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So last Sunday I rebooted the cod history series and the new Version of it is my list. It’s my opinions, which I’ve never done I’ve always done the communities and you guys shown a lot of love on the black ops 2 worst Maps So we’re gonna keep this going and if you want this series to continue Drop a like and let me know and today we’re gonna go over the worst guns. And remember this is my list So it’s subjective. Obviously, you guys will probably agree with some disagree You guys are more than welcome to tell me your list in the comment section one of the main selling points of Call of Duty Is that there are tons of tons of weapons for you to choose from when you jump into multiplayer? However, not all Cod guns are created equal my friends and even though the series has been pretty well balanced There are plenty of guns throughout it that are terrible and that’s what we’re gonna go over today Welcome to the sunday cod history top 10 and today is ten of the worst guns in cod history Be sure to let me know which one is your least favorite Let’s get into it to start off this list of nastiness in a bad way We’re gonna go with the MK 14 from advanced warfare. That’s right this semi-automatic rifle the game where semi-automatic rifles well They didn’t really work out very well for anybody the MK 14 first appeared in modern warfare 3 where it was a pretty powerful gun Then it was brought back for advanced warfare where it got nerfed hard It was a semi-automatic weapon And normally the semi autos have some kind of damage boost to make up for the slower rate of fire But no such luck my friends the aw, MK 14 is so weak I mean from the head in the head shot hitbox the body all of it. It is bad Everybody is also jumping around and being obnoxious with exosuits So all in all there’s just no reason to take the MK 14 in place of any other Gun in the game. It may have been awesome in modern warfare 3 but the AAW version deserves a spot on this list At number 9 at what looked to be such a cool gun and the trailer just turned out too knobby And I know there’s gonna be people in the comments section Jimmy. This gun is amazing. What are you talking about? Did you even play black ops 2 I’m speaking of the executioner I know might wrestle a few feathers with this one, but seriously, come on We’re all being honest with each other, which I hope we are. It was bad. Sure It was fun to run around with and you could get some cheesy kills with it at close range but if the enemy was further than spitting dust Away from you you were screwed the executioner for those that didn’t know was kind of a shotgun Revolver hybrid with a five round capacity and an extremely slow reload now It was definitely fun to run around nuketown and get fast kills with it in hardcore mode It was much much better. But overall this is one of those guns in the Cod community. That is it Really remember that fondly. Come on. Well, I guess some people do but if we’re being honest it was pretty bad This month’s giveaway is for a new PlayStation 4 console all you have to do to enter is drop a like on this video be subscribed to the channel and turn on your Notifications, so you never miss an upload and in the comment section Let me know why you want to win the ps4 and include your Twitter handle so I can contact You if you’re the winner the winner will be announced at the end of the month At number 8. Oh the dragon off duh the dragon off This is one of those guns that has appeared in quite a few Call of Duty games But for whatever reason it was never good in cod4, you could kind of make out the dragon off But you could make it work I guess the fast time to kill in the game so it kind of worked but in black ops this gun was useless aside from the fact that Night snipers got nerfed hard in the original black ops. The dragon off is just awkward to use It was slow to reload and it hardly does any damage which gets super frustrating since it’s supposed to be a freaking sniper rifle Sniping in black ops 1 was not the best and if you tried to snipe with the dragon off You were just in for a bad frustrating experience, okay now it’s really time to rustle some feathers because I Remember when we did the community version of this one and man some people were pissed off, but you know what? This is my list Here we go the f2000 in Modern warfare 2 and I already know they’re gonna be people in the comment section telling me this is a god gun and I just didn’t know how to use it properly back in the day because there is always Someone in the comments whenever I say anything bad about the f2000 but come on seriously the gun Was trash compared to everything else in the game It was a high rate of fire assault rifle with very very low damage a slow reload in a magazine that you would burn through In a split second not to talk about the kickback rate where it shot straight Up, there is just no reason to use this thing over the ACR Or the tar or any other gun in? Modern warfare 2 if you ask me now you guys you can give me your thoughts. Give me your opinions I can take it at number 6 and man this thing brings back some memories for me the Uzi in Black ops now black ops weapon balance was pretty bad But if we’re being honest here, this one was one of the worst night This is one of my favorite Call of Duty’s of all time But even I can admit that the weapon balance is pretty awful you basically had the FAMAS the August owner the Ak-74 you and then most everything else was just filling the space behind them now a perfect example of that Oh the Khalil don’t forget the Khalil a perfect example of that. Is that Uzi the submachine gun? Probably could have been complete. It could have been left out of the game It could