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– Hey, guys! Patrick R. with TFB TV. So if you asked yourself,
“Why in the world “did this company produce this product? “And why did somebody
think it was a good idea “to purchase it and put in on a shelf “in my local gun store?” Or maybe you saw something
like a bladed floor plate for a Glock at a gun show, and you think, “Man, who buys this stuff?” Well, today, I want to
talk about the top five dumb gun products that I’ve come across, either through testing and evaluation over at the Firearm Blog or as a consumer. So let’s kick it off with
my number one, and that is the Glock 17 pistol-to-rifle
conversion kit from American Manufacturing Group. So this is a 16-inch barrel that you replace your stock barrel, and you have a rifle-length barrel now, and then you can put a stock
on it, making it non-NFA. But it doesn’t quite work as it should. It’s not very reliable, and
if you don’t have the stock, like, really up against your shoulder, like, really pulling that gun in, you’re gonna have malfunctions. And you’ll see, when I’m out at the range, that I’m having a little
bit of issue with it. Kinda got frustrated, maybe
tossed it a little bit. It’s got an interesting barrel, though, ’cause it has a strange
(racks slide) piston setup here. So it’s got ports drilled in underneath this locking nut here. And it drives this piston back
to help operate the slide, which I found using another
barrel that is of similar length from another manufacturer
that doesn’t do that that it’s not really necessary. And I found, actually,
that the other barrel was more reliable. I also question the quality of the barrel because you’ve got a barrel
hood, a locking piece here, that is pinned onto the
barrel, so it’s not one piece like you would expect. The stock is fine, and
it’s similar to other ones on the market, but, you know… When you kinda shoulder the thing, it’s more of a chin weld than anything, and that’s annoying for
somebody who’s used to shooting Americanized firearms. And lastly, you have pistol-length sights, so they don’t extend
the sight radius at all, making it not any more
accurate than you would be with a handgun. And in fact, I found I was more accurate with a 16-inch barrel, holding the pistol like I normally would
rather than shouldering it. And follow-up shots are a
bit faster with the stock. I’ll have to give it that. So let’s get out to the
range, shoot this guy, and then we’ll get onto
the other four on our list here in just a bit. (slams in magazine)
(racks slide) (gunshot)
(target pings) (racks slide)
(sighs heavily) (gunshots)
(targets pinging) (racks slide) (gunshots)
(targets pinging) (racks slide) (trigger clicks) (pulls slide back) What the hell? (gunshot)
(target pings) (sighs)
(racks slide) (gunshots)
(targets pinging) I’m not even wasting my ammo on this. (drops magazine) (gunshot) (gun clatters) All right, so that was number one, and as you can see, it’s kind of a stinker out at the range. But, if it’s something
that you’re interested in, it might fit a need that you have. It doesn’t fit into my
needs at all, though. So number two on my list
of ridiculous gun items is going to be the Bungee Holster. Which, I didn’t buy one, because frankly, I don’t want to spend $20 on a hair tie. So I stole a couple of my wife’s hair ties that she doesn’t like because
she’s not a purple girl, and tied them together
to kind of approximate what this thing is supposed to do. So, essentially, it’s a bungee thing that you loop through your belt, and we’ll show you how
that works just now. So, now, this thing offers a
low-profile carry experience, and you have to keep the gun clear because there’s nothing
protecting the trigger guard, so you don’t want to shoot
yourself when you’re carrying. So that’s my number two on dumb gun products,
(racks slide) (imitating gunfire)
and you could probably lump in other things like the Bungee Holster that has the stick on
it, and the Versacarry. Anything that requires you
to leave an empty handgun on your person as a method of
carry I think is kinda dumb. And frankly, the ones that plug the barrel are a little bit on the
dangerous side in my opinion. All right, number three
on dumb gun products, and that is going to be the
pistol-mounted bayonet thing. So it’s a magazine baseplate
that replaces the stock one, and you can clip a knife on there. For something. I don’t really see much of a use for it, and if you happen to run out of ammo, and the zombie is still charging you, I probably would just run
instead of taking the time to affix a, I guess,
magazine bayonet to my gun, and then bash the magazine
knifey thing into their skull, or whatever. So, probably not something
that has a real use, and definitely is just one of those things that some people at the
gun show might think, “Man, that looks really awesome. “It needs to be on my gun.” So number four on my
list of dumb gun products is going to be the Picatinny muzzle brake from TufForce Products. Now, I reviewed this over at
the Firearm Blog a while back and found that it didn’t
do a very good job at mitigating recoil. It didn’t offer any
type of attachment point that was useful, and it
wasn’t very durable at all. In fact, it was made out
of 6000 series aluminium, which wore away. It was eroding from the blast on my rifle. And I even tried mounting
some stuff to the muzzle brake and found that the
muzzle blast blew it off. So, not exactly something that works, and you can read the full review there over at the Firearm Blog. I’ll drop a link in the
description for you, if you’d like to do that. But yeah. Probably wouldn’t buy that one either. All right, so the last one on my list of five dumb gun products is
going to be the Mule stock. The idea behind this is
you can store a Glock 19 inside your AR stock, and frankly, I think that’s just kind of ridiculous. I’d rather have it on a holster on my hip so I can easily transition to it if I needed to go from rifle to pistol. I don’t really foresee a
need to have one onboard that I pop out, all operator style, and pew-pew the bad guy in the face. So, now this stock was rolled
out at Shot a while back, and since then, the
company has gone defunct. There aren’t any working retail versions of them out there, but it definitely does fall under the dumb gun product thing. So, I hope you guys enjoyed my list of five dumb gun products,
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by John Philip Sousa)

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