to about it, while they may prefer other
weapons for various reasons, have all said that the Galil is more reliable than Old Faithful. Criticisms I hear usually
relate to the weight, which is valid, but
that, of course, has no effect on the rifle’s reliability. The guns run just fine, and
in all my years of shooting, I’ve never seen a Galil malf. I have seen other AKs run
into various problems, but a proper Israeli
Galil, not a kit gun or Century contraption, will
run like scalded ape. There’s a famous test
that the Alaskan State Troopers performed to
see which kind of rifle would suit their needs,
and while guns like the G3, AR-15, FAL, and Mini 14 failed, the Galil in both 762 and 556
experienced no malfunctions. During Swedish military
tests in the 1980s, the F&C and a modified
version of the Galil called the FFB 890C were
the only rifles that remained reliable, and
again, the Galil beat out the Sig 540, AR-18, HK33, Steyr Aug, Beretta AR70 and the M16. While the F&C was ultimately chosen by the Swedes for reasons unbeknownst
to me, it is a great gun. The Galil has proven
reliable time and time again, and even today, an improved version is in production that I can’t wait to test as soon as I buy one. Hopefully it lives up to the
legacy of its predecessor. Thank you for watching
this episode of TFBTV. We hope you enjoyed this

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Reliable Guns | TFBTV

  1. i agree with the galleel but the m16 could probably compete

    edit: watches later in video . nevermind

  2. Kalashnikov family of firearms is the most produced according to wikipedia, not the Mauser Gewehr 98

  3. 2:08

    Personally I would have gone with the mid-to-late war variants of the Papa Shaw

    If you follow the logic of Simplicity these things could easily be put together with a hammer and a hacksaw and of course the reliability same singular moving part

  4. “AK-47 is the best Assault rifle.”
    VZ-58 joins the chat
    IMI/IWI Galil joins the chat
    Heckler & Koch HK416 joins the chat
    Steyr AUG joins the chat
    HS Product VHS joins the chat
    Valmet joins the chat
    SIG SG-553 joins the chat
    Daekwoo K2 joins the chat
    FN FNC joins the chat
    FN SCAR joins the chat
    Colt M16A3 joins the chat
    Colt Canada C7 joins the chat
    SIG MCX joins the chat
    Colt M4A1 joins the chat
    Colt Canada C8 joins the chat
    “Okay maybe not.”

  5. Interesting that in WW1 Serbian Royal army had last and most modernised types of Masuers-both models of 1898 but also model 1910 carabines and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy had "old'types os Mauser riffles-model 1895!That is coz AU monarchy was much richer from Kingdome of Serbia but seems they thought how they wil attack Serbia and all Serbian soldiers will 'run away"without any fight scared coz :mighty,10 times bigger army who attacked Serbia!They totally under rest that Serbian army just fought 2 Balkan wars and how Serbian commanders had very big war experience unlike AU Commanders who didnt knew nothing about modern warfare!Serbian soldiers used hand grenades and they made AU soldiers so scared coz they never had any experience with hand grenades before WW1!Also I couldn't uderstad that while Serbian army already used planes(first pilot who died In combat was Serbian pilot I think his name was Mihailovic!)and Serbian army already used planes in battle but AU monarchy still used balloons as only artillery observers!So maybe Serbian army was much smaller from AU army but Serbia army was so better,so much experienced,so much more professional from AU army that it is only for someone who dont know nothing about WW1 why Serbia army totally destroy AU army in 1914 and totally humiliated them!

  6. The Mauser History segment was slightly(nope) biased.
    I don’t know where you got the statistics, where they number 190 million rifles produced, as if that was true, it would not cost as much as it does now, and the official statistic released in Wienna in 2006 states that 9 000 000 were made in all time, which means that there is something wrong with the guy’s sources)
    Also, the whole segment about German influence through this firearm is bullcrap. Germans had economic relations to these countries that spammed through all sectors of economics, not just the rifle. By itself Mauser would be but a drop in the sea of goods that travelled through the Atlantic to German parnters

  7. He’s a liar if you don’t take care of and keep them clean then none of them will work properly, and all his running and shooting at a target ain’t going to help when the target shoots back, watching him he won’t last 30 seconds in a real gunfight

  8. Handgun:  No thanks on the plastic Glock… maybe some reliable military pistol that is built to last!……….Machine Gun:  I'd take an older Sterling Sub Machinegun just because I like them.  The Uzi is not bad………Bolt action:  I'll take a SMLE. Its been through a lot of wars and can take a shit kicking…….Shot Gun:  870 is nice. Its just a good, solid, gun.…….Self loader:  I'm bias as I am retired military, FAL 7.52mm……Just my opinion.

