100 thoughts on “Top 15 CRAZIEST Create-A-Weapons in Modern Warfare

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  4. I used to play cod back in the day and had really fun times but now the new cod has come and I wanna re-live my childhood

  5. Bro… have u never changed your oil (been a man). Srry I digressed. Oil filters are threaded pls do more research b4 u say stuff that literally almost makes my ears bleed.

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  7. I wish you could name the weapons individually. I would absolutely name my 357. Magnum “One Less Loose End” just to piss people off.

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  16. Most common thread size for pistols and ar’s are 1/2×28. If the oil filter had the same thread, then it will fit no problem. It’s easy to go to your local auto parts store and get you’re solvent catcher!

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  21. Thing is you're making a joke of it here but try the oden with all the range attachments and a sniper scope in semi auto as a secondary…. it's another animal

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  24. The oil filter is actually a thing you can do. It depends on what gun and barrel you have, but you can go to auto zone and buy an oil filter, and it will screw on just like a suppressor.

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