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Top 4 Best Gun Safe Manufacturers – Who Should You Buy a Gun Safe From?

Hi there! It’s Misty from the Home and Gun Safe Channel. Wondering which home and gun safe manufacturers
are the best in the industry? We break down the top four manufacturers for
you in this video. When you’re ready to invest in a home or
gun safe, you want to make sure you’re spending your hard earned money wisely. But with so many brands out there, how can
you be sure you’re choosing a reputable one? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the top four U.S.
safe manufacturers. We based our ratings on: ● Each company’s time in the industry
● The level of security their safes offer ● And the accuracy of their fire ratings Before we start our list though, it’s important
to know one thing: we’re recommending the safe models these companies build here, in
the U.S. All manufacturers import to some degree, some
heavily, but imported safes often can’t meet the standards of qualities found in U.S.-built
models. So, as we make our recommendations, remember:
we’re talking about domestically built safes. After a lot of research, here’s our list
in alphabetical order: ● American Security
● Browning ● Fort Knox
● Liberty Safe American Security (also known as AMSEC) is
definitely among the best in the industry. The brand offers two main types of safes:
RSCs and TL-rated safes. RSC stands for Residential Security Container. As the name suggests, these are designed for
residential use. TL-rated safes are intended for commercial
use; they typically weigh much more than residential models, and they cost significantly more too. AMSEC has been building commercial safes for
over 70 years, and residential safes for about 30. The company is serious about fire testing. It has products that have been verified for
fire endurance by Underwriters Laboratories, or U.L. This is a third-party group that verifies
product claims. While many of AMSEC’s RSC safes are imported,
their U.S. models are well built, with a more traditional design. Their TL-rated products are heavy-duty cement-lined
safes. They’re designed to withstand determined
professional thieves. Both types give you a premium product that’s
built right here in the United States. Browning is famous for their quality firearms,
but hey also lend their brand name to safes manufactured by a company called ProSteel. ProSteel has been making safes for over 40
years. The Browning brand of safes are known for
the quality of its American-made models, and its patented door organization system. Plenty of safe companies offer handgun storage
in the door. Browning’s design however actually let’s
you to store long guns in the door. Browning’s U.S. safes also offer solid fire
protection. They feature fireboard arranged in an interlocking
design. This design minimizes gaps in the fireboard
that can lead to hotspots inside your safe. Fort Knox has been in business for over 30
years. This is another company that builds to a high
standard. For example, they use both internal and external
welds, reinforcing what is often a weak point on safe bodies. Fort Knox also focuses on fire resistance. They use precision fireboard cuts for better
coverage, and their safes come with two different door seals that work together to protect your
valuables from heat and smoke. Their hallmark feature is their optional steel
liners—you can pay extra to add additional layers of steel to your safe. This improves both fire resistance and burglary
resistance. And Fort Knox has one of the better lifetime
warranties in the industry; it covers the whole safe: the body, the lock, the handle,
and the interior. Now it’s our turn. Liberty Safe has been in business for over
30 years. Of the manufacturers here on this list, we
here at Liberty build the most domestically. We make about 85% of all home and gun safes
that are built in the U.S. We’ve sold over two million safes to date,
and while we do offer some import safes, only a small fraction of our business deals with
imports. One of our biggest strengths lies in our ability
to build a large number of safes with consistent, high-quality results. Individually, other brands can build around
20 safes a day; our team can build up to 700 safes a day at peak capacity. Beyond that, we’re known primarily for four
things: 1) Our security technology, like stronger,
2-piece safe bodies, and our exclusive military-style locking bars (these have virtually eliminated
pry attacks) 2) Our rigorous fire testing—we make sure
our safes will perform exactly like we say they do
3) Our customer service, which is handled right at our safe factory, by a team with
extensive knowledge on our safes 4) Our warranty—like many companies, we’ll
take care of you if your safe is damaged by a fire or attempted break-in; however, if
we need to replace it, we cover everything: removal of the damaged safe, shipping of the
new safe, even installation (as far as we’re aware, we’re the only safe company whose
warranty covers all of that) Sidenote: we’re also known for our torture
tests. We stress-test our safes anytime we can by
blowing them up, crushing them, or dropping them from helicopters. The bottom line is this: if you’re looking
for a safe that offers serious protection from both thieves and fire, don’t just shop
for the cheapest deal you can find. Stick to a safe company with a good reputation. Hopefully this list helps you in your search
for the perfect safe for you. For a summary of our “best of” categories,
click the link in the description. To learn more about safe ratings, watch our
“What do safe ratings mean?” video. And please remember to like, comment, and
subscribe to keep up-to-date on our content. Thanks for watching!

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