14 thoughts on “Tom Steyer talks gun violence, climate change in visit to Denver

  1. Tom Steyer is just another crazy cultist. Jane Fonda wants to put all climate change nonbelievers in jail. ISIS wants to kill all nonbelievers of Islam. These are both murderous doomsday religions and they have very high body counts. Environmentalists have already killed millions of people worldwide through their biofuel hoax that raised the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food worldwide. Malnutrition is the number one cause of avoidable premature death, not war and terrorism. Whenever you raise the cost of food you increase the number of children who suffer from mental retardation due to insufficient brain development. Environmentalists don’t care and have never apologized for their decadent crimes of stupidity.

    The political Left has declared war on food because we use fossil fuels to plant, fertilize, harvest, process, ship, and store food. No fossil fuels means no food. Human civilization and agriculture are built on oil, coal, and natural gas. The Left's suicidal hatred for the very things that are keeping us all alive is psychotic, not science.

    The incredibly embarrassing fact for the Left to deal with is that there is no greenhouse gas effect at all. The entire Democratic Party has become a parade of fools. For scientific proof, please see New Climate Discovery at http://renewable.50webs.com/Zeller.Nikolov.html Then take a quick humorous look at Climate Hysteria in Pictures at http://renewable.50webs.com/The-cult-of-windmill-worship.html

  2. Bless his heart he dont have a chance in the world… Hes comercials are of him saying he going to shut down our pipelines and make a cleaner earth? So he is saying that we shouldn't use our own natural resources…WHAT????? So I guess we are not going to have Trucks that ship everything that makes our country run .. my husband works in the metal and iron business and its recycling our own steel that builds new america and he drives a four door truck and yes it's a gas drinker but it takes gas to operate our country

  3. Tom Steyer will put a stop 🛑 to gun violence. Tom Steyer will put a stop 🛑 to climate change. He is your stop 🛑 candidate.

  4. Trump's billions of incentive dollars given to the fuel industry from us poor American taxes hard at work! We pay high prices at the pump and gas home heat and are heavily taxed which is just another form of socialism for the rich elite. How dare Trump, GOP, and most of DNC call Bernie Sanders a socialist when America has had corporate socialist presidents for the last 50+ years! What they are doing is called dumbing down America. We have fallen in every aspect of education since the 1980s. That's why Americans don't realize that the rich elite pick who gets to run for American president for the last 56 years from both parties. The last real president was John F Kennedy and for his efforts to help the poor, get rid of the Federal Reserve, take down organized crime, and start to break up these mega-corporation monopolies got his brains blown out in Texas. These Fuel mega-corporations and their rich elite owners are the evil socialists that they themselves are always screaming about when socialism helps the poor! There is exploitive capitalism for the poor and grand socialism for the rich elite. Trump, GOP, and most of DNC are cutting out SNAPS to millions of low wage paid American workers and free lunches to their children at public schools, reclassifying the disability act to kick millions of legal disabled Americans off the payrolls. Yet these criminals we have in government can give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to their rich elite masters. Billions of dollars of American taxpayers money as incentives to mega-corporations. The mass extinction of 250 million years ago was caused by a LIP ( large igneous providence ) event during the end of Permian times. Almost all life was killed, 95% of sea life and 75% of land life was killed. This was caused by the Siberian Traps a LIP basaltic volcano event that makes a supervolcano seem like a hiccup. Yes, co2 is a global warming gas! Once the ocean warms up enough to release the billions of billions of tons of methyl hydrates ( methane gas) then the killer apes can kiss their ass goodbye!

  5. Well that’s a democrat for for ya, I hunt fish and have a full time job, I hunt with a scary weapon that feeds my family I fish with a pole that has hurt me more than my firearm that I keep to defend my family and my land, I just don’t understand why Democrat’s want to take them away, they should try to take away tow hitches and 7 foot rods

  6. Why in the world should we let one man speak for the whole country. These are the same people that said we all be dead by 2020 in 1974 from the phoney school books.

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