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Top 10 Super Villain Weapons

Being evil or of malicious intent is one thing
– it’s what makes a villain a villain in the first place. But from time to time, it’s hard to get by
with your evil doings if you don’t have something – like a powerful weapon – to back you
up. Superheroes aren’t easy to defeat, let alone
challenge, and these super villains are very privy to that fact. So today, we’re counting down out top 10 picks
for the tools that supervillains have taken full advantage of when trying to bring down
some of our favourite caped crusaders. This is our list of the top 10 super villain
weapons. 10 Kryptonite 
The ore form of a radioactive compound from Krypton, Kryptonite has become a pretty iconic
weapon – or rather weakness – in pop culture, essentially having the same meaning and importance
of the term achilles heel. That’s a pretty big deal in itself, and while
some may argue it should be considered a weakness opposed to a weapon, there’s been multiple
times when Kryptonite is used as a weapon against Superman, or other Kryptonian heroes. And hey, considering whjat it’s capable of
doing to Superman, you can’t deny it packs a worthy punch. Different kryptonite has different effects,
although the one most are probably familiar with is green kryptonite. 9 Kylo Ren’s lightsaber 
One of the newest weapons to hit the scene on our list, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is not
only highly effective, it’s also really really cool. All gushing aside, lightsabers in general
are powerful weapons. You wouldn’t want be on the receiving end
of one. And, the amount of time it takes to craft
one – if you’re going through the typical Jedi training as opposed to just, you know,
connecting with one as we’ve seen go down a few times – it makes sense why these weapons
are only held by the strongest, most precise warriors in the universe – the Jedi and the
Sith alike. Kylo Ren’s cross guard lightsaber is of
an ancient design that is a throwback to over a millennia ago, from weapons during the great
scourge of Malachor. It’s constructed around a dangerously flawed
kyber crystal, and the crossguard blades allow the lightsaber to operate safely, as it splits
the plasma stream into three channels rather than one.   8 Winter Solider’s Arm   
For this one, we’re going to be looking at the MCU Winter Solider, and his prosthetic
arm. A cybernetic implant attached to his body
where his left arm once was, Bucky Barnes’ prosthetic arm has a history of some pretty
gruesome acts. He used it to assassinate Howard and Maria
Stark, killed several SHIELD personnel and take on Captain America. It gives Bucky an immense amoun of strength,
equal to Caps, so much so that he once over powered him. The down side though is that it lacks flexibility
and has been expolited for it’s lack of mobility. 7 Bane’s Venom   
Venom is one of the more powerful yet insidious substances in the DC universe, and it’s
a substance that Batman is definitely no stranger to. While it’s not a weapon in the traditional
sense, this highly addictive compound was engineered to alter one’s physical strength,
turning their body into the weapon. Bane uses a special apparatus in which he
presses a button in order to give him a boost of venom, with enough strength that he was
able to snap Batman’s back over his knee in one of the villain’s most memorable moments. 6 Joker’s Venom
Speaking of Venom, let’s look at another one of Batman’s rogues, who uses a very
different kind of venom. Sometimes simplicity is best. Or the most brutal. Joker has an arsenal of gag props that, upon
first look, seem like harmless party tricks, but turn out to be much more sinister. His laughing gas aka Joker Venom is a prime
example of this – it’s initial effect has it’s victims in stitches, filled with laughter,
but it’s not soon after that the victims begin laughing themselves to death. It’s a tool he’s used on multiple occasions
in pre-meditated genocides. 5 Doc Ock’s Robotic Tentacles   
Otto Octavious is a villain of superior intellect, so it makes sense that he’d craft himself
a superior weapon to give him an upper hand. His robotic tentacles, sometimes referred
to as his harnesses, have had a few upgrades over the years, going from titanium to adamantium
to carbonanium. These robotic arms are light weight but dense,
strong enough to walk up walls, agile and quick, and can pack quite the punch when swung
around. They’ve proven themseleves strong enough to
hold back the Hulk once and defeat Iron Man. 4 Lex Luthors Warsuit   
Speaking of smart men with smart toys, Lex Luthor is another case of a super villain
with genius level intellect who managed to acquire a suit that gave him the ability to
take on Superman. Luthor’s suit has had quite the history,
but has definitely become one of the genius’ trademarks over time. The original war suit was a LexCorp prototype
that failed, with Luthor eventually acquiring a warsuit built on Apokolips to later replace
it, which put him on par with Superman, even though the man of steel found a way to disable
it. It gives Luthor superhuman strength, durability,
flight, force field capabilities, and makes use of kyrptonite, being able to project energy
blasts from different kinds of kryptonite via energy generators in the suit’s fingers
and gauntlets. 3 Scarecrow – Fear Toxin 
Not all weapons are physical – the ones that can displace and disorient your mind
can be just as dangerous, especially when used with precise malicious intent.  Scarecrow’s fear toxin is exactly that;
it manipulates it’s victims into hallucinating, seeing their worst nightmares or greatest
fears come to life right in front of them, to the point where it’s turned many a victim
mad as they believe their fears are now a reality. Batman developed an antidote to neutralize
the toxin, but if the antidote isn’t on hand, it’s been shown in various cases that
when the victim faces their fear and overcomes it, the toxin neutralizes itself, but this
is fairly uncommon. 2 Loki’s Scepter
Loki’s Scepter is extremely powerful, capable of channeling energy blasts that are incredibly
destructive. Plus, the curved blade at it’s end makes
it even more deadly when in close combat, and aid in another sinister task – when Loki
puts the blade up to a person’s chest, over their heart, he gains control over them, suffocating
their free will with his own agenda. In the MCU, it initially held the Mind Stone,
one of the Infinity Stones and was given to Loki by Thanos. Loki used it during the invasion of Earth,
but it was confiscated by SHIELD after the battle of New York. 1 Infinity Gauntlet   
The Infinity Gauntlet is an item designed to hold the soul gems, aka the infinity gems. Designed by Thanos, when all six gems are
inserted in it, it’s capable of almost anything.  Each gem is capable of doing different things. The time gem provides control over all aspects
of time, the space gem is limitless manipulation of space, the soul gem provides the manipulation
of souls both alive and dead, the reality gem can alter the natural laws of the universe,
the power gem controls the power in the universe with the ability to augment or inhibit any
force, and lastly, the mind gem give the user the ability to tap into the universal consciousness. All together, it provides the wearer omnipotence,
it exceeds the powers of the celestials, death, galactus, Kronos, and other massively powerful
entities. It’s one weakness? It can’t function outside of the universe
it was created in, which is Earth 616.  
There we have it friends! What other super villain weapons do you consider
to be crazy powerful? Let us know in those comments below. As always, if you dug this video, make sure
you hit those like and subscribe buttons, and head on over to our channel for more nerdy
lists. In the meantime, I’ve been Kelly Paoli and
this has been top 10 nerd. I’ll catch you all in the next one.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Super Villain Weapons

