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Top 10 Longest Sniper Shots in Fortnite: Battle Royale History!

– [Narrator] We’ve already
posted a video about the longest sniper shots in Fortnite,
but for some reason we just didn’t place the clips in
the order of the shots. So we decided to make
another video dedicated to the longest sniper shots
in Fortnite, for you guys! And, yeah, this time we put
the list in the right order, don’t worry about it. We’re also not using any
clips from Playground in this video, because
shots are just way too easy to set up in that mode. Like, people were actually
getting +500 meter shots in that mode, even though
the bullets stop doing damage after that range through
the use of bounce pads, which is crazy! It’s just… ridiculous. Legend has it that if you
like this video, and subscribe to Arcade Cloud, you will land
every single snipe you make. And, you’ll get a head shot. So don’t forget to like
and subscribe! Heh heh heh. Number ten: 248 meters! While this is the lowest
distance shot in our video today, you shouldn’t count it out straight away. At 248 meters, you might
be expecting this shot by “nashiscashed” on Reddit
to be pretty unspectacular. I mean, people hit that
sort of range pretty often these days, right? Well, you might be right
about that, but I doubt people land those sorts of
shots on people that are still gliding in right at
the beginning of the game. “nashiscashed” decided to
drop down near Snobby Shores, making a quick dive to one
of the chests on top of one of the mountains in
the area. They managed to grab a big potion and a
blue rarity, bolt-action sniper rifle from the
chest, which was perfect for their position. After downing the potion straight away, “nashiscashed” noticed that
there were still people flying down to the map
from the Battle Bus. Now, you might not know
this, but you aren’t actually safe when you’re flying
down to the map like that. In fact, the opposite is
true, and you’re leaving yourself wide open for people
like this with good aim. “nashiscashed” tracked
the person in the air for a little while, and
then pulled the trigger at the perfect time,
dealing out 105 damage and killing the enemy instantly. You’re just a bully! Number nine: 252 meters! Making your way into
the middle of Loot Lake is a pretty risky play. For a start, you are
surrounded by wide-open water on all sides, so when you
inevitably want to move on from your location, you’re
just going to be stuck jumping through the water in
clear view of anyone nearby. That makes for some pretty easy deaths. But sometimes, dropping
in at Loot Lake can lead to some pretty crazy moments. If you happen to pick up
a sniper, then you are going to be in for a good time. Because in the center of
Loot Lake, you can see all of the shores of the lake. Meaning, if anyone goes
past, they’re going to be pretty easy pickings. This is the exact situation that “Brandonsbaggies” on YouTube
found himself to be in. He managed to get inside the house at the center of Loot
Lake without much trouble. With full health and
shield, three grenades, a blue assault rifle,
and a blue sniper rifle, he was pretty much armed to the teeth. Then he had a boogie bomb
and another big shield potion in reserve, just in
case things went south. From this vantage point
on the top of the house, Brandon could see someone
running around the hills on the far side of the lake. He missed the first shot,
but luckily the guy didn’t notice the bullet, and the
second shot hit him dead on. ‘Twas a pretty awesome long-range shot, and showed the sneaky
potential of claiming Loot Lake’s central island as your own. Number eight: 256 meters! In the description for this video, the YouTuber “kile421”
describes his Fortnite skills as a “gift from god.” And, after watching
this kill, I can sort of understand where he gets
his confidence from. “kile421” was in the wooded
area next to Pleasant Park when he decided to build
a little bit of a ramp, so he could look toward the
north section of the map. He pulled out his sniper rifle, saw someone running away
in the far distance, and took a random shot. Out of nowhere, the sniper
shot arced around the mountain and hit his enemy dead on,
even though he probably wasn’t intending to pull it off. The surprise in his voice
is obvious and is only made more funny by the fact
his overworld display states he tapped out to another screen in his panicked tappy-ness. – [Kile421] (gasp) Oh! (unintelligible) – [Narrator] Number seven: 292 meters! This is another clip
that shows off the power of being able to see
the shores of Loot Lake. For some reason, people
think that by walking around the edge of Loot Lake,
they’re instantly safe from anyone trying to look over the area with a high calibur weapon, like a sniper. When in actual fact, they
are just as vulnerable from someone paying attention
with a scoped weapon as someone in the middle of the lake. Sure you can’t be seen from
all angles, and you aren’t completely without cover
in an area that you can’t run through, but none
of that matters if your enemy has a sniper and they know how to take down a moving target. The Reddit user “BenjoRippin”
certainly knows how to take out moving targets, and in this clip, he does it from way at
the top of a mountain overlooking the rest of Loot
Lake, from 292 meters away. With a single shot that seems to be taken completely at random, Benjo
manages to take someone out on the northern side of the lake. From his laughter after he made the shot, it’s pretty obvious he’s
happy with the result of his… potluck shot. – [BenjoRippin] 1,2,3! Oh my god! Ahhh, ha ha ha! – [Narrator] Number six: 300 meters! The higher you are in the Fortnite map, the more likely you are to
be able to take someone out at super far ranges with a sniper rifle. And, one of the highest
points of the Fortnite map, without building, is the
tower by Lonely Lodge. With the ocean to your back,
this area is a pretty safe spot to try and take out some
poor, no-skin noobs who are running around with no
idea what they’re doing at some incredible ranges. This shot, from the
YouTuber “Enkrix,” shows off the advantages of being in such
a tall and secure location, when he pulls off a 300
meter snipe against someone to the southwest of
the Lonely Lodge tower. For the briefest of moments,
“Enkrix” sees someone running beside a ridge next to Retail Row. Unfortunately for “Enkrix,”
that enemy dips behind the ridge, so it looks
like that should be it for our would-be sniper. Only, he takes the shot anyway. Somehow the bullet managed to
