92 thoughts on “Top 10 “BEST PISTOLS” in COD HISTORY | Chaos

  1. Sorry to bust your bubble but the H&K USP is better than every gun mentioned in terms of consistency and control. Of course it pales in comparison in terms of caliber against the .44 Magnum or Desert Eagle, but I can put three .45ACP rounds in your chest before you can put a .50AE in mine, and you better pray you don't miss your follow up.

  2. The akimbo glocks were not a spray and pray gun u could get some range on them if u shot in 3 round burst honestly i think it was the best pistol in cod

  3. alright. the rafica is a machine pistol, but so are guns like the g18 (you included it on the list, but not the rafica), the burst pistols in BO2 and BO3 (machine pistols in real life, based off m93r), and the kap 40 (pretty much a g18). Because I am talking about machine pistols, you forgot the fmg 9, especially the akimbo version. makes no sense why you did not include them

  4. Akimbo G18’s are definetly the best, kills multiple enemies soooo fast with EASE

    Apart from that I would give it to the Five-Seven from Bo2 if you needed range as well

  5. 😂😂😂 1/2 of the pistols on the list are machine pistols and he says “I didn’t want to put the raffica’s because they’re machine pistols”

  6. Wait, the rk5 was the successor to the b23r?

    Edit: successor is something that succeeded another, the b23r was miles ahead of the rk5

  7. i went and played bo3 on xbox and i found that when i was using the rk7 after 2 bursts sometimes there was a longer burst delay

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