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Top 5 Gun Gift Ideas UNDER $50 / Best Gifts For Guys

if there’s one thing every gun person
needs more of it’s alright guys welcome back to the pilot Patriot Channel and if
you can’t tell by my awesome head gear it is December it’s almost Christmas
time and it’s time to start getting gifts for everyone in your life and one
thing a lot of people struggle with especially women is knowing what to get
the men in their life specifically gun guys and today we’re going to help you
out with a list of five things that you can get for under $50 for that gun guy
or gun gal in your life now if you like these kind of videos make sure you hit
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notified every time we upload new videos and if you’ve been following the channel
for a while a couple years ago we did a video similar to this and most of those
items were under $25 so if that’s more the price range you’re looking for I’ll
put a link to that video right here at the top of the screen now let’s get into
our list I’m primarily going to focus on things that are real easy to order
online things that you can order on Amazon and I will put the links in the
description below to make it a little easier for you now these are in no
particular order but I am going to try to start out with number 5 and work my
way up to the number one best gift idea for a gun guy number five on our list is
a good gun cleaning kit now you can find a lot of really nice good quality
cleaning kits on Amazon for under $50 this one happens to be a notice cleaning
kit and it doesn’t even have to be a full kit like this right here you can
focus on just some of the specific items like gun oil x’ and CLP
things like that that every gun person needs if they do a lot of shooting it
means they’re cleaning their guns a lot hopefully they’re cleaning their guns a
lot and they’re always going to need more cleaning supplies so that’s a great
gift idea now if you think that’s not good enough I promise you gun guys are
gonna love all of these things a good clinic I would love to get some more
cleaning supplies for my guns so that’s a good option there
the number four on our list is a magazine loader if the person you’re
thinking about does much shooting a lot of the time spent on the range is wasted
loading and reloading magazines when what we really want to be doing is
shooting so you can really help them out by getting them a mag loader this one
here just happens to be a butler Creek of Loula also is a good brand and I
promise you they’ll love this it’ll make loading and reloading those
mags a lot faster so they can get back to the fun part shooting targets now
number three on our list is a good set of electronic ear protection
these ones I have here are the howard leight impact sports and camo
if you’re not sure what these are it’s just like any other ear muffs
but these electronic ones that have microphones that amplify talking and
sounds like that today you can still talk and communicate on the range but it
muffles those really loud gunshot they also have auxiliary ports you can plug
in your smart phone or your iPod or something like that and jam out while
you’re shooting on the range this is a really great gift like I said these are
the howard leight impact sports another really great option is the walker razors
and I’ll put a link to both of those in the description below a good set of
electronic ear protection is perfect for any gun person even if they already have
a set you can never have too many it’s nice to have a backup that I can just
throw in the range bag and speaking of range bags that’s number two on our list
any gun person would love love to get a nice new range bag under their tree this
year something like this is the field line tactical I did do a review of this
bag and everything that goes in it that would also be a good list of gifts if
you want to go check out that video I’ll put a link to that up at the top of the
screen but this is a field line tactical there are plenty of really nice range
bags on Amazon for under $50 this is a really good size it’s not too small for
those guys that really do a lot of shooting a bag this size would be great
for them on you can even go a little bit bigger and still stay under that 50
our mark so a good range bag is a great gift idea alright guys now we’re getting
down to number one on our list the number one item under fifty bucks that
you can get on Amazon that will make your gun guys today guaranteed every gun
guy every gun girl likes to get out to the range and shoot targets and nothing
makes that more fun than steel targets if you’re not familiar with steel
targets they are the number one most fun thing to shoot on the range they’re
hardened steel they’re perfectly safe to shoot at they make a nice loud ping
every time you hit the target gives you a little feedback let you and everyone
around you know that you hit the target some good steel targets is the number
one thing on this list and I promise you the gun guy gun girl in your life is
going to love these this one here is an 8 inch circle target with a 2×4 mount so
they can just build the stand themselves out of two by fours this will fit right
on top and you’re good to go these eight-inch targets like this you
can probably get two maybe even three for under that 50 bucks mark along with
the mount you can get larger ones you get silhouette shaped ones there is a
huge selection of steel targets up there on Amazon and I’ll put links to a bunch
of those so you can go get them for yourself alright guys now I really hope
this has helped you out if you have a guy or a gun girl in your life that you
just not really sure what to get them and you’re tired of getting on those
Cabela’s gift cards or Bass Pro Shop gift cards or something like that you
want to get them something they can open and be happy with and actually go out on
Christmas Day to the range and do some shooting they’re gonna love all these
things no I do have one honorable mention that you cannot get on Amazon
that’s the only reason I didn’t add it to this list but it’s really up there at
the top of the list is ammo and magazines you know you’re not going to
be able to find ammo in magazines on Amazon but if there’s one thing every
gun person needs more of its ammo I don’t care if they already have 5000
rounds at the else they need more I guarantee it and
what are you going to put that mo in magazines so you can never go wrong
every Christmas I asked all of my family for more Emma if that’s all I get I’m a
very happy man so that’s our honorable mention that really would probably be up
at the top of the list if you could get it on Amazon but I’m trying to list
things that are real easy for you to order or while you’re sitting right
there it’s your computer on your phone right now some other things that would
be great ideas flashlights knives things that every guy loves and you can never
have enough of and last but not least a shameless plug if the person you’re
buying a gift for is patriotic if they support the Second Amendment they’re
going to love some patriotic and second amendment t-shirts that you can get at
the link below pilot Patriot apparel calm it’ll also
help support the channel so we can provide you more videos like this and I
really hope this videos helped you out guys make sure you hit that subscribe
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good luck with that Christmas shopping guys please like share and subscribe and
Merry Christmas my tires please shotgun shells to my dogs and
some ponds thank you

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