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Top 10 Alternate Fire Weapons – Just Cause 4

One of the many new upgrades for Just
Cause has been the introduction of alternate fire to key weapons in Just Cause 4. Alt fire adds a new level of creativity for players, more combat opportunities, and there’s always that element of surprise whenever you pick up a new weapon. So, let’s hop into our Top 10 Alternate Fire Weapons in the game. NUMBER 10 – PWC V4.2 Wind Gun Let’s kick things off with a weapon that is entirely Just Cause 4 craziness! Standard fire will blow out a continuous gust of air, but alternate fire will charge up and release a concentrated burst of wind – flinging enemies or objects into the horizon. It’s a very, very fun weapon to play with. NUMBER 9 – Golden Shotgun Part of the Golden Gear Pack DLC, this specialised shotgun can blast enemies away with ricochet tracer secondary fire. Bullets will bounce off surfaces with formidable force. Great for taking down multiple foes in
enclosed spaces or rebounding off enemy drones. You can get this weapon as part
of the Golden Gear Pack included in the Gold Edition, or can be purchased separately. NUMBER 8 – AT3X RPG We all love a rocket launcher, and this time
the AT3X takes explosions up a notch. Holding RB (which is the alt fire button)
will lock onto an enemy target and launch multiple honing missiles towards them. This is extremely handy when you’re trying to take down moving foes such as a helicopter, drones, or quick enemies like the Ghost. Take it over to the Frontline and have some fun! NUMBER 7 – AT7 RPG This beauty has a great trick up its sleeve in the form of air brakes. When you fire a rocket and hold the alternate fire button, it will stop the rocket in mid-air. Pointing your crosshair at a certain place and letting go will shoot the rocket off in that direction. Not only a great combat tactic, but super fun to experiment with. NUMBER 6 – SW9 Assault Rifle Rather than having separate buttons for shooting and for your grenades, Just Cause 4 packs them both into your gun. The standard assault rifle allows you to
fire grenades with the alt button, whilst firing a barrage of rounds with the trigger. It says a lot about how mental Just Cause 4 is when this is your standard run-of-the-mill weapon! NUMBER 5 – Lightning Gun What’s better than shooting a continuous beam of electricity? Storm grenades! Triggering alternate fire whilst using the Lightning gun will emit a storm grenade, which not only detonates in a surge of blue voltage, but will actually call in a real lightning storm that strikes the ground – including your enemies – with forked lightning Take that, Thor! NUMBER 4 – Renegade Drone Rifle This technological marvel from fire a support drone during battle. Fight back against The Black Hand with their own technology. It will hover around Rico, firing towards any of your foes, but it also provides an airborne platform to launch yourself off of. This badass weapon is available as separate DLC for gamers who want to upgrade their arsenal even further. NUMBER 3 – Defender Machine Gun You might have seen the Machine Gunner Black Hand enemies walking around with a retractable shield and thought, “hey – no fair!” Well, don’t worry, because you can use these weapons too. Pressing alternate fire will trigger a protective shield that you can anchor yourself behind and safeguard from those enemy bullets. NUMBER 2 – The Mine Launcher If you loved the C4 mechanic in Just Cause 3, welcome to its upgrade! The Mine Launcher allows you to shoot sticky mines at a target then trigger alternate fire to detonate them sequentially. You can level bridges in an instant, blow up bases, and turnover tanks. Or, just turn a deer into Rudolph. Whatever your priority is! Mooove out the way, Ri-COW is coming through! An amazing Easter egg that Avalanche Studios have incorporated, if you head to this barn within the grasslands biome, you’ll find a distinct black and white speckled gun. Not only will shooting at both enemies and NPCs turn them into cows (which is incredible in itself) but the alternate fire function will turn Rico himself into a cow! Why? Just cows! Those were our top 10 picks for alternate fire in Just Cause 4. Go forth with this knowledge and
blow up some Black Hand baddies, and experiment ’til the cows come home. Or should that be ’til Ri-cow comes home? Subscribe, hit the bell, let us know your favourite alternate fire weapon in the comments below and we will see you next time. Bye bye for now!

31 thoughts on “Top 10 Alternate Fire Weapons – Just Cause 4

  1. Fix the goddamn graphics already this game looks like shit and cutscenes are lower than ps2 quality
    I dont understand why was this game rushed ? It needed another year or atleast 6 more months

    I hope devs have learned something and jc5 isn't a disappointment

  2. this game fucking sucked so bad i made a point to teach myself how to re wrap games just so i could return this fecal to gamestop and get my money back from you blood sucking jews

  3. So please explain this…why do u guys post videos explaining stuff about ur own game when it is the player who has to discover everything. There is a reason why ur the devs and a reason why there are other youtubers to cover content like this.

  4. Can you guys please add more ammo maximum for pretty much everything. Assault rifles used to have around400 ammo not they only have around 150. To me it just feels restrictive. Also on jets. Why do they have a limit. Especially such a low one.

  5. Please add a function of either the “re-oppress” function of jc3 or make it to where the enemy can normally take back provinces themselves

  6. Hi I got just cause 4 for Christmas and it's the best game ever also in a future update can you sort out ammo it runs out of ammo or add a gun with infinite ammo

  7. Now I know I’m probably not the first one to complain about this or the last and don’t get me wrong I love this game but my only real problem as of now is the pop in issue and the water graphics the rest seems to have been fixed and I hope avalanche is working on the issue but Don’t pressure yourself fixing this these problems are small compared to my absolute enjoyment of the game please and thank you avalanche studios happy new year

  8. WTF the number 9.weapen is not only available whit the golden dlc. Everybody!!! PLS Dont be idiot and don t shop the golddn dlc just be cause you want this shotgun, that gun is in the game, and everything can do what do the golden shotgun just it don t have golden skin

  9. Also the quad rocket launcher can lock on to multiple vehicles as long as they aren't too far apart, because it shoots 4 missiles you can lock on to 4 vehicles or people one rocket for each

  10. Was so damn hyped about this game but since I had so many negative commentary about the game (graphics suck, broken AI, game crashes constantly) I don't think I'm gonna buy it which is a huge disappointment for me.

  11. I quite like the 2J smart rifle. Although it has limited ammo capacity it's ability to lock onto enemies is effective at cleaning out small to medium sized groups of enemies, or just unloading a single clip into one enemy in only a second.

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