100 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Sniper Rifles in Video Games

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  2. No.1 anything else but CS besides you showed TF2 as ten, Valve series…you broke your own rules, anyway small maped tactical game not fit with one shot 1 kill weapons, and just not add the iron sight aim, "bacuse we are valve and kids anyway purchasing keys! we are fine in the next 100 yrs"

  3. Desert Tech HTI from Ghost Recon Wildlands should at least be an honorable mention due to it being able to one shot a helicopter

  4. My favorite sniper is the P-06 from BO3. I mean, seriously, a burst-fire sniper rifle?! That has to be one of the most innovative ideas Treyarch ever had! They went all out with these snipers, with far less idle sway than in any CoD game. The P-06 has a charge-up, though, and a cool-down, similar to cocking the bolt on a conventional sniper. That doesn't make it any less powerful or useful, though.
    Oh, and the Storm PSR from Black Ops 2. It's only in the campaign, but it's ridiculously powerful! It's semi-automatic when you fire single shots, but you can also charge it up to kill enemies hiding behind cover. Plus, three fully-charged shots can kill a CLAW, for Pete's sake! Not to mention, it has a sight that's a Millimeter Scanner on crack! This is the true anti-materiel rifle of FPS's! I'm pretty sure it could devastate air vehicles as well.

  5. U should of add the kraber from titanfall 2 its a one shot one kill,even if u dont hit them in the head,it can go though 5 people at a,time and it could rickeshae

  6. No Reservist's Rifle? Victory Rifle? Not even the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle?

    Clearly WatchMojo has been taken over by filthy Commies.

  7. MW3 Barret 50. cal This sniper rifle boasted little to no kick back and when silenced it was pretty much a 1 shot god as headshots were extremely easy to do. the amount of headshots i got with that thing is nuts

  8. Best I seen to date has been and always will be the M82A1 for the firearms mod of half-life. That gun was so good I had people accuse me of cheating on a dial-up connection and I wasn't.

  9. Black as well as I'm pretty sure is the first Tom Clancy Ghost Recon when you controlled a team of men and could switch between them at any time each having their own weapon or style of weapon and you would see the bodies fall in the blood the second was really good as well however when they want to I think it was the third one Future warrior or something like that they went to the first person you no longer could switch between bodies of your group or control any other members plus there wasn't any blood and the bodies disappear this is ever shot I like the first one Ghost Recon where the bodies would stay there for like 20 30 minutes if you came back to the area Splinter Cell another great sniper game side note the two player mode in Splinter Cell I can't remember which one it was you only get like one or two levels that you can be Co-op in fact you have to be to get over certain obstacles and what not was amazing I really enjoyed Army of Two as well and I can't remember what this movie is or I mean this game was called it something like take cover but it was the first war game where the emphasis was on taking Carver and then like shooting from kind of object cuz that PlayStation 1 game I think where are the player was controlling a body kind of like the movie with Bruce Willis I can't remember what it's called now symbiotes no that's not it oh well Semper Fidelis

  10. ana is not an bounty hunter(i dont think so) head hunter shoots explosive rounds only if you buy them for it mojo jojo do your reseacrh

  11. Lol despite popularity holding your breath doesn't stable your shot, only makes it worse. It better to take deep breaths. And shoot on the exhale. Take it from a seasoned shooter

  12. Ana is the worst overwatch character widowmaker is better beause it takes one head shot to kill an enemy but for ana it takes three and that is widowmaker is better

  13. Damn I dont usually comment like this but MOHAA game had official ladders with sniper only game mods the Springfield and kar98 the best sniper matches. The game has a left and right peak noticeable in other games such as ghost recon, pubg, and more. Having near matrix dodging bullets capabilities, while firing no bullet drop shots and close to 2 second recoil rate of fire. 1 shot over knees and elbows sniper battles revered a sense battle that made sniper rifle battles turn into a reload consciousness that factored in when having 5 bullets. Sniper montage can be found in https://youtu.be/Ak6lhR5hlU0

  14. Barrett M82A1-T from IGI 2 deserved honourable mention at the least. Also M1 Garand from Mafia & Battlefield, & Mauser Rifle from Wolfenstein series.

  15. Golden Eye was revolutionary for FPS's since its incarnation with Wolfenstien but give me a Barret .50 Cal from COD2 ANY day!

  16. I agree with the top movie but not that scene. The final sniper scene that ends the battle btwn the two snipers is better.

  17. It was a good list but I wish they put the intervention in from modern warfare 2 in at least the honorable mentions

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