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Top 10 Splatoon 2 Weapons

What’s going on, guys, and welcome back
to Hylian Alph Gaming! The wait is finally over, my hiatus has come
to an end, and I am super excited to be making videos again! Seeing as this is my first video in a while,
I wanted to do something special, and this was the best thing I could come up with! My fourth video ever, with a title identical
to this one, is easily my most viewed video ever, and by easily, I mean EASILY. It has about 15 times the views of my second
most viewed video, and it accounts for more than half of the views of my entire channel! It feels super cool to have a video with so
many views, but I just wish it wasn’t THAT video, as, if I’m being honest, that’s
probably the worst video on my channel. I the audio was terrible, the editing was
mediocre at best, and, mainly, the list wasn’t very good in my current opinion. I’m remaking it today, then, to amend and
hopefully fix the list, but also because I want those views, not gonna lie. This video is pretty self-explanatory with
the title and all, but one thing I wanna make clear this time around is that these are just
my favorite Splatoon 2 weapons, not the best Splatoon 2 weapons. I normally try to include opinions other than
my own in these top 10’s, but when I did that last time, it didn’t really work. I tried to include a blaster and a charger
just to appease blaster or charger people, but since I don’t really use blasters or
chargers, I just came across as uneducated, so no more of that! This is purely my list, but aside from that,
the rules will remain unchanged from last time. I’ll only rank the base model of each weapon
based on stats without taking subs and specials into account, even if my subs and specials
list isn’t very good either. One last thing, my opinions do evolve as I
play Splatoon 2 differently, so the list probably won’t reflect my exact opinions a few months
from now. Nevertheless, this list will hopefully hold
up better than my last one, and I’ve really been meaning to cut back on intro lengths
lately so LET’S-A-GO!!! For number ten, we have the tri-slosher! The tri-slosher is one of the game’s more
averagey sloshers, but it’s also one of my favorites. The tri-slosher works like any other slosher,
allowing you to slosh ink out of a bucket in front of you as a mode of attack. I’m not a slosher expert, so I can’t give
a detailed essay about why the tri-slosher’s spread of ink is more effective than, say,
the sloshing machine’s, but there is something about the tri-slosher that I like. A lot of sloshers try a lot of weird and varying
things to stand out, lookin’ at a couple of you in particular, but I like the more
standard feel of the tri-slosher. It just flings ink out in a simple and efficient
manner, which is why the tri-slosher is my tenth favorite Splatoon 2 weapon! At number nine, we have the Bloblobber! This… this thing is messed up, guys. The only thing that puts it in the slosher
class of weapon is the lobbing motion you use to fire with it, but the blobs you lob
out are overpowered and evil! The bloblobber shoots out these weird strings
of bubble things that look scary and do even scarier things to your opponent. Well, okay, they’re more effective than
scary, but– oh, it’s just a metaphor, I– never mind! These bubbles bounce across the ground stupidly
far, and since they come in strings of four, they’re able to kill in one hit if you’re
not careful! The bouncing nature of the bloblobber’s
bubbles can make the bloblobber very overpowered in the hands of a skilled lobber simply due
to how long and far their influence goes, but I am not the greatest lobber in the land,
so the bloblobber is only my ninth favorite splatoon 2 weapon. Number 8 on my list is the clash blaster. As many of you were kind enough to point out
in the comments section of my old top 10 Splatoon 2 weapons, the clash blaster is the fastest
shooting blaster in the game, and that’s the main reason why it’s my favorite. The grizzco blaster might actually shoot faster,
I’m not 100 percent sure, but the grizzco weapons are only available during certain
salmon run events, so I’m not counting them here. We can only hope that they’ll one day be
available for use in normal battles! Anyway, blasters are the only weapon class
to do splash damage with their normal fire, I think, which means that they’re super
annoying to play against most of the time. When you’re actually the one using a blaster,
especially one as fast as the clash blaster, it just feels great! The splash damage in any blaster enables you
to basically shoot around corners, and since the clash blaster can shoot so insanely rapidly,
it feels amazing to use! The clash blaster is easily my favorite blaster,
but it’s only my eighth favorite Splatoon 2 weapon. Number seven on my list is the splattershot! The Splattershot is the first and most generic
weapon you get in Splatoon 2, and it’s also one of my favorites. The splattershot is an incredibly average
weapon in terms of stats, middling range, damage, and fire rate generally speaking,
and that is most certainly a good thing. The splattershot gives an incredible spread
of ink, allowing you to ink turf at a dangerously efficient rate. Other weapons like the aerospray, for example,
have similar or even better map covering capabilities than the Splattershot, but the Splattershot
stands out from these other weapons in a couple of ways, mainly in range and splatting capability. It’s not a sniper by any means, but compared
to most other shooters that are insanely good at inking, the Splattershot is surprisingly
effective at splatting opponents. It has just the right ratio of accuracy to
spread of ink to make it an excellent choice of firepower, and my seventh favorite Splatoon
2 Weapon. For number six, I’ve chosen the dapple dualies! The dapple dualies were number two on my first
