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TOP 10 ASSAULT RIFLES In the World (2019)

The AK-101 combines logistical compatibility and familiarity of the 5.6X45mm NATO round with high reliability. Functional both in the fully automatic and semi-automatic mode, it is quite similar to an AK-74 with little differences in design. Low recoil and high reliability fetches this rifle. magazine fed, selective fire, shoulder-fired weapon with the option of a telescoping stock. Heavily used by the US military, it is a small version of the M16 with various detachable accessories called SOPMOD. Smaller size roots more recoil, lesser precision but increased ease of carrying Also have Grenade launcher. the rifle has a bullpup configuration. Lightweight and design details cause more recoil but Famas is very handy. It can be easily transformed into a grenade launcher which can launch grenades up to 500 grams heavy. So it becomes heavy.
Galil is one of the smallest assault rifles in the world. With a line chambered for the intermediate 5.56X45mm NATO calibre bullets, with either the M193 or SS109 ball cartridge, its known well for its portability and low recoil. It has some engineering. as well as a change of barrel. Designed in Austria, it is a 5.56mm assault rifle with a Spz-kr type progressive trigger. It comes with standard 4 magazines, a muzzle cap and a German KCB-77 M1 bayonet. G36 is a 5.56X45 mm assault rifle, designed in Germany by Heckler and Koch in the early 90s. Designed to replace the G3, G36 is a gas operated assault rifle that feeds from a 30-round detachable box magazine or a 100-round C-Mag drum magazine. But it is More robust and it can fire from under water or mud with good precision. than AK-47 and smaller rounds which grounds lower recoil gives AK-74 a good standing in this list. Fitted muzzle breaks further reduce the recoil but the AK-74 is less reliable than the 47. The rifle causes less damage compared to an AK-47. The uniqueness of AK-74 lies in its weight. A 10 magazine, 300 round ammunition would weigh around 12.1 lbs Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System. Designed to replace the M16s, the ACRs are known to have the lowest recoil force among all assault rifles. It is extremely useful for long shootouts, which brings this rifle to number 3 position. It’s one of the smartest rifles ever made. which can fire two types of shells; one, chambered with M16 ammunition and another, chambered with a round similar to the similar to the AK-47. Highly customizable, and considerably more steadfast than M16, it’s a bit less reliable than the ak-47. than the AK-47. However, its precision and customizability is no match for any other rifle including AK-47. AK-47 takes over all other rifles in one aspect: reliability. A study on the rifle proved that an AK-47 can be used even after it has been driven over by tank, filled with mud and water or covered with rust. The world’s most widely used assault rifle, it is most reliable in the world.

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  2. Pindad ss2 from indonesia become the champion at AASAM australia for many times.. It should be in this list

  3. These are the type of videos, and mis information that makes us look bad. Quit putting this crap out.

  4. How could you gave the position number 1 to AK47, It has very high recoil we can't get aim on it, AUG and M4 are the best assult rifles ever.

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