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Top 10 Weapons-Producing Countries

The world is becoming more militarized. President Donald Trump has requested a ten
percent boost in defense spending, China will have nearly doubled its military expenditures
by the end of the decade, and — with the impetuous Trump occupying the White House
— conflict zones from the Korean Peninsula to Syria seem more likely to descend into
open warfare than they did under the vigilant command of President Barack Obama. So let’s take some time to
review where the pieces on the board — the weapons systems in this geopolitical game of chess — are coming from. These are the top ten countries that export
the most arms according to the authority on this topic, the Stockholm International Peace
Research Institute. Before we begin, a few important points: the
data does not include spending on support services for these increasingly high-tech
systems, which is now the dominant aspect of military spending; companies — some state-owned
— are the primary providers of these weapons; and we’re using the average of the five
most recent years to give the rankings more stability. Israel’s arms industry is ranked tenth. Its exports surged above $1.2B for 2016, three
times what it was just two years earlier. Part of this is increased sales to India,
Israel’s biggest customer. Israel’s Aerospace Industries just finalized
a deal worth $2B to provide India air and missile defense systems. Ninth is Ukraine. Naval vessels were its primary military export
until a contract with the Chinese dried up in 2015. Despite its ongoing conflict with Russia,
Ukraine continues to sell it more and more arms. Aside from Thailand, the Indians and Vietnamese
are also regular customers. Italy, the world’s eighth-leading arms exporter,
does regular business with the United Arab Emirates. Leonardo S.p.A. — Italy’s leading defense contractor — recently
cut a deal to sell the UAE eight of its brand new P.1 “Hammerhead” Unmanned
Aerial Vehicles for $347 million. Seventh is Spain. It’s defense industry is concentrated heavily
around two key markets: aviation and shipbuilding. State-owned Navantia is in the midst of delivering
three Hobart-class destroyers to the Royal Australian Navy. The first of the 147.2 meter ships is currently
conducting sea trials as it nears completion. The UK is the world’s sixth-ranked arms
manufacturer. It’s largest defense contractor, BAE Systems,
is the third-largest in the world. It’s supplied The Royal Saudi Air Force
with 72 Eurofighter Typhoons as part of a deal that guarantees the UK government
600,000 barrels of Saudi Arabian oil a day. The Germans have slipped from third to fifth
in the last five years as Chancellor Merkel’s government has blocked the sale of certain
weapons systems to countries with questionable human rights records like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, and Brunei. Instead, it’s selling more to allies like
South Korea and Greece. Like the Germans, fourth-ranked France’s
arms exports also declined during the last five years. President Francois Hollande came under heavy
pressure from his NATO allies to cancel the sale of two Mistral-class amphibious assault
ships to the Russians due to the crisis in Ukraine. Those ships instead were sold to Egypt. China’s third-ranked defense industry is
surging, rising from the sixth position just five years ago. The Chinese understand that in geopolitics,
controlling the sale of military hardware is often a government’s most valuable bargaining
chip. What’s interesting is the Chinese don’t
— or can’t — make sales to its global rival, the United States, or its regional
rival, India. The only NATO nation China has ever exported
arms to is Turkey, but even that stopped in 2013. Russia is second. Its main customer, India, now buys just half
as many Russian made weapons systems as they were buying five years ago and, overall, Russia’s
arms sales are down 30% from their peak. After Putin’s actions in eastern Ukraine,
the US, NATO, and their allies used a combination of tools, including sanctions, to punish Russia. But what this data seems to reveal is that
their main game plan was leveraging their vast, combined network of weapons manufacturers
to successfully block Russian companies from making large arms sales. Weapons account for 2.6% of Russia’s total
exports, that’s by far the largest share of any country on this list, so its economy
was extremely vulnerable if weapons exports took a big hit. So when Russia’s economy entered a tailspin
in 2015, it was clear this strategy had worked. And the top weapons exporter is, of course,
the United States. Six of the ten largest defense contractors
are American including the top two: Lockheed and Boeing, which sell more than $60B in arms
each year. Regardless of how you feel about America’s
military industrial complex, it’s important to understand that dominating the world’s
arms trade gives the United States tremendous bargaining power to leverage and mold the affairs of the
rest of the world. Thanks for watching. I hope this provided some valuable background
on some of the issues in the news. Our previous video started some interesting
debate about whether it’s best to expend resources exploring near or distant space. Until next time, for TDC, I’m Bryce Plank.

81 thoughts on “Top 10 Weapons-Producing Countries

  1. Pulling back the curtain and analyzing the ten nations whose defense contractors sell the most weapons to the rest of the world.