  1. Minor nit-pick: the We can't do X, let alone Y construct should be X= hard thing, Y= much harder thing. Thus: Superheroes are hard to challenge, let alone defeat.

    Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  2. The Infinity Gauntlet. Yeeeeeeees. That idiot Thanos didn't know how to use it…properly…I mean, cool list.

  3. If you took the Infinity Gauntlet to Earth one of the DC universe you could end the Justice league versus Avengers debate forever

  4. Why the f**k would you put the Sinestro Ring in the thumbnail of the video if you weren't going to include it on your list?! I hate it when someone doesn't include something that was in the thumbnail of their top 10 video!

  5. Of course, the Red Skull's red dust pretty much does the same thing as the Joker's venom, only it shrivels the skin into a, well, red skull. Which created a nice little in-joke when they did the Captain America/Batman book several years ago when Joker and Red Skull used their respective dusts against each other, and discovers they were too similar and had no effect on the other. So, Red Skull chooses the easiest method and knocks Joker unconscious. Nice.

  6. If a lightsabre existed in real life, of would ionize all the particles around it, and eventually the entire planet would be a ball of plasma.

  7. i am not sure if you could call bucky a villain because he did do the right thing in civil war and is going to do the same in infinity war according to the teasers and trailers

  8. loki's scepter isnt strong at all its just a pointy weapon but the infinity gem inside of it is the true strength, because the mind stone was inside of it ( and now in the head of vision) made him so dangerous

  9. I wouldn't be surprised if DC created their own rip-off of the infinity gauntlet where instead of infinity stones/gems you had to collect one of every lantern cores rings, brake off the part of the ring that the symbol on it, and put it in a a space in the gauntlet. Then you'd have the most powerful thing in the DC universe.

  10. my favorites
    wolf swordshield
    infinity gauntlet
    z staff
    grumm's staff
    ice staff(flurius,power rangers)
    pumpkin bombs
    cicada's dagger
    snart's cold gun
    rory's heat gun

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