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Top 10 Shotgun Kills in CS:GO

Guys CS:GO can get pretty serious sometimes. Round by round, decision by decision, the stress is real. I mean do we eco, do we go aggressive, should we stack a site. Should I buy head armour? Or ‘nades. It’s all too much sometimes. That’s why occasionally you just got to chill out and buy that shotgun. I mean I don’t know about you, but to me nothing lightens the mood in a server. Like a good old XM rush. That’s right guys get pumped up (See what I did there). This week we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Shotgun Kills in CS:GO Kicking off our list at number 10 is CLG’s Hazed, who pulled off an incredible feat during ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1. Looking to build up some money for the next round against Team Liquid, hazed puts his trusty shotgun to good use by mowing down TL, one terrorist after another. (Casting) Coming in at number 9, we have TSM’s Dev1ce, who, with his team in the lead decided to take down most of Penta Esports in style. (Casting) Next up our list is GeT_RiGhT who pulled off a jaw dropping ace against Natus Vincere, during Fragbite Masters 2014. Using the Mag-7 to its fullest on Train, GeT_RiGhT decimates the CIS squad, proving that no matter what weapons you give him, the Swedish legend will make it work. (Casting) Who says flicks are just for AWPs. Coming at number 7 is GODSENT’s Doplan who, at ESL Pro League Season 6, proved that shotgun flicks are just as sick. With Envy already on Cache’s B-site, Doplan found himself trapped with only a mag-7 in hand. But of course, he didn’t see it that way. (Casting) Nothing spells confidence more than running through a molly with a shotty. Which is why Flusha comes in at number six on our list. Taking on Vexed Gaming during StarSeries Season 14, Fnatic found themselves with a commanding lead, and with the round coming to an end Flusha decided it was time to go hunting. (Casting) I’d imagine at this point you might be getting tired of the Mag-7. Well we’re not. Since time and time again pros have been able to pop off heads and make it flashy. That’s not different here with NBK showing us just how versatile he is as a player And unfortunately for Dignitas, they’d be used as the demonstration dummies (Casting) At number 4 we have Fnatic’s Olofmeister at ESL One Cologne 2014. On the cusp of losing the map to Virtus.Pro, The Swedes needed to come up with some sort of brilliant play to save themselves. So what better than letting Olofmeister live up to his famous Olofpass nickname. (Casting) Shotguns are big guns, so we thought that the number three spot on our list should be held down by the man with biggest guns in CS:GO Most player don’t like taking too many risks with their money during the semifinal of a Major, but then again, most players aren’t PashaBiceps. And at ESL Once Cologne 2016, Pasha used a Mag-7 to remind SK Gaming exactly why VP are Counter-Strike legends. (Casting) Is it actually possible to be sneaky with a shotgun? Well apparently Tizian thought so and wanted to prove it against DRUCKSWELLE esports in ESL’s Meisterschaft league. Already ahead 5 rounds, Tizian decided to change things up and buy a Nova before putting on his best Stewie2k impression and kindly showing Druckswelle the power of his boomstick. (Casting) Taking the number one spot, with his second appearance on this list is Swedish legend GeT_RiGhT, who scored an unbelievable ace against CPLAY at NorthCon 2012. With everyone still trying to figure out the ins and outs of CS:GO, few players knew what weapons to expect when it came to an eco round. So with no armor against a full buy, GeT_RiGhT went on to set the standard for what makes a great shotgun play. (Casting) Well guys that’s our list of the TOp 10 Shotgun Kills in CS:GO Now look, if you’re looking for more venomous gaming athleticism, be sure to check out our Story of Dr. Disrespect and that’s dropping this Saturday. That’s all for me though guys and I will see you next time. Thanks for watching. If you want more great content just like this, be sure to hit the subscribe button.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Shotgun Kills in CS:GO

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  2. Really none of Oskars XM10 clips are on here? Not even their run-boost with S1mple over 2 smokes top mid inferno? LIke come on…

  3. Eh I like the analysis videos more or the “Rise of *blank player*” don’t do top tens they’re boring and you’re not gameranx

  4. Really u get a top 10 when ESEA shitty league is a fucking trash where teams more often to throw the handicaps soometimes the whole game to for the sake of money lulquid

  5. Got pretty decent aces as well. On one server I was kicked because "it looked like cheating". On another one, somebody got salty because "it looks humiliating". But it was fun!

  6. XM shotgun and Scoped AR's are officially known as "Old Guy Guns" because they are usually carried by older players (99.9% of them in casual) with shit aim and reactions… If you use these guns (along with the auto sniper) you need to grow some balls, along with some skill.

  7. I remember the last get_right clip! In that time, rizc was single handedly carrying the scene with his casting. He retired from CS casting now but he will always have a place in my heart as the one who started my love for CS:GO

  8. Shouldve had tariks flying m7 at the boston major. Pullin that out in the grand final of a crucial round on map 3 was ridiculous

  9. Get_Right's Mag-7 at the first spot, that was the time where the Mag-7 was ridiculous OP with it's higher rate of fire.

  10. I have found the formula for these videos!!!! Blank found themselves with blank so blank decided to blank with the blank

  11. p90 and all shotguns are so damn imbalanced.
    I can understand kills in close range,but when they kill through the half map-i can't get it.Just a bullshit

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