  2. (Serious question) Is there anyone in the United States that is not a patriot??? Even people from the left sound like it.
    And do you think that should change, or more countries should be like the US?

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  4. you do know we are still in eight different wars in the Middle East and Africa and that was under Obama and will be continued under Trump let's face it United States is the biggest weapons manufacturer and exporter of the world and we tend to sell the boat side

  5. "Under the vigilant command of Barack Obama" .. Jeeez. You guys just won't stop carrying that guy's water, will you? The only thing he did right was Cuba and Iran nuke deal. Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen have been disasters and have led to immeasurable human suffering, and his hands were all over all of them and other debacles.

  6. As a species, I wanna see us invest defense spending on space exploration. It's actually necessary for the betterment of humankind.

  7. there ya go the company's/corporations who will make the most profit off the war. an some people think these billionaires don't try to start war within governments

  8. viligant? you mean apathetic and blatantly ignoring. I don't like trump but a good Defense is a great offense. he talked allot and allot of Syrians died. at least trump has the balls to do something about it.

  9. I understand maintenance of military-industrial complex, but we should also concentrate on education and jobs more often, along with space research.

  10. America, Russia, China, the U.K. AND France are the top 5 biggest arms exporters in the world. They are also the 5 members of the UN Security Council.

    And people still wonder why we will never have world peace… and even stupider, yet, people still blame dark skinned people or muslims. 😑 People are bloody stupid.

  11. This channel will be perfect if you just didn't hold a grudge for US politicians you dislike

    But keep up the good work

  12. So funny that everything China makes is a cheap knockoff of the American version. And they don't even try to hide it lol

  13. "gives the United States tremendous bargaining power to leverage and mold the affairs of the world", yeah that would've been fine, if the United States hadn't elected two republican man children in less than two decades…

  14. Imagine a world were selling weapons is illegal. Looking at the world from an outside point of view, that fact that selling weapons is legal truly seems ridiculous.

  15. I love how this narrator praised Obama as "vigilant" and used words that were anti Trump within the context. Can't even take this serious as its bias out of the gate. Objectivity is important when portraying news. Lost credibility.

  16. Interesting video with some fun facts I didn't know. Though, you should stick to facts. Your analysis at the beginning of Trump vs Obama is laughable at best deadly at worst if carried out and that vision continued to be out in place.

  17. Just watched this guys election prediction video..Hillary by a landslide and the dems winning The Senate and House lol

  18. BAE systems, Britain's biggest weapons dealer, is actually one of my robotics teams sponsors. They gave us $4,000 this year and do the same for many FIRST robotics teams.

  19. War is a big business, but more victims of robbery & home invasions in our society. Own a Glock piston to counter ambush the intruder or gang of robbers. It's your responsibility to protect your family you can't avoid. Bye.

  20. So to get to profit, those countries need wars. That's why this world is suffering a lot. Destroy arms factories, there will be no war in this world ! While people only Blame Islam for terrorism, don't even have any clue about this real fact…

  21. We must understand if we do not stop these military contractors and the elite corrupt money creating fake Wars and selling weapons to keep them in power for example giving money to Israel 30 billion over 10 years, which they made a deal they would buy weapons only from these contractors if we gave them our taxpayers dollars, the so-called gods and alien Watchers will allow the cataclysms of Earth, which happen every few thousand years to destroy this Earth because of it's corruption. Please people wake up, it is the 99% against the top Elite and their money that is the true War we should be fighting

  22. I have always wondered: how does the USA and other countries like Russia, keep their technology secret and from falling into the hands of opponents, if they sell these high tech weapons systems to countries all over the world

  23. First off you're stupid Obama did nothing when people cross the lines and killed their own Statesman. Second of all just because Trump is president it's causing other countries to arm themselves. This is stupid liberal bias bullcrap.

  24. “Dominating the worlds arms trade gives the USA tremendous bargaining power to leverage and mould the affairs of the world”. Why don’t they clean up their own act and fix the problems at home instead of creating wars and killing millions of innocent men, women and children. Oh .. but then their arms sales would go down …

  25. Interesting how the US population doesn't exactly like Muslims or Arabs yet all top 3 of America's weapons's customers 4:30 are all Muslim.

  26. There is not a single country in the world that creates love.
    All countries in the world want to fight with another countries.
    It's true.😭😭😭😭😭

  27. "Petulant Trump", "Vigilant Obama". Jesus Christ. Obama was terrible on military policy.

    I just recently discovered this channel and absolutely LOVED the Megacities series, there is some truly fantastic content here. But this dude's political biases are unreal. In another video he said backing out of the TPP was needless and stupid, without any acknowledgement of the many issues with that terrible deal….

    Just stick to facts and keep political opinions out of it.

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