curve over the ridge itself, and straight down onto the enemy, who “Enkrix” couldn’t even see anymore. Not only was it a long kill,
it was a completely insane one. Who woulda thought that the
bullet drop in this game, the curves, and all that stuff… It’s crazy! Number five: 301 meters! This clip, from the YouTuber “Vantis,” only just manages to top out the last one, coming in at 301 meters. “Vantis” had made the risky
decision of walking through Tilted Towers at the very end of the game. Even when the mad rush to
Tilted at the start of the game has come to a close, the area
can’t exactly be called safe by any means of the imagination. But somehow, they managed to
safely get up to the top of the tallest tower in the area, and that was when they saw their target. Walking across the hills
directly to the east of Tilted Towers, “Vantis”
spotted someone from his perch. And considering he had two
blue, bolt-action sniper rifles in his inventory, there
was no reason to not take a couple of shots at the guy. With an insane shot, “Vantis” manages to knock his enemy down… but unfortunately, the clip ends before we
can see if he managed to finish off the kill. But, I mean, if it happens off-screen it doesn’t count, right? That’s like the… the movie motto? If a death’s off screen it doesn’t count? Number four: 306 meters! “man_o_cheese” is a pretty
small Twitch streamer, so he has to land some fairly crazy shots to make up for his lack of viewers, right? And, luckily, that’s exactly
what he does in this clip. The game is in the last 30 players. And, considering that
this is a squad game, that means things are
starting to get pretty tight. He’s by Loot Lake,
drinking up some potions, and he suddenly notices
people to the west of him, over the other side of the lake. He takes a random shot,
probably not expecting anything to come of it, but then
he knocks him down! Taking a random shot like
that is pretty risky, but, as you can see in this
clip, sometimes they pay off. Number three: 350 meters! To snipe someone from the
river at the far south side of the Fortnite map, all
the way to Flush Factory, is a pretty impressive thing to take on, and probably not
something that most people would even bother to try. But when you’re in the
last 36 of a duos match, and you have no kills,
you have to start thinking outside of the box to try and
secure some last-minute kills. And that’s exactly what the YouTuber, “Ben Zeleznik,” decided to do. He turned his blue, bolt-action
sniper toward Flush Factory, and started taking pot
shots at the guy who was at the highest point of the factory. The first shot barely misses,
and it makes the guy on top start to act pretty nervously. He starts to build in the
totally wrong direction, and the kid takes him out
with a clean head shot. Shredding straight through 272 damage… No one could survive that! Number two: 392 meters! Sometimes you just have
to take a random shot to see what happens, and
with only 20 people left on the map and one kill to
their name, the YouTuber, “Austrian,” decides to do
something completely absurd. And it ends up getting him
a sniper kill at 392 meters! “Austrian” built his way up to one of the mountains
near the Wailing Woods. They then built up a little bit higher, firing their mini gun and
assault rifle into the air for good luck, before
doing a 360 off their ramps and firing a random
shot into the distance. The result? An insane
trick shot at 392 meters on someone that they couldn’t even see! Nice way to celebrate
such a momentous kill? A dab, of course. HM! Honorable Mention! Hey, it’s honorable mention time! I’m pretty sure everyone
has seen the crazy no-scope kill at 4,000 meters
from the top of a mountain by Flush Factory at this point, right? Well, it’s totally fake. For a start, like I said earlier, after around the 500 meter
mark, bullets just don’t render anymore and don’t do any damage. So, to think someone somehow
managed to get around that and kill someone at
eight times the range… is pretty unbelievable. Not only that, someone
actually worked out the bullet travel time for this shot,
and was able to figure out the amount of time the bullet
spent traveling through the air before supposedly hitting someone, was completely off. Oh! And, there’s the small
issue of the map not even being 4,000 meters across diagonally. Ah, we basically only included this one as an honorable mention to
disprove it completely. Ha ha. I mean… all you thought
it was ridiculous, right? There’s just no way. Number one: 397 meters! I gotta say, the series of
events that led to the kill in this clip are so insane
that I didn’t even believe them until they actually happened. It has to be one of the single
most coolest trick shots in Fortnite Battle Royale,
if not gaming, history. “LUCKYTONIO” is a French
YouTuber that landed right at the top of the
mountain near Greasy. He managed to pick up
a hunting rifle and a bolt-action rifle, as well as a stack of impulse grenades and some shields. This kill starts up with some pretty underhanded backstabbing. With “LUCKYTONIO” using
one of his impulse grenades to send his two teammates
flying off of a ramp, making them fall so far that their death was instant from the drop. Because he had killed both of his friends, “LUCKYTONIO” decided to
go for a last minute, crazy attempt at a kill. So, he impulsed himself off of the ramp… while in the air, “LUCKYTONIO”
completed a total of five 360 spins, and
switched between his gun and his pickaxe twice, before
randomly no-scoping in the direction of Greasy,
and somehow pulling out the longest and most insane
shot on this clip today. So, that was our list
of the top ten longest sniper shots in Fortnite Battle Royale! This time we actually ranked
the shots in the correct order. Sorry about that. If you’ve seen any shots that
are longer than this one, and aren’t in the Playground, leave a comment below to let us know. And don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to Arcade Cloud! Come on, don’t you want to land head shots and snipes all day? (upbeat rhythmic music)

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  1. Hey guys! After reading the comments on our first sniper shots video we decided to do the longest sniper shots by distance and not trickshots this time, it wasnt easy compiling the list because of playground mode snipes so let us know what you think! Thanks for watching!

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  8. Even though I am not a YouTuber, I have an impressive shot. 479 meters on solos. I was standing on stunt mountain when I did it.

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