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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Tips & Tricks | Weapon, Gear & Skill Mods | Ubisoft [NA]

As you progress through The Division 2 you’ll find new opportunities to further customize your gear through the use of Mods. You’ll be able to change the way your weapons feel, tweak the unique stats of your armor and squeeze out that last bit of power from your skills. Mods are split into three categories; Weapon Mods, Gear Mods and Skill Mods. Each of these categories works slightly differently so let’s take a look at the key points you need to know. Weapon Mods in The Division 2 are one-time unlocks and once you have a specific Mod you can apply it to any weapon that has the relevant slot. They do have bonuses and drawbacks however so make sure you tailor these to fit your individual needs and playstyle. These Weapon Mods are usually crafted after finding blueprints through completing missions in the world. Some can be unlocked through perks and some come from specific end-game sources like your chosen Specialization. They are always the same for all players and have no randomized stats. Some gear pieces will have slots that will fit a Gear Mod. These Gear Mods have two main types; protocol and system – and while there can be some overlap, these two types have different stat pools. In the end-game each type will have further subcategories. Gear Mods have random stats as well as a level and quality just like gear. Unlike Weapon Mods, they can drop from enemies as well as being crafted from blueprints. Once you’ve picked a skill and a variant that you like you can further customize it through Skill Mods. These are similar to Gear Mods in that they have random stats as well as a level and quality. They are also dropped from enemies and can be crafted to fit the appropriate skill and slot. For example, a Turret Barrel Skill Mod will only fit on the barrel slot on the Turret Skill. Skill Mods also have a Skill Power requirement that needs to be met for them to be functional. So make sure you pay attention to see if you have the appropriate values. OK, so now that we’ve covered the basics of modding your loadout make sure to spend some time tweaking your build to really maximize your effectiveness in combat. Your fellow Agents will thank you,

42 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Tips & Tricks | Weapon, Gear & Skill Mods | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Can I please use these 'one time unlocks' on all of my characters, I'm playing a new agent and I can't even use my extended mags

  2. this game needs more tutorials like these, great help to newcomers and on the fence, then there's the weapon talents, consumables etc..

  3. UBSOFT you killed the game when you changed the chm lancher😤😤😡😡😡😡why I had to stand up for get heal 😡😡😡 DO YOU KNOW haw mach it’s hard to use it on the consols🤬😡🤬😡(PS4,XBOX)!?!? do know that, FIX THAT ,FIX THAT

  4. Some of the mods u get really suck, why would i want to do less dmg to elites? What would be the point of equipping that?

  5. Fix shields on rainbow six plz their broken. I get shot through them many times. They need to get fixed I'm a blitz main

  6. Thank you for ruining skill/weapon mods, Massive. There's nothing custom about customizing weapons anymore. Not to mention the bonuses being abysmal. I'd rather have the old mods back.
    I was really starting to enjoy this game, and I was thinking you'd learned from past mistakes. Please prove me wrong, Massive.

  7. I have a question why is sniper rifle called marksman rifle and DMR called rifle that is a little confusing. I beleived that sharpshooter perk that boost rifle damage was meant for sniper rifle.

  8. Here is a tip for ubisoft stop nerfing agents u guys really screwed agents over on the mods lrn to fix your games bugs first pls before releasing more content pls and bring back the extended mags pls cuz npcs have extended mags but no let's nerfs agents and buff npcs looks like d1 mistakes are returning in d2

  9. This aspect of the game, by far, is the the least enjoyable. Loading up on weapons and gear and then trying to sort through all of this madness, never mind crafting, mixing and matching all of this nonsense with the counter-intuitive menus and sub-menus is absolutely dreadful and confusing as hell.

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