have competed pretty well in another Call of Duty game but due to the fact that it was in black ops 1 it Was one of the worst guns ever it fired extremely quickly, which was nice But it didn’t have much reserve ammo when you spawn in plus the range of this thing was pretty bad and it would eventually drop all the way down to only 20 damage per bullet, which is basically Sneezing on someone and letting them know you were there so they could turn around and turn you into Swiss cheese with their FAMAS Number 5 speaking of those guns where there’s always somebody ready to defend it because they’re gonna say you didn’t use it right well, Here we have another one the scorpion in cod4 and I hate to break it to you, but the Scorpion of cod4 Wasn’t that great if you managed to use it? Well, I am I’m happy for you guys But the rest of us couldn’t figure out the magic formula so it gets a spot on this list The scorpion is an SMG with a fast fire rate low damage and a painfully slow reload and since this is caught for you were forced to either take sleight of hand for a faster reload, or Stopping power for higher damage meaning you could fix both of these guns problem at the same time making extremely Frustrating you would either go back to being stuck with a hitmarker machine or you were going to spend half of the game reloading behind Cover now is the scorpion better in hardcore mode, of course it is definitely but that’s not really a fair thing to defend it with because Every gun in cod4 is better in hardcore mode and in standard multiplayer The cod4 scorpion is due due at number four and this is we’re doing a lot of let’s be real with each other Okay, and this is fun giving my list because I’m sure you guys are gonna be all over you But that’s the fun of it. You won Grand in world at war now. Does this suck gun sound amazing? Yes, is it an iconic thing to the franchise in the history of warfare as a whole? Absolutely, is it actually a good gun in world at Note War know if you take them estatic goggles off and you look at world At war in the m1 garand with fresh eyes. It was kind of bad It was a two-shot kill minimum and it had a pretty low fire rate cap So you couldn’t spam it like the other semi-automatic rifles and it only had an eight round magazine and that magazine Could not be reloaded until the entire cartridge Was spent making this thing a total nightmare in close-range combat Since you couldn’t reload on your own accord now, look I love the m1 as much as the next guy But if we’re being super honest with each other here circle of trust in the comments section, this gun was not very good at number three the sawed-off shotgun in Cod World War 2 This piece of crap comes from the latest full Cod release and despite the fact that it’s been buffed a couple times It’s still not that good The sawed-off is a double-barrel shotgun that can fire twice before being reloaded while it does have a decent amount of power at point-blank range It’s a sawed-off shotgun. It should the range drop-off is way too strong and it quickly becomes useless plus the reload for this thing is ridiculously long and even the point-blank damage which is supposed to be its bread-and-butter is Inconsistent as sometimes you kill people with a single shot and other times you’ll nail them with both shots And they’ll still be standing staring at you the shotguns in Cod World War two were pretty lackluster all around but the sawed-off to me is the worst of them all a Number – speaking of double-barreled shotguns. Let’s talk about perhaps the worst one in any Call of Duty game to date I’m talking about the Olympia in black ops now I know there’s people that are just if there’s a cult following for this gun But I mean it was pitiful with the damage drop off So while the base damage was pretty high capable of a one-shot kill your chances of actually getting that one shot kill were pretty slim Thanks to how inconsistent was and how punishing the range drop-off was. Oh, oh, oh Remember, it’s a double barrel. So you have to reload after every two pulls of the trigger and Finishing off. Our list is perhaps the dumbest gun in any Call of Duty game of giving it to the China link this launcher is one of the hardest things to use in any Cod game and that’s not because it’s tough to handle or maybe there’s A special trick to it. It’s just because it’s so awkward and awful that it’s almost impossible to actually do well It is extremely slow to fire name down the sights and the reload time Is it much better plus when you have this gun equipped your character moves? Painfully slow like he’s running in molasses mixed with quicksand. But what about the damage? You may ask Jimmy? well you better get a direct impact with this baby or else you’re going to get yourself a juicy fat hit marker and then spend the Next five minutes reloading the freaking thing before you can fire it again while the other guns on this list were bad But some had some kind of trick to make them decent the China lake in black ops 1 had no special trick There is no magic formula. It was awful And that is why it gets the number one spot on this list but if we’re going to go with the glass is half full if you’ve got to kill with it man wasn’t Rewarding and there you have it my friends. That is my list of the worst guns in Call of Duty history and trust me There’s plenty of other guns, that could have made it on here There are hundreds of guns, but we only had room for 10 So if you guys enjoyed drop a like let me know which guns you agree with me on in Of course, you’re gonna let me know which ones you didn’t this is the new revamped caught history Sunday top ten I hope you guys enjoy I’ll be back soon with a new one

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