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Top 3 BEST Forge Weapons: Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy Weapons | Curse of Osiris Expansion

Hi Guardians we welcome back for another destiny
in-depth review where I review exotics and legendaries in order to give you a comprehensive
understanding of the gear so you can play this game as efficient and effective as possible. With the introduction of the Curse of Osiris
DLC we have a new set of weapons that can be earned in the lighthouse by completing
so called verses, which will be unlocked when you complete the campaign story missions. These weapons can be earned by forging them
in the corner of the lighthouse when you complete the verses by doing activities in the game. I will not go into detail on how to earn these
weapons it is pretty straightforward you can earn certain consumables just by playing the
game. It is kind a tedious at the moment since the
materials are pretty rare, you will for example get on average one dropped every other public
event that you complete. So that comes down to playing on average 20
public events before you have the necessary items to forge a weapon, which is not the
most fun thing to do. Especially when you consider there are 12
weapons so that is roughly 240 public events in total, which is rough grind to do. So having all things considered is it even
worth the grind to get these forged weapons. To help you all out I have analysed all the
weapons that you can get and created my personal top 3 weapons that I think you should get. In my analysis I will only look at the weapon’s
stats and perks since I don’t have those weapons yet, without the hands-on experience the gun’s
stats and perks can already tell us a lot about the weapon whether this is worth considering
or not. But I will adjust the top 3 if anything is
way off, after I have acquired the guns. So without further ado in the number 3 spot
we have the Infinite Paths 8 Pulse rifle, this sits in the mid fire rate archetype like
the vanguard Nightshade pulse rifle. It has everything you want in a pulse rifle
decent range and above average stability , reload speed, handling and aim assistance. So this gun will perform decent in the crucible
but it is lacking great perks that can take this gun to the next level. I would like to see something like tactical
mag, steady rounds or ricochet rounds to further improve the base stats of this gun and a good
final perk like kill clip, rampage or headseeker in order to make this gun stand out from the
rest. What we now have is just a pulse rifle with
above average stats but without any interesting perks. If it wasn’t for the fact that all the other
guns are much worse this gun would not have made it to the top 3. In number 2 spot we have the conqueror 2 submachine
gun that sits in the 900 RPM archetype, it has decent range and above average stability
and reload speed, and these strengths can be further improved with Tactical mag which
increases the stability and reload speed even more and also gives you extra bullets in the
mag. The main perk of this gun is kill clip which
grants you 33% extra damage boost when you reload after a kill, this is one of the top
tier perk to have on any gun. This is what make the antiope-d so deadly,
and having this on a fast firing SMG archetype will definitely make this gun more interesting
and will make the conqueror 2 one of the best 900 rpm SMG in the game. in the number 1 spot we have the traveler’s
judgment 5 sidearm, this is the same sidearm as the last hope. This is also a 3 burst weapon and it has roughly
the same stats as the last hope. As you can see the range, stability, reload
speed and handling are very similar. This gun even has the same perk steady rounds
in the middle perk to max out that stability. The Traveler’s judgement main perk is different
than the last hope, whereas the last hope has zen moment the traveler’s judgment comes
with in my opinion the better perk headseeker which increases precision damage for a short
time when you land a bodyshot. The recoil of Burst weapons like these typically
move up, so when you aim for the body it naturally pulls your aim to the head, so a perk like
headseeker pairs up very well with burst weapons like these. So that extra precision damage won’t help
you too much with improving your time to kill, you will still kill in 2.6 bursts but it will
be much more forgiving when you miss a shot from your burst since that extra damage can
compensate for that. So this is basically a Last Hope but then
with Headseeker instead of Zen moment. If you dont have a Last Hope yet then this
will be something that you will be looking for, if you already have a last hope you probably
won’t miss out on anything realistically, as mentioned before they both have essentially
the same stats. Unless you really value the headseeker perk
you will be just fine with the last hope. So that is my top 3 of the forged weapons,
in my opinion none of these weapons really stand out and none of them is really a must
have weapon. They do look pretty cool though, props to
the design team which really managed to make these guns look great, but unfortunately a
majority of these guns do not have any great perks to make them interesting. I will still grind for these guns because
I am a collector. But unless you are a collector I can not suggest
you to grind for these guns, especially in the current state where the necessary materials
for forging these weapons are so hard to get. So if you don’t have the DLC you are definitely
not missing out on anything. The current meta weapons will still be the
same, you will still see a lot of use of the mida and uriels gift, I dont see that changing
anytime soon with the addition of these forged weapons. Probably you will see a bit more use of the
Positive outlook, which I made a separate video about so check that out if you want
to know more about that gun. Thanks for watching, like I said before once
I get my hands on these guns and it behaves totally different than I thought I will update
this top 3 but for now these are my thoughts. If you want me to review a specific gun let
me know in the comments below. Subscribe to stay up to date on my future
videos. And have a look at my recommended or latest
video in the end screen if you want to see more of my content. As always I will see you in the next video

14 thoughts on “Top 3 BEST Forge Weapons: Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy Weapons | Curse of Osiris Expansion

  1. The Null Calamity 9 Auto Rifle should have probably made it to the Top 3. This 600 RPM archetype are now much more consistent, Zen Moment and Tactical Mag will be a good perk combo for this auto rifle.

  2. They slowed down 'Omolon sidearms' but they didn't slow down the other type of sidearms (I don't think) if they didn't that means that the forge sidearm will be like last hope before the patch

  3. I've tried all of them except verse 8 and 7 because there not out yet. the auto and sidearm and shotgun should definitely be in the top 3 and the new sub isn't that good. personally these are very worth it especially these 3 weapons. the sidearm does amazing in pvp and once everyone has it it could become meta like last hope. just my opinion

  4. If you want the Sigira ghost shell, you'll need all verse weapons. And if I know bungie, you better do it before next expansion or you might not be able to get it at all.

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