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Today we have a very special video for you The Top 10 greatest Nerf gun mods… of all time. #10 Nerf Hailfire I don’t know why this Nerf gun didn’t rank higher man. Well it’s kinda boring. It wasn’t boring when I killed you with it. You got lucky. Oh really? Let’s watch it again Damn, that must have hurt No biggie You were all twitching when you were dying. Speaking of dying… #9 Nerf Demolisher RPG. I think we need a better name for this Nerf gun mod. Something snazzy. How about the “That wasn’t your Nerf gun I didn’t make it for you mod”?! Hey man, finders keepers. Roll tape! Oh dewd! You blew up like a water balloon filled with blood! Let me tell you, the walls were covered with your guts. You know you could have cleaned it up. I’m a killer, not a cleaner. #8, Nerf Battle Racer No, no, no. That does not count. Why not? Because you blew yourself up with it. It didn’t work! If somebody died, it worked. Ok, let’s watch it Nah that’s alright, we don’t need to see it again. I think we do. You have an appointment with death. Can you make it quick? I’m expecting company. Oh it’ll be quick, real quick. And not a scratch! That was awesome. But not as awesome as #7… NERF FIREBALL GUN Do you know how much you cost me in home repairs with that Nerf gun? Don’t know, don’t care. That, was so much fun. So much fun. Watch… That was one of the greatest days of my life. One of my worst. Speaking of which, let’s skip to the ending. BEWM! Dewd you turned into a skeleton Screw you man, let’s go to the next one, #6, my masterpiece, NERF MASTODON MOD. You really need to come up with a better name than that. Why, what’s wrong with that? First of all, it’s not creative, second of all, it sucks. You know what sucks? Stealing another man’s modded Nerf Mastodon! Oh did I do that? Let’s check the tape. I gotta say, I love that Nerf gun. I did too when I made it. Sharing is caring. #5, The NERFJITSU. Just stop right there. What’s your deal dewd? That’s not a Nerf mod. Uh yeah, it totally is. All you did was tape a sword to a Nerf gun. You didn’t mod the actual gun. You’re just mad I put it through your head. Ouch, get that man an Advil. I’ll get you an Advil! What? Never mind #4, THE RAMBOW. Explosive arrow tips. Do you remember how bad your aim was? What are you talking about? Lucky shot. Funny how you never have lucky shots. #3 Nerf Roughcut 9000 Oh man you looked like a slice of Swiss cheese after I used that one on you. I have no idea what you’re talking about. No? Let me remind you. Does that refresh your memory? So the only time you can actually hit me is when you fire 9000 shots at once. That proves my point. What point? Your aim sucks. Really? Do you remember #2? Nerf Freeze Gun! This one is a personal favorite. Well it has saved your life a billion times. Yeah against the Nerf Drone, against Nerf Gun Baby, and my personal favorite… Batter up! You seem proud of yourself. I am. And the #1 greatest Nerf gun mod of all time? The Illegal Nerf Gun Mod. The one that started it all. Without this one, we wouldn’t be able to kill each other. And that’s what makes it so special. Remember the first time I killed you? Trying to forget. Well here’s a little trip down memory lane… And now the modified Nerf dart. So which one was your favorite Nerf gun mod? Tell me in the comments below And make sure to subscribe because we’re not done coming up with crazy Nerf gun mods to kill each other with. Oh and if you want to see the full versions of all the nerf war videos we showed you today, the links are in the description below, or just click one of these boxes right here.

100 thoughts on “TOP 10 NERF GUN MODS!

  1. My favorite was nerf tranquilizer. With it you could put your enemies to sleep and then shoot them while they’re at it

  2. Number 8 nerf battle buggy Danny if someone died it worked number 5 nijidsu that’s not a real mod if someone died it worked

  3. Yeah because if you have like a big gun with multiples and they're right next to you that means that you have bedding but if you have a gun with like a a scope and you're far away and you shoot the person in your make it in the forehead fishes headshot you are good aim but if you don't if you can't even shoot somebody a lot of bullets and they're closed in sucks and I'm talking to you then

  4. That was so very the number one one was my best one was actually the best can you actually a real quick on this listing but can you guys make each other like one movie please

  5. My top 10:
    10) Nerf nitro car mod
    9) Insane nerf mod
    8) Fireball gun
    7) Nerf master blaster
    6) Nerf demolished RPG
    5) Nerf shrink gun
    4) Explosive blazin’ bow
    3) Nerf freeze gun
    2) Nerf plasma gun
    1) Illegal Nerf gun mod

  6. I just wanna say that me and Tommy have a lot in common we both have a butterfly knife just laying around we both love our self some Pizza Hut mail chill for a pepperoni lovers of Pizza Hut and we both swear quite a fucking often Yep

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