100 thoughts on “Top 10 WORST ASSAULT RIFLES in COD HISTORY (Personal List)

  1. I really thought people used the smr, well I guess if no one did I might be number one for kills with it haha I'm pretty sure i got at least 11k with it

  2. What content are you actually providing here? All your videos seem like those random Facebook videos, aka doing a whole lot of talking without really saying anything😂

  3. not to sound like a d*ck or anything, but "AR" actually doesn't stand for Assault Rifle, it stands for Armalite Rifle, a common misconception due to modern politics….

  4. How dare you put Oden on the list?! The gun is just a high skill high reward. I used it in beta and loved it until the Ram-7 came.

  5. Did not play mw2019 since start of season1 but the oden was one of the best guns in my opinion
    The m4 in mw3 is definitely one of the biggest disappointments compared to the previous versions like the ump45 mw2>mw3 or the scar

  6. I use every AR, SMG, LMG, Tactical Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistols, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and I like to switch up the guns I use

  7. The Maverick AR from Ghosts, ROF was meh, TTK also kinda MEH, it was a DLC weapon and I still do better with the Maverick V2 sniper

  8. Amazing everything you just said was wrong.
    Yeah those weapons are not the best in their category but they were definitely available and some weapons(like the m14) are different but are very effective for a certain play style (not necessarily camping)

  9. Stopped to facepalm after he put the Oden on this list.It’s a personal list I know,but really?How many times did you use this Jimmy?

  10. Jimmy, you say this in like every 10 guns video and it really irritates me for than it should lol but MK in the MK14 is pronounced Mark. Sorry but I had to say something 🤷‍♂️

  11. I’m confused how you’re gonna put the shieva on here? It’s another gun that the pros “banned” because it was too good… and we all know you think the BO2 FAL is op just cause of that reason..

  12. I saw the Odin in the beginning and laughed at the scrubbyness and laughed even more when i realized the fal from mw was in the opening clip

  13. Please like this comment if you know how to be godlike with the sheiva some may knew what I’m talking about if you know you know

  14. You have to know how to play with the Oden! You can’t peek around corners on small maps like Shipment/Shoot House because of its low mobility. I use a Holographic Sight, 30 round magazine, sleight of hand, merc fore-grip, Oden factory 810 MM. You can’t play it like it’s a close range SMG, you have to play it for what it is, an AR that absolutely shreds medium-long range.

  15. SMR wasn’t good in larger maps like Turbine, but in smaller maps like Hijacked or Nuketown it was actually pretty decent. Also, if you slapped on FMJ, Select Fire, and Long Barrel this would be a monster

  16. I liked the SMR…. It was more of a challenge in BO2 still had over a 2.0 is BO2 with that gun. Hell I had a 2.0 KD with every AR in BO2

  17. The fal is the best ar in modern warfare it is a 2-3 shot with no cap on how fast u can shoot so u can basically shoot it as it was an smg and melt people on all ranges on keyboard and mouse u can shoot with scroll wheel and shoot it like it was the scorpion

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