top ten, and even though they’ve dropped back significantly since then, they’re still
a darn good pair-o-shooters! The dapple dualies are, obviously, able to
dodge roll like all dualies which is nice, but they also have the fire rate of a lesser
god! If you get in just the right spot aiming at
someone with the dapple dualies, you will kill them in practically no time at all! Here’s my issue though; the dapple dualies
have, like, no range whatsoever. I used to love them, but I guess I just got
so used to other weapons that I can’t seem to do very well at all with the dapple dualies
anymore. I’ll sit there shooting at a guy, then they
kill me with no effort because they’re just too far away! I’m sure it’s just me not being used to
the dapple dualies anymore, but I don’t love these things enough to place them any
higher than number six. At number five, we have the N-Zap! Fun fact, the N-Zap 89 was my main in Splatoon
1, and even though I don’t use it much anymore, it’s still a pretty cool weapon! It has pretty good range, it’s fire rate
and ground coverage are great, there’s really a lot of good stuff going on! It’s modeled after the Zapper from the NES,
which is a nice little throwback if you remember the NES. The N-Zap is very similar to the splattershot,
sporting identical range and just generally feeling very similar, but the N-Zap beats
out the Splattershot for me purely because of its fire rate. The N-Zap does a little bit less damage than
the Splattershot per hit, but the N-Zap shoots noticeably faster than the Splattershot, which
is more useful to me. I’m more likely to splat someone if my fire
rate is high, except for a few instances we’ll get to later. Either way, the N-Zap is a great weapon, and
my fifth favorite in Splatoon 2! For number four, I’ve picked the Hydra Splatling! Okay, do you remember in my earlier edition
of this video when I said that the heavy splatling is a beast? Well, since then, I’ve met a little fella
called the Hydra Splatling, and this thing is twice the beast of the heavy splatling! The Hydra is less mobile and quick to charge
than the heavy splatling, but that really doesn’t matter when you can stand, like,
a mile away from people and have a constant rain of inkfire on them! It’s not THAT much better than the heavy
splatling, I just really appreciate the increased range and duration of fire, which is why the
Hydra Splatling is number four on my list! At number three, we have the splat roller! The Splat Roller used to be my favorite weapon
in the game, and while I still enjoy it, I’ve kind of drifted away from the old boy lately. I really don’t know why, because the Splat
Roller is a great weapon! While some other rollers are either too weak
or too slow for my liking, the Splat roller is right in that perfect zone where it’s
quick enough for me to use and powerful enough to splat in one hit. It can be frustrating at times when it feels
like you totally hit someone but they didn’t die for no reason, but when I get into a groove
with the Splat Roller, you better watch out, and it’s probably in your best interest
to cry. I’ve had so much fun in matches by just
sitting there with my splat roller and jumping all over the place, killing anyone who goes
anywhere near me, it’s just a blast! I can’t do well with it super reliably,
but the times that I can are what make the Splat roller my third favorite Splatoon 2
Weapon! For number two, I’ve picked the OG splat
dualies! Now, these guys TOTALLY deserved to be number
one on my old version of this list, but I was a weirdo who was too scared to put such
a generic weapon at number one, so instead I picked the dark tetra dualies which I only
thought were good because they were new. Anyway, the splat dualies are finally being
given the justice they deserve, because these things are phenomenal! They have a slightly slower fire rate than
the dapple dualies, and they might be weaker with a few other stats, not really sure on
that one, but the splat dualies have the PERFECT range for my play style. Okay, obviously I could always use more range,
but I never find myself too far away from someone with the splat dualies. I’m always at the perfect distance to slide
in and splat my opponent lightning quick, and I’m also able to ink fairly well with
the splat dualies dualies. Courtesy of the Nintendo Switch Online app,
which I can’t really show footage of here, I know that the splat dualies are by far my
most used weapon in all of Splatoon 2, but recently, I’ve found one weapon that stole
the cake right out from under the nose of the splat dualies as my favorite weapon. Okay that made no sense, shawham! Number one on my list is the splattershot
pro! This thing is so amazing for so many reasons,
I don’t even know where to start! Oh wait, yes I do, it’s range! The Splattershot pro can shoot incredibly
far for a shooter, allowing you to splat enemies from very very far away. Its fire rate isn’t very good, sure, but
it’s definitely not the worst, and it still inks a surprisingly wide and solid stream
of ink for the slow fire. The splattershot pro is ranged and accurate
enough to kill enemies with ease, and still okay at inking turf well. It’s by no means the most effective at inking,
but compared to most other killing machines, it’s not bad at all. The last few weapons on this list were pretty
hard to put in a specific order, but right now, I’d have to say that the splattershot
pro is my favorite splatoon 2 weapon! Thanks for watching everyone! As I already said, I’m super excited to
be back, I’ve got a bunch of cool video ideas, can’t wait to make ‘em, yadda yadda
yadda. As I also already said, this exact list probably
won’t remain my opinion a couple of months from now, but I think I did a better job this
time around. Tell me what you thought down in the comments
below, remember to like and subscribe if you enjoyed, and have a great day!

