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Top 10 One Taps (Rifles and Pistols)

What’s up guys, my name is Colin McNeil for theScore esports. You know in CS:GO there are few things sexier than the one-tap. Just left clicking on a head and watching explode. So satisfying. (Casting) Now before we get into the list guys, there was a huge debate in the office about what a one-tap actually is. Do Deagle headshots count? Should they be on this list? Should they get their own separate list? At the end of the day we decided to compromise and give you one mega-list with the best one-taps and one-deags. But if you think, one-deags should get their own Top 10 list, let us know in the comments below. We can probably make it happen. Oh and one more thing guys, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and give that subscribe button just one tap. Thank you very much. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 one-taps from CS:GO. Kicking off our list is none other than Coldzera once again reminding us just how good he is. Playing on Nuke against G2 Esports at IEM Oakland 2017 Cold kicks off the play with a dirty deag on RpK before delivering a crispy one-tap to Shox. (Casting) From one CS:GO god to another, number nine sees s1mple giving Team Liquid a taste of what they’ve been missing since he left, landing three consecutive one-taps with the USP. (Casting) Coming in at number eight is dennis melting three G2 players with a USP so fast that you’ll miss it if you blink. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) Down 9 rounds to 1 in the quarterfinals of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017, Ninjas in Pyjamas needed something truly magical to get them back in the game. Pyth stepped up, conjuring up this gross AK-47 double one-tap. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) At number six we’ve got Autimatic with the deag. Against Complexity on Train Autimatic treats the A site like a firing range, weaving in and out of the train cars, pulling off this sweet 4k with taps crispier than a bucket deep fried chicken. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) Our next set of one-taps came up when it mattered the most — in the Grand Finals of IEM Katowice 2017. Down a Map to FaZe Clan and trailing by two rounds on Overpass, dupreeh put Astralis on his back with this insane ace with the Deagle, including three consecutive one taps. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) This one’s going to be a little shorter than our last few, but just as nasty. ScreaM has one single bullet left in his AK as he enters the B Apartments to challenge the likes of fer and Coldzera with the bomb down. (Casting) (Casting) At number three, we’ve got another otherworldly one tap from ScreaM,, once again beating up on the Brazilians. Landing a split-second one-tap IN MID AIR with his victim jumping over boxes at CT Spawn, this frag had to have fnx rethinking his entire life. (Casting) (Casting) At ESL One New York 2017 FaZe Clan just couldn’t be touched, with the European superteam failing to drop a single map during the entire tournament. But even after the mastery they showed reaching the finals, Niko still managed to shock us all. Fenced in by three players on Inferno’s B bomb-site, NiKo tells Guardian to hold his beer, and goes to work on the hapless victims of Team Liquid. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) Five shots, five kills. Coming in at number one we have a series of surgical one-taps from xms that will have you questioning reality itself. Xms plays a one man game of Counter-Strike here, surgically picking off Kinguin’s entire roster with just five bullets. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) Well guys, that’s our list. Like I said at the start, if you think one-deags should get their very own Top 10 list, Let us know in the comments, we can probably make it happen. Thanks for watching. If you want more great content just like this, be sure to hit the subscribe button.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 One Taps (Rifles and Pistols)

  1. The most irritating part of these top 10 videos is the starting intro….but the videos are truly awesome!!!

  2. I don't really consider that play from Niko one taps. If you take multiple shots at someone, either re-peeking or a few two-shot sprays and finally land a headshot, that wasn't a one tap.

    Obviously still a monster play, just not one taps.

  3. The great thing about 1 taps is that you have the option to spray but are confident u only need 1 bullet. The real argument is if you can say the deagle can spray, which is a tough to say bc its usefulness while spraying is dog shit. Thanks for ready tlmy essay.

  4. 10. Cheating
    9. Not enough evidence – Legit
    8. Cheating
    7. Cheating
    6. Cheating
    5. Cheating
    4. Not enough evidence – Legit
    3. -||-
    2. Cheating 🙁
    1. Not enough evidence – Cheating

    Feel free to change my mind.

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