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Top 10 Deadliest Snipers in the World

[Atmospheric Music Starts] From killing an enemy at almost 2 and a half
kilometres away, to getting 505 confirmed kills we countdown the 10 Deadliest Snipers
in History. #10 We start off with Craig Harrison, a Corporal
of Horse in the British Military. In November of 2009, Harrison was part of a convoy travelling
through Helmand Province in Afghanistan when he noticed an enemy machine gun crew setting
up their position. He got out of the jeep he was riding in and set up his long range
sniper rifle. Harrison was able to successfully take out not 1, but 2 taliban at over 8000
feet away. After killing the enemy combatants, he fired a 3rd shot at the machine gun which
completely disabled it. Harrison currently holds the record for longest confirmed sniper
kill in combat. #9 Carlos Hathcock – A Unites States Marine
Corp Sniper, Hathcock served in the Vietnam War. Credited with 93 confirmed kills of North
Vietnamese Army and Vietcong, Hathcock was feared among the enemy who put a $30,000 bounty
on his head. In an almost impossible shot, Hathcock was able to successfully kill an
enemy sniper by putting a bullet down the enemy’s own rifle scope hitting him in the
eye. Hathcock has estimated that he has actually killed 300 to 400 enemy personnel but the
kills were not confirmed by a third party. #8 Charles Mawhinny – Another United States
Marine Corp Sniper, Mawhinny served in the Vietnam war during a 16 month Tour. During
that time, he is credited with 103 confirmed kills and 216 probable kills. During one day
in 1969, Mawhinney encountered a platoon of North Vietnamese Army crossing a stream, killing
16 of them with headshots from an M-14. #7 Adelbert Waldron – Serving in the 9th Infantry
division of the United States Army, Waldron was credited with 109 kills during the vietnam
war . At the end of his tour Waldron was recognized as having the highest confirmed kills out
of all of the US servicemen during the conflict. After his tour ended, Waldron taught at the
US army Marksmanship Unit, and received the silver star, bronze star and two distinguished
service crosses. #6 Chris Kyle – The Focus of the movie “American
Sniper”, Kyle was a United States Navy Seal. Named the most Lethal Sniper in US Military
history, Kyle has 160 confirmed kills and 255 probable Kills. During his time in Iraq,
he became known among the enemy, who gave him the nickname The Devil of Ramadi and put
an $80,000 bounty on his head. Kyle left the Military in 2009 and went on to write a book
about his experiences. On Feb 2nd, 2013 Kyle was shot and killed with friend Chad Littlefield
by US marine Corps veteran Eddie Routh, who was later convicted of their deaths. #5 Unnamed – There is currently a British
Royal Marine who has 173 confirmed kills on taliban targets. Currently, the identity of
the sniper is unknown, The Royal Marines refuse to identify him for fear that he will become
targets of revenge attacks. The soldier has done tours in Afghanistan and has said to
of killed 90 enemy combatants in one day. #4 Vasily Zaytsev – A hero of the soviet union,
Zaytsev killed 225 soldiers, including 11 enemy snipers during the Battle of Stalingrad.
Using the standard issue Mosin-Nagant, Zaytsev would regularly get kills at over 1000 meters
away even though the effective range of the rifle was 900 metres.One of Zaytsev’s encountes
with an enemy Nazi sniper was depicted in the film “Enemy at the gates” Zaytsev
eventually went on to teach at a soviet sniper school , and his students were credited with
more than 6,000 kills during World War 2. #3. LyudMila Pavlichenko – The only female
on our list, Pavlyuchenko was a soviet sniper during world war 2. Before joining the military,
Pavlychenko was a member of a shooting club in Kiev, where she developed her skills. When
the German Army began its invasion, she volunteered to join the infantry where she was assigned
to the Red Army’s 25th Rifle Division. Pavlychenko was credited with 309 kills between the battle
of Odessa and the battle of Sevastopol and is regarded as the most successful female
sniper in history. #2 Francis Pegamagabow was a first nations
soldier in the Canadian Military. Credited with killing 378 Germans and capturing another
300, Pegamagabow is one of the most highly decorated soldiers in Canadian Military history.
Serving almost the entire length of World War 1, he became well known for his expert
scouting and marksman skills. Pegamagabow is only one of 38 Canadians to receive a second
bar on his Military medal. #1 Simo Hayha – Also known as white death,
Hayha is credited with killing at least 505 enemy soldiers, the highest amount of confirmed
kills in any major war. A Finnish marksman, Hayha would lie in the snow wearing white
camouflage making him almost invisible. The Soviet troops, not issued white camo were
easy targets. The Soviets, frustrated by the amount of men lost, tried to use counter snipers,
and artillery strikes to take out the skilled marksman. On March 6th, 1940 Hayha was hit
by an explosive bullet and lost his lower left cheek. During his recovery peace was
declared and the Winter war was over.