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  2. The bloblobber is trash and I would bash you for using it, but you admitted that. And yes, then grizzblaster is hecka faster than the clash. The clash is a piece of trash too, but that’s partly cause I main the best weapon, the brella, and the canopy doesn’t help much in defense against a blaster… I’d go on about a couple more, but, meh. I’m kinda just salty that the light weapons are so unfairly hard to fight against now that they do so much damage for some reason, like, I’m dying in two hits to a splattershot. What?

  3. I love when there are people shooting at you but they can't reach you so you just kill them with your splattershot pro

  4. The hydra is a beast. Change my mind. Also I find it strange how the rest of your list is full of short range weapons and the hydra is the only anchor. Usually people used to playing backliners play the hydra. Great vid tho!

  5. I kind of thought this top 10 would be a bit better. I play at competitive level and the weapons of choice are pretty different. I understand this might be for casual but maybe make a separate video for top 10 Splatoon 2 weapons in competitive would be a good idea

  6. Nice video, however I think the title of the video is a little bit misleading considering that it’s your opinion and not on stats or something. Looking forward to more vids also subbed.

  7. Wow you included MY comment? And used one of my old favorites as number 1? You must definitely like me. But the bad news-Splattershot Pro isn't on my list anymore:
    10. Kensa Splat Charger
    9. Inkbrush Nouveau
    8. 5.2 Gal Deco
    7. Zinc Mini Splatling
    6. Bloblobber Deco
    5. Kensa Dynamo Roller
    4. Aerospray MG
    3. Neo Splash-o-Matic
    2. Custom Dualie Squelchers
    1. Custom Splattershot Jr

  8. Basicly every weapon but the undercover brella, but Dualie squelchers are op and I main them (both of them) also the pro is one of my favorites

  9. I also have a request,can you make a video about top 10 weapons for ranked battles in every mode?Rainmaker,Clam Blitz,Tower Control,and Splat Zones thank’s!

  10. Don’t press “READ MORE”


  11. My top 10:
    10:Splat Roller
    9:Splat Dualies
    8:Tenta Brella
    7:Flingza Roller
    6:Dynamo Roller
    5:Dapple Dualies
    4:Grim Range Blaster (Yes im watching this very late)
    3:Bamboozler Mk 3 (You might be thinking wut)
    2:Splattershot Pro
    Honerable Mentions(lol):

  12. 7:46 “the OG Splat Dualies”
    only shows clips of the Kensa Splat Dualies (yes, I know he’s not looking at the kits of the weapons and the Kensa, Enperry and normal Splat Dualies all have the same stats but still 💤)

  13. Splattershot Pro is so food6and my most used too. But the .96 has even better range so i now prefer it. Slow af tho

  14. My top 10 weapons.
    10. Aerospray
    9. Squiffer charger thing that I can't remember the full name of
    8. Dark tetra dulies (Spelt right?)
    7. Dark tetra dulies
    6. Dark tetra dulies
    5. Dark tetra dulies
    4. Dark tetra dulies
    3. Dark tetra dulies
    2. Dark tetra dulies
    1. Dark tetra dulies

    I don't like any other weapon they don't suit me other than in salmon run.

  15. My List

    10. Aerospray MG
    9. Carbon Roller
    8. Blobblober
    7. Octobrush
    6. Splat Charger
    5. Custom Dualie Squelchers
    4. Heavy Splatling
    3. Splat Dualies
    2. Splat Roller
    1. Tentatek Splattershot

  16. 1. Carbon Roller
    2. Splash-o-Matic
    3. Splat Dualies
    4. Jet Squelcher
    5. Splat Roller
    6. Bloblobber

    My current list.

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