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Tom Clancy The Division Guns!!! Some Confirmed!!!

ACR (Assault Rifle) AK47 (Assault Rifle) F2000 (Assault Rifle) LWRC M6 (Assault Rifle) M4A1 (Assault Rifle) M416 (Assault Rifle) STEYR AUG (Assault Rifle) M21 (DMR Rifle) M1911 (Pistol/Handgun) USP 45. (Pistol/Handgun) M60E4 (LMG/Light Machine Gun) M14 (DMR Rifle) M1014 (Shotgun) MK17 SR (DMR Rifle) MP5 (SMG/Sub Machine Gun) PX4 STORM (Pistol/Handgun) R700 (DMR Rifle) SA80 (Assault Rifle) SAIGA12 (Shotgun) SRS DMR (DMR Rifle) STEYR AUG (Sorry This Has Already Been Shown) VECTOR K10 (SMG/Sub Machine Gun) Thanks For Watching Everyone, Cant Wait For The Division To Come Out On 8th March 2016!!!

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