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  1. I think the SAS most likely has a sniper who is better than any other, we will never know because the SAS is so secret about their snipers

  2. man, snipers are the coolest people in the military, to me. it's just cool to think they're completely hidden, and taking people out with 1 shot from insane distances. all the math and factors involved into it is pretty cool.

  3. I think Finland is the most had the most badass army in WWII/Winter war.

    Finland had 250.000 troops (mostly civilians who went to army) Soviet Union 1.500.000

    Finland had 30 tanks, Soviet Union 6.541

    Finland had 130 aircraft Soviets 3.800

    Finland had 26.662 death victims Soviets 226.875 and 400.000+ missing

    Finland had 39.886 wounded Soviets 264.908

    There were 1.000 captured finish soldiers and 5.600 soviet soldiers.

    And Finland hijacked 2.268 tanks

    They won the war.

    Finland also made world record with most planes destroyed per one plane.

  4. not accurate at all, oh well propaganda. top snipers, 1. Simo Häyhä: 542 Kills (705 unconfirmed)……. 2. Ivan Mihailovich Sidorenko: around 500 kills……3. Nikolay Yakovlevich Ilyin: 494 kills…….4. Ivan Nikolayevich Kulbertinov: 489 kills……5. Vladimir Nikolaevich Pchelintsev: 456 kills……..6. Mikhail Ivanovich Budenkov: 437 kills……..7. Fyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov: 429 kills……8. Fyodor Trofimovich Dyachenko: 425 kills…..9. Vasilij Ivanovich Golosov: 422 kills…..10. Stepan Vasilievich Petrenko: 422 kills

    The highly skilled sharpshooters known as snipers (a term that originated in British India to describe hunters able to pick off the elusive “snipe” bird) became vitally important during the Second World War. Fighting on the Eastern Front, the Soviets, in particular, were expert marksmen — and noticeably dominate the following list.
    The Soviet Union was the only country that had expressly trained sniper units in the decade leading up to the World War Two, and their superiority (with the obvious exception of the top-ranked sniper on this list) is clearly displayed by the numbers beside the names of its marksmen. Expert sharpshooters such as Vasily Zaytsev — who reputedly killed 225 soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad — proved beyond all doubt their immense value to their military forces during the war. In the aftermath, their importance was never to be underestimated.

  5. Zhang yao fang ,Korean War 214 poeple 3 month all American soilder with an old M1944 yet almost nobody ever talked about him.

  6. What I heard when White death get that explosion bullet, before he fall "asleep", he exterminated that sniper, who did it him.

  7. So if hayha wasn't hit he wouldn't go to hospital for treatment and he could continue his fight. He would've got 1k confirmed kills.

  8. am number 5,, cause the they drank my whisky,! lol but tell any one , as am injoying drinking a whisky now,!!! 😉 cheers,!

  9. The correct pronunciation of the name Häyhä  is Howha. Watch  Talvisodan tunnetuin ja  pelyätin  tarkkaampuja  Simo Häyhä

  10. Pegamagabow, that dude sounds like a fuckin legend! And that finnish guy…. these two hardass northerners must of been nothin to fuck with holy shit

  11. These statistics are always little bit unreliable. Simo Häyhä's kills for example. There is actually not any proofs about his killings. Number is based only on his words.

  12. #2 Francis Pegamagabow 378 kills but also captures almost as many as he killed capturing 300 ! Now that's a true warrior . PTBC !

  13. a sniper is a gutless killer, who is safely out of range, and hiding. lets all celebrate gutless killers………………you morons

  14. That was fucked up hearing what happened to Kyle. We need to take better care of our veterans' mental health so this shit doesn't happen

  15. most of them are criminals , they did't defend a just cause but only served as a killing machine , I cannot honor their naughty achievements.

  16. I know who the british sniper is. also see the trend. US has the best hunters on this planet been that since the invention of the firearms.

  17. ofcourse are the most shitty american sniper on this list. there are many more germans, soviets, koreans and chinese sniper whom were way better.

  18. YES SUOMALAINEN ON PARAS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KYLLÄ! VIHDOINKIN!

  19. An unidentified Canadian sniper JUST beat CoH Craig Harrison's distance by almost 1000m. June 2017, 3450m/ 3773 yards. Holy Sh*t!

  20. White death is a freaking badass he literally took out 500 soviet soldiers with his M28 Mosin Nagant.

  21. This is real garbage to me.
    Hayha wasnt the deadliest sniper.
    The deadliest was vasilij kvachantiradze.
    He had 534 confirmed kills better than hayha.

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