  9. Some may say FAL don't Fail, but it's not on this list? also it's easier to say Jammal (Jam/malfunction), instead of Malf.

  10. Galil is NOT an improvement of the AK….
    It's very Heavy, bulky, ugly, the magazines are not STANAG compatible …
    The AK74 is much better, even the modern Tavor is a very bad assault rifle, poor ergonomics, too heavy on the rear of the rifle…

  11. Thumbs down as soon as i seen the galil as the most reliable. Ak47’s are not stamped they are milled receivers. Akm’s however are stamped receivers.

  12. You forget that the AK gives Russia tons of political power. Lol they provide small arms for so many fuckin people mostly AKs of course

  13. If Glocks are so good then why does everyone buy 1 and start putting after market parts on it?? I mean if it has more after market parts than it has factory parts it isn’t a glock at all!!!

  14. Pistol Tokarov 762×25, Mossberg 500, mosin 762×54 mini 14 and SKS I have never had problems. I have fired all expept any full automatics all I have fired have been semiautomatic
    The FN FAL that rocked was good for long range shooting as well as moderate ranges. Downfall to the fn is the length and how heavy it is but I am not a small person

  15. IF hell broke loose the rifle i would use is the L1A1 or the FAL a lil heavy but im strong, alot of people would pick the AK47 the problem the ak has is it has a weak front trunion iv broken quite a few, once broken it jams the bolt to a non working rifle

  16. Of all the videos I've watched on this channel I have yet to see one where this guy has something (if anything) good to say about Russian/Soviet firearms. The fact that he had to mention Galil, just to avoid mentioning the AK (not as a donor, but the real thing) speaks to that. Sure, the Galil is better, but how much more does it cost? When videos like this go into depth about absolute reliability and effectiveness, overlooking cost, then they're just hard to follow as real life analyses.

  17. Never liked the glock, Its reliable, but it has a tiny caliber, I'd still get a 1911 over it, but that's not saying its bad.

  18. I’m going to have to disagree with you on the galil. The galil is an excellent gun obviously, one of the greatest ever made. But if we’re stalking purely reliability and especially durability? The AK-47 is the obvious choice. I feel like your answer here is a matter of personal preference which is fine. I’d probably take the FN- SCAR over the galil as far as reliability goes as well. But it doesn’t really matter all that much, the galil is a fine firearm nonetheless

  19. Good Video and all Good Weapons. But, I have to disagree with the choice of the Mauser however as the best Bolt Action Military Gun.
    The Superb Springfield 03A3 Design based on the Mauser is also a Great Choice. But, as far as a large Magazine Capacity and the Fact
    that it also has Rear Adjustable Sights as does the Springfield, is My Personal Choice, the No. 4 Mk I and Mk II British Enfield. With a
    10 Round Detachable Box Mag, it can be reloaded with a Stripper Clip or a Full Magazine. Super Fast and Reliable it is a Superb Design.

  20. I love how the only issue with the galil is the weight, because you then see there is a handle to pick it up with. They knew it was heavy and still took the time to make it convenient.

  21. Good list. I disagree on the shotgun. I have an 870 with the well known extraction issue. Had to get a chamber honing tool to make it stop. The safety is mildly inconvenient compared to Mossberg's. I shoot my 870 A LOT though and also just Magpul'd it out so I still love it and it looks badass. Just a little temperamental.

  22. A most reliable guns list with zero revolvers on it is a little odd. I respect the Galil argument though. Wonder what he thought of the new Galil ACE. I also wonder how the VZ-58 would have stacked up in those reliability tests.

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